Top 10 Palletizer Manufacturers in China


Epson (China) Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and headquartered in Beijing. It is responsible for Epson’s investment and business development in China.


YASKAWA motor is a world-class manufacturer of transmission products. With the deepening of China’s reform and opening up and economic development, many world-class companies have settled in Shanghai and rapidly expanded their business.


Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 with nearly 400 employees. Jinshan factory covers an area of 80.5 mu.


ABB group is one of the top 500 companies in the world, with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.
ABB was formed in 1988 by the merger of two international enterprises with a history of more than 100 years, asea of Sweden and BBC Brown Boveri of Switzerland.


KUKA is one of the world’s top suppliers of flexible production systems, robots, fixtures, molds and spare parts for the automation industry.


Lop is one of the leading suppliers of industrial robots in the UK, headquartered in Milton Keynes Industrial Park.


Since the first robot of FANUC came out in 1974, FANUC has been committed to the leading and innovation of robot technology. It is the only company in the world that makes robots by robots, the only robot enterprise that provides integrated vision system in the world, and the only company that provides both intelligent robots and intelligent machines in the world.


Kawasaki heavy industry group started its shipbuilding business in 1878. It has established its business foundation in the fields of transportation machinery and systems, such as railway vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles famous for “Kawasaki” brand.


Shandong Freya Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent innovation ability as the core competitiveness. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of concrete separation equipment, palletizing machine, industrial robot, automatic packaging, automatic bagging machine, robot lathe feeding, steam recovery machine, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment Industry.


Shandong Haoyu automation equipment Co., Ltd. is an excellent manufacturer of steam recovery machine, softened water equipment and flue gas waste heat recovery.

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