Top 10 Aeroengine Manufacturers in 2023

1. GE

Country: USA

Founded: 1892

About the company:

General Electric Company (GE for short, founded in 1892, also known as Strange Company, NYSE: GE) is a large multinational company providing technology and service business in the world, headquartered in Boston, USA.

Since Thomas Alva Edison founded General Electric Company, GE has gradually grown into an outstanding multinational company in the diversified development of the company, with business covering more than 100 countries in the world.

General Electric (GE) is a global digital industry company. It creates machines defined by software, integrates the intelligence of interconnection, response and prediction, and is committed to transforming traditional industries.

The Global Knowledge Exchange System – GE Store enables all businesses to share technology, market, structure and intelligence, and each invention promotes cross-border innovative applications.

GE understands the needs of the industry, speaks the industrial language, and creates extraordinary performance for customers with global talents, services, technology and scale.

2. Pratt Whitney

Country: China

Founded: 1925

About the company:

Pratt&Whitney Group P&W Pratt&Whitney is one of the world’s famous suppliers of aeroengines, and is a large manufacturer of aeroengines and gas turbines for military and civilian use except General Electric (GE), Rolls Royce and Rolls Royce.

It is also one of the major defense contractors in the United States.

Pratt&Whitney was founded in 1925. In its early days, it began to produce a nine cylinder air-cooled star piston engine.

Its R-1340 product in the 1930s produced a total of 34966 sets.

At the end of World War II, Pratt&Whitney has become the largest piston engine manufacturer in the United States.

In 1948, Pratt&Whitney successfully imitated Rolls Royce Nien engine turbojet engine, and later jointly launched his first jet product J48 and axial flow turbojet engine J57 for civil aviation with Rolls Royce.

Since then, Pratt&Whitney has been providing various turbojet and turbofan engines for the US Air Force and civil aviation, and has many new research and development, such as the variable cycle engine J58 (used for SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft).

Pratt&Whitney’s civil aviation engine business has always been in an advantageous position, and its supply of Boeing and Airbus has always been high.

Pratt&Whitney also provides engine maintenance and leasing services. Pratt&Whitney also provides NASA with some spacecraft orbit engines and ramjet engines, as well as some scientific research projects.

Pratt&Whitney’s small engine division has been spun off and belongs to Pratt&Whitney Canada.

On June 1, 2022, Pratt&Whitney, East Hartford, Connecticut, appointed Rick Deuroo as its president of commercial engines.

3. Rolls-Royce

Country: Britain

Founded: 1906

About the company:

In 1962, China’s Vicomte Vickers aircraft was powered by Rolls Royce’s Dart engine, which marked the beginning of our service to China.

For more than half a century, Rolls Royce has actively participated in and supported the sustainable development of China’s civil aviation, energy and other fields, witnessed China’s economic take-off and helped China’s industrial progress.

The Chinese market is an indispensable and rapidly growing part of Rolls Royce’s global supply chain business.

For more than 30 years, Rolls Royce has developed an extensive supplier network in China, cooperating with suppliers in Shenyang, Xi’an, Chengdu and Wuxi, many of which are subsidiaries of AECC.

In 1996, Xi’an Xiluo Aviation Parts Co., Ltd. (XRA) was jointly established with Xi’an Aeroengine Co., Ltd., specializing in the casting and machining of turbine blades and wheel guide vanes.

These components are used in Rolls Royce regional aircraft and corporate aircraft engines.

The Hong Kong Aeroengine Maintenance Service Company (HAESL), which was established in 1997 with Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. (HAECO), enjoys a high reputation in the global aircraft engine maintenance and overhaul market.

In 2008, MTU under Rolls Royce Power System and North General Power Group jointly established Shanxi North Antyou Engine Co., Ltd. in Datong to meet the needs of China’s nuclear power, high-speed high-power diesel engines and some heavy vehicle engines.

In 2017, Power System and China Yuchai established a joint venture to produce MTU4000 series diesel engines for the non road engine market, especially for power generation and oil and gas applications.

4. UEC

Country: Russia

About the company:

UEC (United Engine Corporation) is a 100% owned subsidiary of the National Defense Industry Holding Company of Rostec Corporation Group.

It owns more than 85% of Russian aeroengine and gas turbine assets. Its subsidiaries include famous aeroengine plants in the former Soviet Union, such as Perm, Ufa, Krimov, Saturn, etc. United Engine Manufacturing Group has more than 70000 employees in total.

5. CFM

Country: France

Founded: 1974

About the company:

CFM International was officially established in September 1974, consisting of French SNECMA and American GE.

Development history

In 1969, the French government put forward the subject of researching 10t thrust turbofan engine according to the international civil aviation market situation.

After analysis and investigation, SNECMA of France chose GE of the United States as the partner at the end of 1971 to develop engines that meet the requirements of low fuel consumption, low noise and low pollution of aircraft in the 1980s based on the core aircraft of the F101 military turbofan engine of the United States.

In November 1971, the two companies decided to jointly develop an engine with a large bypass ratio of 10000daN. In February 1972, the design was completed and the trial production was carried out.

In September 1974, CFM International was formally formed, and the engine was named CFM56.

The first two engines were tested on the test bed of the two companies successively.

There are 11 engines for development and test, of which 5 are used for flight test.

In November 1979, the Boeing 707-320, which was refitted in the United States, made its first flight.

Later, it flew for 130 hours accumulatively. At the same time, it completed the necessary tests on the French “Fast Sail” flight platform.

On November 9, 1979, the CFM56-2 engine obtained the airworthiness certificate of the United States and France CFM56.

From the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two companies in 1971 to the time of obtaining the certificate, it took seven years and a total of $1 billion to develop the engine. Since March 1979, the engine was selected to refit the DC-8 aircraft of McDonald Douglas, and a total of 110 aircraft (4 for each) were refitted in 1986.

6. IAE

Country: Switzerland

Founded: 1983

About the company:

International Aero Engines (IAE), founded in 1983, has been developing engines for 150 seat single aisle aircraft.

The company is a joint venture of four aeroengine manufacturers, including Pratt&Whitney (in charge of combustion chamber and high-pressure turbine), Rolls Royce (in charge of high-pressure compressor), Japan Aerospace Engine (in charge of fan and low-pressure compressor) and MTU aeroengine (in charge of low-pressure turbine).


The initial cooperation was with Pratt&Whitney of the United States, Rolls Royce of the United Kingdom, Japan Aerospace Engine Company and Germany MTU aeroengine.

Fiat Avio was once one of the major shareholders, but it withdrew its capital at the initial stage of the company’s establishment.

However, Avio, now renamed by Fiat Avio, is still a supplier.

V Product naming is still the heritage of the five original shareholders.

In October 2011, Rolls Royce agreed to sell 32.5% of its equity to Pratt&Whitney’s parent company UTC, making UTC’s consolidated equity ratio 49.5% (different from UTC’s 61% share in IAE).

The transaction was completed on June 29, 2012.


Country: France

About the company:

Safran Group has developed in China for more than 100 years, and has established a strong market position in China’s civil aviation industry.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France, Safran Group began to devote itself to the Chinese market in the 1970s and 1980s.

Since the official establishment of Safran Group’s representative office in China in the late 1980s, Safran Group has established a solid partnership of mutual trust with major enterprises in China’s aviation industry, and has carried out long-term cooperation with industrial partners and customers with a view to the future.

Through continuous development over the past 40 years, Safran Group has established a strong market position in China, covering production, training, maintenance, sales and marketing and many other fields.

At present, Safran Group has more than 20 entities and more than 2000 staff in China.

From aircraft engine, helicopter engine, aircraft landing gear and brake system, nacelle, wiring system, flight control system, transmission system to airborne system, aircraft seat and cabin, Safran Group occupies a pivotal position in all fields in China.

8. EA

Country: USA

Founded: 1996

About the company:

Engine Alliance, LLC stands for “EA”.

Founded in August 1996, its GP7200 engine was originally an alternative power for the Airbus A380, and now the proportion of equipment on the A380 has exceeded 60%.

Engine Alliance (EA), headquartered in East Hartford, Connecticut, is a 50% joint venture between GE Aviation Group and Pratt&Whitney (P&W).

At first, it provided engines for the Boeing 747-500/600X project, but eventually the aircraft project was cancelled.

Engine Alliance Company optimized its products and launched GP7200 on the basis of GE90 and PW4000, the main products of the two giants, to provide alternative power for Airbus A380 to compete with Rollot’s Trent 900.

In 2004, the GP7200 was tested for the first time, and the A380 was equipped in 2006.

On February 28, 2017, the Engine Alliance (EA) delivered 500 engines to 125 A380s of five customers.

Among them, there are 90 American Airlines, 10 Air France, 10 Korean Airlines, 7 Atihad Airlines and 8 Qatar Airlines.

9. MTU

Country: Germany

About the company:

MTU, a subsidiary of Daimler Benz Group, is a leading manufacturer of diesel engines.

Its diesel engine power ranges from 35kw to 9000kw and is widely used in ships, heavy trucks, engineering machinery and railway locomotives.

Since 1899, Friedrichshafen engine manufacturer, the predecessor of MTU, has started to manufacture heavy engines.

With its pioneering technology, it has set many milestones for the world engine industry.

The Treaty of Versailles in 1919 prohibited the products of German companies from being used in aircraft.

Therefore, Friedrichshafen engine manufacturer engines are more used to power railway locomotives, tanks and warships.

In 1936, Friedrichshafen engine manufacturer set a record of 160km/h in railway history.

In 1934, Friedrichshafen engine manufacturer manufactured a turbocharged diesel engine.

Since then, continuous innovation has made Friedrichshafen engine manufacturer one of the larger and more advanced engine manufacturers in the world.

In 1960, Mercedes Benz acquired Friedrich shafen engine manufacturer The predecessor of MTU, Friedrichshafen of Germany, has manufactured Zeppelin (Zeppelin hard airship) engines, Maybach, Zeppelin (Maybach, Zeppelin) super luxury cars, Maybach engines and other expensive German industrial products.

Friedrichshafen was merged into Daimler Group in 1960, and a new brand was born: Motoren undTurbinen Union Eriedrichshafen GmbH (Hihafen Co., Ltd. of Engine and Turbine Alliance Fri, referred to as MTU).

Since then, MTU Friedrichshafen has become a major manufacturer of railway locomotive engines, ship engines and diesel generator set engines.

10. AECC

Country: China

Founded: 2016

About the company:

China Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) was officially established on August 28, 2016, shouldering the major responsibility of accelerating the independent development, manufacturing and production of aeroengines and gas turbines, and building an aviation power.

Air China is jointly funded by the State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Beijing State owned Capital Operation and Management Center, China Aviation Industry Group Corporation, and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China.

It has 27 directly affiliated units, three main board listed companies, more than 70,000 employees, and a large number of high-quality and innovative scientific and technological talents, including 7 academicians and more than 200 national experts and scholars.

It is a domestic enterprise with a complete R&D, manufacturing and test support capability for military and civilian aeroengines.

Adhering to the group values of putting national interests first and adhering to the group mission of building a strong military through power and serving the country through science and technology, AVIC Air Development is mainly engaged in the development, production, maintenance and service of aeroengines, auxiliary power, gas turbines, aircraft and helicopter transmission systems, as well as the R&D and manufacturing of aviation materials and other advanced materials.

The turbojet, turbofan, turboshaft, turboprop, piston engine, gas turbine and other products designed and produced by AVIC Avionics are widely installed in all kinds of military and civilian aircraft, helicopters, large ships, small and medium-sized generator sets.

The customers are involved in aviation, aerospace, ships, energy and other fields, making outstanding contributions to China’s national defense weapons and equipment construction and national economic development.

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