Top 10 Air Cooler Manufacturers in 2023

1. Kelvion

Country: Germany

Founded: 1920

About the company:

Kelvion is a global professional company dedicated to promoting energy technology progress and manufacturing industrial heat exchangers.

Headquartered in Bohong, Germany, Kelvion was formerly the Heat Exchanger Business Unit of GEA Group.

The company officially launched its new brand, Kelvion, in November 2015.

Since its establishment in 1920, Kelvion is committed to serving a highly diversified market segment.

Its global production and sales network covers 26 countries on 5 continents.

It has a broad portfolio of heat exchanger products in the industry, including plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, fin and tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers, and refrigeration heat exchangers.

With the joint efforts of 25 manufacturing plants, 70 sales and service outlets and 5000 employees worldwide, Kelvion adheres to the purpose of providing customers with world-class heat exchange technology and services based on international standards.

With its unique ability and knowledge, Kelvion focuses on R&D and innovation.

Its products are widely used in power, oil and gas, chemical industry, marine transportation, HVAC and refrigeration, climate and environment, food and beverage and other fields.

It is safe and sustainable.

In order to meet the rapidly growing demand of the Asian market, since the 1990s, Kelvion has successively established production bases in several cities in China.

After years of development, it has formed a cooperative pattern of Shanghai sales center, Wuhu and Changshu manufacturing center, as well as representative offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian, Xi’an and Chengdu.

It serves Asian markets including China, and is widely respected by customers at home and abroad with international standard raw materials, manufacturing and processing technology and service concept.

2. SPG

Country: Belgium

Founded: 1883

About the company:

SIBCO Air Cooling Technology (Zhangjiakou) Co., Ltd. is an international advanced air cooling equipment manufacturer with businesses all over the world, providing customers with a full range of highly specialized engineering solutions with full services.

The company was incorporated in 1995, with a factory area of 100000 square meters and more than 400 employees.

The main products include power station air coolers, power station auxiliaries, other types of heat exchangers, pressure vessels, etc.

As a larger economic entity of Pahab Group in China, the company has strong brand value and long-term stable customer relations, and enjoys a high reputation in the field of global thermal engineering.

3. Air cooler

Country: China

Founded: 1952

About the company:

Harbin Air cooler Co., Ltd. was founded in 1952.

The enterprise carried out overall restructuring in 1993, established Harbin Air Conditioner Co., Ltd., and was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1999 (stock code: 600202).

Harbin Air cooler is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, design, manufacturing and general contracting of air cooling and heat exchange products such as petrochemical air coolers, power plant air condenser systems, nuclear power air cooling units, etc.

It has made contributions to major strategic projects such as national long distance natural gas transmission pipeline and natural gas ultra-high pressure underground gas storage, and its technology research and development level and manufacturing capacity are at an advanced level in China’s air cooling industry.

Since the successful development of petrochemical air cooler in 1964, Harbin Air cooler has certain advantages in the field of air cooler and air conditioner products, and is known as the “cradle of air cooler in China”, which has cultivated many outstanding talents for the industry.

The maximum design pressure of Harbin Air cooler Petrochemical Air Cooler reaches 60MP, and the air condenser system of the power plant covers 1000MW and other air cooled generator units.

The company’s products are mainly used in the refining and chemical industry, coal chemical industry, steel making industry, pharmaceutical fertilizer industry, thermal power industry and garbage power generation industry.

They are adopted by three major petrochemical companies, national pipeline network groups and five major power generation groups in China, and are exported to the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, India and other countries.

4. Shuangliang eco-energy

Country: China

Founded: 1982

About the company:

Shuangliang Energy Conservation (600481) takes green and environmental protection as its own responsibility, is committed to becoming a leading provider of zero carbon green energy solutions, and forms its core competitiveness in the field of digital intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented intelligent manufacturing of “energy conservation and water conservation, photovoltaic new energy”.

The company won the first batch of service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprises issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, passed the first batch of national advanced manufacturing and modern service industry in-depth integration development pilot certification, Shuangliang LiBr absorption chiller and heater, intelligent all steel structure indirect air cooling system, and won the certificate of “China’s manufacturing industry single champion product” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

In 2020, it won the Project Award of China Industrial Award, and became a private enterprise that won both the Enterprise Award and the Project Award (2016-2020).

In February 2021, Shuangliang Silicon Materials (Baotou) Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in large-sized monocrystalline silicon chips, was established. In June, the first large-sized monocrystalline silicon rod was successfully produced.

The company has been written into the history of innovation and development of China’s equipment manufacturing industry, focused by CCTV, and praised as “a great power that benefits mankind”.

Shuangliang takes scientific and technological innovation as the guide, takes the nationally recognized enterprise technology center and post doctoral research workstation as the research and development platform, gathers wisdom and draws on the strengths of others, and participates in the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards.

It has passed the system certification of 1S09001IS014001/OHSAS45001, and has obtained the manufacturing qualification and international standard certification of global mainstream pressure vessels such as American ASME, German TUV, European Union EN133445, etc.

5. Lanpec

Country: China

Founded: 1960

About the company:

Gansu Lanke Petrochemical Hi tech Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lanke Hi tech), with a registered capital of 350 million yuan, is one of the companies with considerable influence and outstanding performance in China’s equipment manufacturing industry.

As of March 2016, Lanpec’s equipment and products have been distributed in 31 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) and more than 10 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, America, etc., as well as the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, South Africa, Sudan, India, Myanmar, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil, Australia Relevant companies from New Zealand and other countries have maintained good technical exchanges and friendly cooperative relations.

Lanpec Hi Tech is the pioneer of China’s petrochemical equipment and the pioneer of China’s marine and desert oil.

Its predecessor, Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute, was established in May 1960 as the industrial technology centralized management institute of national petroleum drilling and production machinery and refining and chemical equipment.

The company is mainly engaged in the research, development, design and manufacturing of oil drilling and production machinery, oil refining and chemical equipment, marine and desert oil equipment and engineering, oil refining and chemical engineering, natural gas treatment and liquid recovery engineering, light industry and food machinery, performance testing and evaluation of oil drilling and production machinery and oil refining and chemical equipment, introduction and development of computer software for petroleum, petrochemical and its equipment Technical consulting, general contracting of relevant engineering design, construction, manufacturing management, supervision and other businesses.

Lanpec is a first-class network supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC.

Lanpec has strong high-tech strength and a large number of scientific and technological talents with high technical level and rich scientific research practice experience.

In recent years, the petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry, led by scientific research and development, has developed rapidly, with new technologies and products emerging in endlessly.

Lanke Hi Tech adheres to the enterprise concept of “science and technology create a national brand, and quality win the reputation of China”, gives full play to the advantages of technology leadership, advanced system, and effective management, and develops continuously and healthily to become an international first-class high-tech enterprise rich in industry characteristics and technologies.

6. Shouhang

Country: China

Founded: 2001

About the company:

Founded in 2001, Capital Airlines High Tech Energy Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Gansu Province, has branches in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Xiamen and other places.

It is a listed company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code 002665). Capital Airlines High Tech takes “clean energy and energy conservation and environmental protection” as its enterprise development strategy, and is mainly engaged in solar thermal power generation, solar thermal energy storage+multi energy complementation, hydrogen energy utilization, air cooling of power stations, waste heat power generation, clean heating. 

It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, design, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance, project investment, project general contracting and other services in seawater desalination and other fields.

Up to now, the company’s air cooling system unit performance covers the air cooling system of 1000MW to 10MW units.

Our products have been sold to Britain, South Korea, Australia, West Africa, Pakistan, India and other countries.

Users cover Datang Group, Datang International, Huadian Group, Huaneng Group, Shenhua Group, Beijing Energy Group, Ningdian Group, China Resources Power, SDIC Power, Guohua Power, Shaanxi Provincial Investment, Hubei Yihua, Zhongtai Chemical and other well-known domestic enterprises.

The projects invested in various climatic and geomorphic conditions in the “Three North” area have a total installed capacity of about 70000MW, generating good economic and social benefits and becoming the leading enterprises in the industry.

Since 2010, Capital Airlines has established an international solar thermal research and development, design, manufacturing and engineering management team based on the enterprise technology center and post doctoral research workstation, and has been continuously committed to the research and development of solar thermal power generation system.

In the past six years, Capital Airlines has carried out systematic research and development on the concentrating system, the heat receiver system, the heat storage system, the heat exchange system and the photo thermal electric integrated control system, and built tower type, slot type and dish type photo thermal power generation pilot and pilot test systems respectively.

After years of experiments and tests, Capital Airlines has collected a large number of measured data, compiled enterprise standards and specifications related to the design, manufacturing and construction of solar thermal power plants, and made significant achievements in the research of solar thermal technology.

Based on solid research and development achievements, Capital Airlines High Tech invested in the construction of 10MW tower type molten salt solar thermal power generation project, which has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation at the end of 2016.

Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW Solar Thermal Power Project was approved as a national solar thermal power plant demonstration project.

Guided by the corporate mission of “making the earth more beautiful”, Capital Airlines is deeply engaged in the field of energy conservation, environmental protection and clean energy, actively responding to the national development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing” and the scientific conclusion that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains “, committed to fulfilling the dream of” making the sky blue, the earth green, the air clean, the water clean, and the people harmonious “, and focusing on the ecological civilization construction of clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection.

7. Longhua

Country: China

Founded: 1995

About the company:

Founded in 1995, Longhua Technology Group (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang Airport Industry Cluster, Henan Province, with a registered capital of 915 million yuan.

In 2011, it was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock code of 300263.

Its business covers three major industrial sectors: new electronic materials, polymer composites, energy conservation and environmental protection. Its subsidiaries include Luoyang Hi Tech Sifeng Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., Guangxi Jinglian Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhaoheng Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Xianning Haiwei Composite Materials Products Co., Ltd., Luoyang Kebosi New Materials Technology Co., Ltd Longhua Technology Group Equipment Business Department, Beijing Zhongdian Jiamei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and other branches and subsidiaries.

The company has dug deep potential in the industrial heat transfer and energy saving equipment business, continued to vigorously promote technology research and development and management improvement, and realized the upgrading of technical products without increasing new investment.

The business model has changed from a single product provider to a real system service provider covering technical design, product provision and system services.

The company stands out from many competitors.

In the future, the Group will follow the existing strategic guidelines, continue to consolidate existing businesses, actively explore emerging industries, and build a high-tech industry group with “technology first, excellent management, and integration of industry and finance”.

8. Moon-tech

Country: China

Founded: 1956

About the company:

Founded in 1956, Moon-tech Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified and international comprehensive equipment industrial enterprise.

Its main business covers industrial clusters such as low-temperature refrigeration, central air conditioning, environmental heating, energy and chemical equipment, precision castings, intelligent services, hydrogen energy equipment, etc.

For a long time, the Moon-tech environment has been transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise into a modern service-oriented enterprise with strong competitiveness, large scale, wide coverage, perfect business chain, and strong comprehensive R&D capability by continuous technological and management innovation, promoting the continuous optimization of resources and the reconstruction of core capabilities, accelerating the pace of international expansion, and deeply promoting strategic transformation.

With the development strategy of simultaneous development of cold and hot, and active expansion of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the ice ship environment is engaged in technological research and development in the fields of low temperature environment, waste heat recovery, gas compression, industrial heat exchange, urban energy conservation and heating, intelligent casting, ultra clean emissions, and the production and sales of related complete sets of equipment, serving food refrigeration and refrigeration, chemical process cooling, comfortable environment air conditioning, scientific research temperature control, process gas compression, building aggregate cooling Comprehensive application of heat energy, exploration of frozen soil, sewage and waste treatment and other industries.

With its production bases, scientific research centers and marketing service institutions in more than 40 countries around the world, the Moon-tech environment provides users in more than 120 countries and regions with safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving butler solutions and intelligent system integration capabilities to ensure the full life cycle of products.

In the future, the Moon-tech will be committed to the innovation of artificial environment control technology and energy comprehensive utilization technology, actively promote resource conservation and recycling, advocate a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon social production and operation mode, build an interconnected and complementary system of “cold, hot, water, gas, electricity, pollution, waste” and other energy, and become a smart green energy system solution service provider.


Country: China

Founded: 2002

About the company:

Hubei Changjiang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, design and manufacturing of petrochemical equipment.

Founded in 2002, it is located in Fuchang Town, Honghu City, Hubei Province, covering an area of more than 400 mu, with six branches.

The total asset value is 550 million yuan. Hubei Changjiang Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in Hubei petrochemical equipment industry cluster and a postdoctoral industrial base in Hubei Province.

The company has the design license qualification of A2 pressure vessels, the manufacturing license qualification of A1 and A2 pressure vessels and A waste heat boiler, passed the ISO9001 quality management system, 1S014001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, and obtained the ASME “U” steel seal certificate and A3 high pressure air cooler safety registration.

It mainly produces petrochemical equipment, coal chemical equipment and electric chemical equipment, such as heat exchangers, air coolers, towers, containers, cooling water tanks, seamless steel pipes, silencers, tower internals, fillers, tortoiseshell, wound tube heat exchangers, power station air coolers, etc. of various materials.

The company has 639 employees, 658 sets of production and testing equipment, 15000 tons of heat exchangers, 12000 tons of air coolers, 10000 tons of towers and containers, 10000 tons of tower internals, 6000 tons of seamless steel tubes, etc.

In 2015, the output value was 516 million yuan.

The company has a high-level technical team with 156 technicians, including 1 professor level senior engineer, 20 senior engineers and 75 engineers.

It has advanced design means in China, and can complete the design of petrochemical equipment such as heat exchanger, air cooler, tower and pressure vessel with high quality.

In recent years, depending on technological innovation, the company has developed a series of high-tech products to meet market demand, and won 42 national patents.

10. Changzheng machinery

Country: China

Founded: 1978

About the company:

Lanzhou Changzheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978. After the establishment of Lanshi Group in 1988, it became one of the members of Lanshi Group.

In 2005, the company was restructured and established, which is adjacent to Lanzhou, Baiyin and Lanzhou New Area.

The surrounding transportation network is developed and the transportation is convenient.

The company is a backbone enterprise of comprehensive mechanical equipment production integrating design, research and development, production and sales, mainly engaged in: air cooled heat exchanger, pressure vessel, heat exchanger, Class A boiler and product electroplating (zinc plating, chromium plating).

The registered address of the Company: No. 719, Xinxing Road, Sanchuan Chuankou Industrial Park, Gaolan County, Lanzhou City, with a registered capital of 128 million yuan and an area of 400 mu;

The plant covers an area of 50000 m; The office building covers an area of 20000 m.

After more than 30 years of development, the company has become a comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research and development, engineering design and equipment production.

It can provide users with air cooled heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers and Class I, II and III pressure vessels of various specifications, materials and pressure levels.

The company is a first-class supplier of equipment resource market of China Petrochemical Corporation and China National Petroleum Corporation.

Over the years, it has provided various specifications and materials of air cooled heat exchangers, D1, D2 and A2 pressure vessels for many domestic and foreign refining and metallurgical enterprises.

The product quality is reliable and won the trust of customers.

The company will meet the needs of new and old customers with first-class product quality and excellent pre-sale, sales and after-sales services, and sincerely establish a win-win partnership with customers to achieve common prosperity and development.

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