Top 10 Air Pressure Tank Manufacturers in 2023

1. Reflex

Country: Germany

Founded: 1898

About the company:

Back in 1898, Reflex, as a family company, started from the sophisticated processing of steel products.

After a century of development, its business has spread to 36 countries, 9 production bases and 20 sales companies worldwide.

Reflex Winkelmann has become an important part of Heinrich Vinkelmann.

Heinrich Winkelmann has become a group company composed of several manufacturers serving the HVAC industry and automobile industry, with more than 4100 employees in its headquarters.

REFLEX is a household name in Europe and even in the world. The constant pressure control products of heating and cooling systems and drinking water devices are all over the world.

REFLEX has established production plants in many countries around the world to meet the supply of high-quality products.

Through the continuous dialogue between science and practice, REFLEX knows how to develop in its own field, that is, how to better produce, sell and distribute to meet our customers at a higher level.


At reflex, they realize the importance of innovation.

In addition to simply serving the designated engineers and HVAC contractors, they also provide creative and careful design solutions to maintain efficient and economical operation of the residential system and adapt to new business concepts to help customers reduce maintenance and operation costs.

Reflex has a wide range of applications, decades of experience and flexible design: Reflex is your right choice.

Promoting communication with their partners can often stimulate the generation of our ideas and design innovative solutions that are often forward-looking.

Therefore, with the advanced equipment technology of REFLEX and the research technology of Dresden University of Technology, they have developed “variomat” and “servitec” brand products.


It has a wide range of products and a trustworthy reputation in the industry.

Reflex has become an enterprise that has obtained the ISO9001 certificate earlier in the industry.

It provides you with good quality of every product you buy.

In addition, we have constantly innovated technical research and development to ensure that it meets the needs of the whole market.

We have uninterrupted after-sales service support, professional engineer support, product description and HVAC contractor, and the most special thing is that we also protect the environment to a large extent.

REFLEX not only focuses on diaphragm tanks but also on advanced systems, such as constant pressure devices, air compressors, automatic air separation systems, vacuum jet exhaust devices, heat exchangers and solar energy technologies.

The rapid development of REFLEX in the world depends on the integrated management of the world’s production, the commitment to high-quality products, the continuous technical training of their employees, and the use of a large number of durable materials, excellent German technology, and innovative ideas to put into production.

REFLEX, as the representative of Germany’s advanced technology, provides you with reliable service with excellent and excellent quality.

2. Flamco

Country: China

Founded: 1956

About the company:

The Flamco Group focuses on the development, production and sale of high-quality components for HVAC systems.

In more than 70 countries, it has provided successful innovative solutions to problems such as residential and commercial buildings and sustainable energy.

The product range includes:

Expansion tank and automatic constant pressure water make-up device for heating and cooling systems.

Safety valves, pressure gauges, connecting components and other accessories.

Degassing and impurity removing equipment for hot water storage tank, boiler and expansion tank of hot water system.

The original system shall be quickly installed with T-shaped joint of branch pipe.

Valves and related accessories for solar system.

Slide rails, pipe clamps, brackets and other installation materials for installing and suspending pipes and radiators.

In addition to its headquarters in the Netherlands, Flamco has 12 sales offices in other regions of the world.

It has production bases in Europe and China.

3. Oase TECH

Country: China

About the company:

 Fantu has been committed to introducing, developing and producing high-quality innovative products to meet the growing demand for energy conservation and sustainable development. These products cover a wide range of fields such as commercial and civil construction, heat, electricity, petrochemical, automobile, steel, aviation, aerospace, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding, etc.

Over the years, TECH has continuously played a leading role in the industry and made its own contributions to China’s energy conservation and sustainable development with innovative and high-quality products and services.

Today, Fantu’s business in China involves three major areas: energy control, hydraulic regulation and energy efficiency optimization.

It has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities.

Oasetech, Oertec and Fantu are all brands of Fantu Fluid.

Fantu is headquartered in Shanghai, and its subsidiaries include Aotu Energy Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fantu Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., Aotu Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and local branches.

Fantu has established advanced automatic production lines for welding, assembly, assembly and painting in its production bases in Shanghai and Wuxi to better serve China and other countries.

The R&D center of Fantu covers all relevant technical fields, from basic material research, 3D modeling and simulation, energy efficiency evaluation platform to control network integration, to accelerate the R&D of innovative products in China and promote the development of China’s innovative economy.

4. Yaoda

Country: China

Founded: 1997

About the company:

Zhejiang Yaoda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of water pumps, pressure controllers and pressure tanks. The company, formerly known as Wenling Yaoda Electric Appliance Factory, was founded in 1997. The company is located in Wenling, Zhejiang, a coastal city with developed economy, convenient transportation and superior environment.

In 2019, the new plant area of Zhejiang Yaoda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was officially put into production.

The plant covers an area of 50000 square meters, with a building area of 65000 square meters and a total investment of 155 million yuan.

The company has more than 300 employees, including more than 50 professional and technical personnel.

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “quality is the source of enterprise development”, the company has always been committed to the implementation of brand strategy and attaches importance to product quality assurance.

The company actively realizes quality management innovation, and has obtained CCC safety certification and SO9001:2000 quality system certification.

Its products have successively passed German TUV, EU CE, PED and other international certification.

The products exported to EU fully comply with ROHS and REACH directives.

The “Yaoda” brand products independently developed by the company not only have a good sales market in China, but also have considerable popularity abroad, and are exported to the United States, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

The company will continue to shoulder the mission of “achieving customers, achieving value” and focus on developing intelligent water supply solution providers.

5. Bes Tank

Country: Türkiye

Founded: 1975

About the company:

EDS GLOBAL, headquartered in Sakarya, Türkiye, was founded in 1975. With 37 years of experience in pressure vessel manufacturing and production, the company covers 36000 square meters and has a team of 300 employees.

It is one of the well-known pressure vessel manufacturers in Europe and a larger pressure vessel manufacturing company in Türkiye.

At the same time, BESTANK founded a Chinese company in 2009.

Best International – Ningbo Bestock Metal Products Co., Ltd., a Sino foreign joint venture, is mainly engaged in BESTANK water supply series Xiangyang pressure tank, HVAC series expansion tank, solar energy series high temperature resistant expansion tank, high pressure engineering tank, fully imported European EDS water supply system diaphragm tank, EDS pure water RO system diaphragm tank, BEST-FLEX series metal braided hose, Italian EPDM butyl liner, European imported valves, pump accessories, etc.

BESTANK design originates from Germany’s adoption of the European standard design concept and the core configuration of Italian liners.

The company has strong technical force, sophisticated production technology, perfect testing equipment, and good quality and service.

At present, the products have been exported to 105 countries, and warehouses, branches and distribution service centers have been set up locally.

They have a good cooperative relationship with well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad for a long time.

The products have been trusted by customers in various fields, and BESTANK’s brand is widely known in Europe and even around the world.

BESTANK products are widely used in urban construction water supply system, HVAC refrigeration system, reverse osmosis water treatment system, fire pressure stabilizing system, pipe valve water hammer system, boiler floor heating solar heating system and other fields.

At present, BESTANK can provide different pressure levels of 8BAR, 10BAR, 16BAR, 25BAR, as well as 2L-40000L pressure tank and Italian rubber gas.

6. Zilmet

Country: Italy

Founded: 1955

About the company:

Nowadays, China has become an international leader in the product manufacturing industry, especially because it attaches great importance to economic projects and industrial development.

With the development of China’s new energy policy in the past few years, major boiler manufacturers have decided to establish some production sites in China to obtain more competitive prices and faster delivery while reducing customs taxes.

This also brings high-quality services to the domestic market.

Under such premise, “Zirmeter Precision Parts Processing Nantong Co., Ltd.” was established in Nantong, which is close to Shanghai Industrial Zone.

The factory is fully controlled by Zilmet Group, covering an area of about 5000.

All production processes are carried out under European quality system standards and high-tech equipment testing.

The production process is in accordance with the high quality standards required by the Italian headquarters.

Zilmet followed the boiler manufacturer to produce in Nantong. The factory produced Xiangkuo die, assembly and expansion water tank packaging.

The water tank produced by Zilmet Nantong meets the European standard Ped97123/CE, Is09001:2000 and Chinese standard Selo/CSEL.

Production process, quality testing, high-tech machines and competitive materials have been used and developed by Zilmet for more than 50 years.

Therefore, the produced water tanks are reliable.

7. Calpeda

Country: Italy

Founded: 1959

About the company:

CALPEDA SpA has been engaged in pump manufacturing for 50 years. Since its establishment in 1959, it has produced more than 2000 types of pumps, ranging from 0.5kw to 200kw.

It has 250 employees and advanced automatic production equipment.

The head office is located in Montorso Vicentino, Italy, with a workshop of 30000 square meters.

The CALPEDA Group has its own professional foundry, submerged pump factory, submerged motor production factory, and SP shower equipment production factory and marketing department.

The products include centrifugal pump, multi-stage pump, self-priming pump, hot water circulation pump, heat pump pump, friction pump, jet pump, submerged pump and constant voltage frequency converter unit, which have adhered to their production quality for many years. The whole series of products are developed and manufactured in Italy.

In addition, CALPEDA is an international standard company with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and direct distributors around the world to provide comprehensive services and support.

8. Yuanhua

Country: China

Founded: 2002

About the company:

Zhejiang Yuanhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in July 2002, is located in Baixi Industrial Zone, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province.

It is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of pressure controller accessories (expansion tanks).

Now it has more than 200 employees, covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, and has perfect management and testing systems.

It has six professional production workshops, with an annual output of more than 1 million.

Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the business purpose of “science and technology as the guide, quality as life, management as the foundation, and innovation as the soul”, and always implemented the quality policy of “quality first, continuous innovation”, so that the company’s performance continues to develop, improve, and grow.

At present, the volume of the company’s products ranges from 0.16L to 500L, which are widely used in heating systems, water supply systems, solar energy systems, etc., playing the role of constant pressure, energy conservation, environmental protection, etc., extending the service life of water pumps and pipeline systems, and are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, and have successfully passed and obtained the SO9001 quality management system certification, CE international certification, etc.

Zhejiang Yuanhua Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will focus on developing into a professional pressure tank manufacturer with “product serialization, production scale and scientific management” through its own continuous efforts, and strive to create value for society, customers, suppliers and itself.


Country: China

About the company:

Zhejiang TANKPRO Heating Equipment Co., Ltd., which is jointly invested by Taiwan Peiquan Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou TANKPRO Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd., and is provided with professional technology by Taiwan, is an enterprise specializing in the production of steel and plastic R.O pressure water storage containers.

The materials used for the pressure water storage container products produced by the company comply with China’s national environmental health standards, EU RoHS environmental protection standards, and US NSF national health standards, and have passed the US NSF certification and EU CE certification.

In addition to thanks to the support of the vast number of users in mainland China, Zhejiang TANKPRO’s products are exported to all parts of the world in an indirect and direct way.

These include European countries, the United States, the Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asia.

At present, there are three series of product specifications that have been put on the market.

EXPANSION TANK SERIES, R.O. TANK SERIES, and PUMP TANK SERIES. At present, the product specifications that have been put on the market include: 1. OGAL, 2.0GAL, 2.8GAL, 3.2GAL, 4.4GAL, 6.5GAL, 11GAL, 20GAL, 28GAL, 3.0 gallon plastic R.O. water storage bucket, and # 304 stainless steel 3.2GAL.

In addition, RO-2337 (3.2GAL) plastic steel pressure tank, RO-2236P (3.0GAL) and RO-2640P (4.0GAL) plastic pressure tank developed by the company can be used in various harsh environments.

Zhejiang TANKPRO Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to Taiwan Peiquan’s professionalism in water treatment and its excellence in quality.

The quality of its products has won the trust and support of customers, and strives to provide customers with the best solutions and continue to develop related products.

In addition, the company has hydraulic stretching machines, all kinds of punches and related hardware production and special machinery.

It can be jointly developed or customized by customers.

10. Acol

Country: China

Founded: 2002

About the company:

Shanghai Acol Online Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services, with HVAC system control products as its development direction.

The company was founded in 2002, and constantly put forward systematic solutions to the current application problems of HVAC systems to meet customer needs. Product innovation and service innovation are the business purposes of ACOL, and always run through the business activities of ACOL.

ACOL is the development and provider of water flow control solutions for HVAC systems.

At present, ACOL is specialized in the promotion and improvement of this set of solutions, and has developed a series of products, which has won the recognition of domestic air-conditioning manufacturers.

In 2000, they developed a differential pressure type water flow switch to solve the problem that the central air-conditioning host is prone to freeze damage of the heat exchanger.

It can completely solve the problem that the traditional target type flow switch has high requirements for the installation position, is prone to fatigue failure, and is prone to misoperation. Because the differential pressure type flow switch has the characteristics of high accuracy.

The application scheme of differential pressure water flow switch proposed by the company has been accepted by the air conditioning main engine plant.

At present, the freezing damage rate of heat exchanger in the main engine plant using this scheme has been reduced from a few percent to a few thousandths or even ten thousandths of the current, which has become an excellent water flow protection method in the field of central air conditioning.

Shanghai Acol is invited to host manufacturers for more than 10 trainings every year.

The training content involves the design and control of host water system, and the training time is about 1-2 days.

ACOL will continue to develop targeted solutions in the field of HVAC water flow control products, thus becoming a leading brand in the field of domestic water flow control.

Their adjustable differential pressure switch can also be used in the field of environmental protection.

It is an ideal control component in the automatic backwash filter.

It has been matched with more than 200 filter plants in China, as well as domestic system integrators.

It has been produced for more than 8 years.

With its high accuracy, it has been widely praised by users and has become the designated product of some domestic power plants and steel plants.

The company’s 180 sets of automatic backwash filters for domestic water filter manufacturers have been successfully used in the facilities of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games venues, with stable operation.

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