Top 10 Burner Manufacturers in 2023


Country: Italy

Founded: 1922

About the company:

RIELLOS. D.A. was founded in 1922. At that time, the company only produced and sold burners for a manual workshop in Italy.

With the mastery of core technology and continuous development of products, RIELLOS has become a brand company with complete production, sales and after-sales service systems in Italy, and has developed rapidly.

As an expert in burner production, the company began to enter the international burner market in the 1950s.

At present, the products have been sold to more than 60 countries, and there are customers who are doing well.

With the development of the company in the Italian local market, the company has gradually become the leader in Europe and even the world market.

In the field of heating and combustion, RIELLOS Company, with years of experience, has become a world-class supplier of civil heating, industrial and commercial equipment.

Today, RIELLOS has 6 production plants in Italy, Canada, Poland and other countries.

The Group has a strong distribution and distribution network for selling products of different brands.

At present, RIELLOS. p.A has become a large heating equipment manufacturer in Italy, and has been recognized by European GASTEC and IMQ authoritative certification bodies.

RIELLOS. Thermal Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the only wholly-owned subsidiary of Riellos. DA in China.

The company is located in Zhuhang Jinshan Industrial Zone (No. 388, Jinbai Road), Jinshan District, Shanghai, with a plant area of more than 17000 square meters.

2. Baltur

Country: Italy

Founded: 1950

About the company:

Balturs. PA was founded in 1950. The Baltur burners produced by Baltur are sold in more than 70 countries and regions.

In 1994, Balturs Company obtained the UNIENISO9001 quality certificate, becoming one of the companies in the same industry that obtained this certificate earlier.

Among the similar products, the burners produced by Balturs Company have excellent quality, reasonable price, international reputation and high reputation in the same industry.

Balturs burners are widely used in various types of industrial boilers, civil boilers, petrochemical, road building machinery, glass ceramics, medical and environmental protection and other industries.

Balturs Research Center has a group of technicians and experts with rich experience in combustion technology, who strictly implement ISO9001 certification standards, which means that Balturs meets strict European standards at every stage of the whole process from design, production to after-sales service.

This is tantamount to the recognition of the continuous improvement of products and services of Balturs Company and the overall quality assurance of users.

Over the years, the policy of Balturs Company has been aimed at the basic characteristics of the era leading edge of environmental protection;

The outstanding achievements of Balturs in product reliability and high combustion performance level are the result of innovation committed by the research and development department of Balturs.


Country: Italy

Founded: 1965

About the company:

EBICO has strategic partners or factories in China, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Its Asian headquarters are located in Wuxi, China, and its European headquarters are located in Milan, Italy.

They have experience in the design, manufacturing, R&D, market service and resource optimization of large-scale burners, fuel supply systems and automation systems

EBICO focuses on the field of thermal energy industry and is committed to warming the world. The research focuses on standard burner, non-standard burner, environmental protection and high-precision intelligent burner.

EBICO’s strength is to optimize and integrate the combustion technology resources at the forefront of Europe to form a unique cutting-edge strategic system of Europa.

Since the EBICO brand officially entered the Chinese market in 1998, the Chinese market has grown into one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Oubao has made steady and substantial development in China.

At present, EBICO has set up its Asia Pacific headquarters in Wuxi, China, and has more than 20 dealer channels or service outlets in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangdong, Shandong, Northeast, Southwest, Xinjiang, Northwest and other provinces and cities in China, sharing the cutting-edge technology of Eurosure with the world.

4. Oilon

Country: Finland

Founded: 1961

About the company:

Oilon is an international energy technology company. Its products support sustainable development through direct and measurable emission reduction technologies.

The goal of Oilon is to promote sustainable development and set a good example in tackling climate change.

Oilon produces high quality heat pump systems that can be used in Oilon’s industrial applications. In addition, Oilon is a pioneer of low emission combustion technology, with decades of experience in the field of low emission.

The good performance, reliability and low emission of Oilon burner are the result of decades of experience accumulation and long-term development.

Formulate solutions according to the actual situation, and the manufactured burners can meet strict emission standards.

In addition, it provides combustion solutions for hydrogen, biogas, bio oil and other renewable fuels. Extensive experience in burning different liquid and gaseous fuels.

Thanks to the global dealer network, local business in five continents and extensive product approval and certification, they can provide diversified burner and combustion technology solutions for customers and regions around the world.

5. Fives

Country: France

Founded: 1812

About the company:

Fives is an industrial engineering group company, which designs and distributes processing equipment for large industrial groups around the world, and provides production lines and turnkey factories.

The fields covered by Fives include aluminum, steel, glass, automobile, logistics, cement, energy and sugar production.

The professional skills in many fields make the business scope of Fives Group cover all walks of life.

With more than 5700 employees in more than 30 countries on 6 continents, the Fives Group is famous for its professional technology and ability to implement international large-scale projects. With advanced technology and rich experience, Fives has been implementing the project within the specified period and has achieved the expected goals.

The efficient R&D department of Fives Group can foresee customers’ requirements for efficiency, safety and environmental standards, and provide customers with predictable solutions.

As a group with a history of 200 years, Fives provided locomotives and bridge projects for China as early as the 19th century.

After China’s economic reform and opening up, Fives also participated in the construction of China’s modernization and industrialization.

Fives is an industrial engineering group that has inherited more than 200 years of excellent engineering and technology, with a team of 8000 people distributed in 30 countries around the world.

Both developed and developing countries have designed and provided various machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s large industrial groups in different fields, such as aluminum, steel, glass, automobile, logistics, aerospace, cement and energy.

In all these areas, Fives designed and manufactured equipment and innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs for performance, quality, safety, environmental protection, etc. more proactively.

In 2013, Fives was appointed by the French government to lead the “future factory project”.

Part of this “new French industrial plan” is to describe a new way of industrial development.

France International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise registered in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai.

Its investor is France Machinery&Equipment Group, and the company’s headquarters is located in Paris, France.

The main business of the Group involves metallurgy, electrolytic aluminum, building materials, automobiles, sugar making, industrial pipe network, environmental governance and other industrial fields.

The company mainly operates in the mode of engineering technology company, and its main functions include: design, manufacture, supply of complete sets of equipment and production lines in industrial fields such as metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, building materials, automobiles, sugar, etc;

Provide corresponding technical consultation, technical service and technical training.

Complete the supply of single machine, complete set, spare parts and general contracting of the project.

6. Honeywell

Country: USA

Founded: 1885

About the company:

Honeywell is a Fortune Global 500 high-tech enterprise. It provides customized aviation products and services, building and industrial control technologies, and characteristic materials for the world.

It is committed to connecting everything from aircraft, cars, buildings, factories, supply chains, and workers, so that the world can achieve a more intelligent, safe, and sustainable long-term development.

Honeywell’s global headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Honeywell was founded in 1885, and its history in China can be traced back to the first distribution agency opened in Shanghai in 1935.

Honeywell adheres to the concept of deep ploughing into China and seeking long-term development, and implements the strategy of Orient Serving the East and Orient Serving the World to promote growth with local innovation.

At present, all business groups of Honeywell have settled in China, and Shanghai is the headquarters of Honeywell in Asia Pacific region.

Four business groups

Air transportation: Honeywell Aerospace Group has various products and services on almost every aircraft in the world, including aircraft propulsion system, cockpit system, satellite communication, auxiliary power system, etc.

Intelligent building technology: Their products, software and technology are used in more than 10 million buildings around the world to create safe, energy-saving, sustainable and efficient facilities for customers.

Characteristic materials and technologies: They have developed high-performance materials, refining process technology, automation solutions and industrial software to help the global industry change.

Safety and productivity: Their automated material handling, voice recognition, scanning and mobile terminals, software, solutions and personal protection products help improve business performance, job safety and productivity.


Country: USA

Founded: 1979

About the company:

Founded in 1979, Zeeco Inc., headquartered near Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides professional combustion and environmental system solutions.

Zheke has established more than 25 branches, 7 manufacturing bases, more than 1000 professionals, and more than 50000 projects in more than 100 countries and regions.

Zeeco has developed and applied for a variety of patent technologies in the oil refining, production, petrochemical, LNG, power, pharmaceutical and biological gas industries, including low ammonia burners, flares, hazardous waste incinerators and various accessories.

The product design concept of Zeeco in the United States attaches importance to reducing emissions, optimizing process flow and improving operation efficiency to meet environmental regulations in different regions of the world.


Country: Italy

Founded: 1972

About the company:

Guangzhou Unigas Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Unigas) is headquartered in CIBUNIGASSPA, Italy.

Founded in 1972 and located in PADOVA, Italy, CIBUNIGASSPA is an old brand enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of industrial burners.

It is also a large manufacturing enterprise capable of manufacturing 15KW to 83MW power models, covering the full power range and full range. Its products can meet the power requirements of all tonnage boilers in the world.

The models produced by Unigas can use natural gas, liquefied gas, urban gas, bio biogas, chemical tail gas, coke oven gas, light oil, heavy oil, residual oil, bio fuel oil and other fuels.

In the aspect of combustion control, the current advanced full electronic proportional regulation is widely applied, while taking into account the traditional mechanical proportional regulation, which can meet the requirements of most users in the industrial field.

Unigas has established and implemented strict and standardized production quality standards and product service system.

Since 1994, Univas has obtained the certificate of ISO9001 Total Quality Certification System earlier in the industry, and has also obtained the European Community Quality Product Certification (CE), the German TUV evaluation certification, and the subsequent KIWA certification;

The company obtained RTN certification and GOST standard certification from the Russian Federal Bureau of Technical Supervision many years ago;

Since 2009, it has successively obtained type test certificates issued by China Academy of Special Inspection, covering all power bands.

Unigas strives for perfection in product materials, structures and processes, and can complete ignition and combustion detection of all ex factory products in the laboratory with advanced European terminal detection instruments.

Univas has a large R&D center and many technical elites and experts in combustion, electric control and machinery.

The products developed by Univas have won the European Industrial Product Design Award for many times.

Univas has specially established a technical training school, and long-term and meticulous training has laid a solid foundation for after-sales technical support.

In addition, the company has also established TSS (Technical Service Center) in more than 60 countries and regions in the world and obtained NIM certification.

Univas has won a good reputation in the international market for its exquisite workmanship, rigorous structural design and reliable and durable solid body.

As a classic brand of Italian burner, Unigas has established a large number of high-quality sample projects (from 15KW to 83MW) in the Chinese market.

Facing the future, Univas will be puzzled by his efforts and full of confidence.


Country: China

Founded: 1998

About the company:

Guangdong EEACOON Energy Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province.

The company is engaged in energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy development and utilization.

The Group Company is specialized in the design, production, R&D and manufacturing of combustion equipment, solid waste, hazardous waste treatment technology and energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, and undertakes the garbage burning power generation project.

The Group has advanced waste heat boiler technology in the industry, and has obtained good technical experience and stable investment income in the low-temperature waste heat power generation industry.

At the same time, there are EPC, BT, BOT, BOO and other ways.

It integrates investment, equipment R&D and manufacturing, project design and construction, and general contracting, and has strong experience in technical project construction.

Guangdong EEACOON Energy always stands at the forefront of international combustion technology and efficient utilization technology of heat energy, and has reached strategic cooperation and coordinated development with the Swiss JakobRISTON Group, Industria Combustion and F.B.R.bruciatori S. r.1.

The Group, together with the Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University and other scientific research institutes, has jointly carried out technology research and development, established a transnational energy-saving economic research institute, realized the effective combination of talents and technologies at home and abroad, and realized the joint development of the Company’s industry, education and research in the energy field.


Country: China

Founded: 2010

About the company:

Shanghai Wisebond Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (WISEBOND) was established in December 2010.

The company focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, sales and related engineering services of ultra-low ammonia combustion equipment and high-end biomass gasification equipment, and undertakes the BOT business of renewable zero carbon new energy, life substance, replacing traditional fossil energy.

Its business covers power, heating, petrochemical, coal chemical, steel and other industries.

It is a high-tech enterprise that provides overall thermal energy solutions and carbon neutral technologies and equipment for new energy to replace fossil energy.

It has many wholly-owned subsidiaries including Sichuan Huashengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., Suzhou Hance Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., Changzhou Jingjie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Since July 2013, the Company has obtained four rounds of investment from many investment institutions, such as Venture Relay and China Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced clean combustion technology and biomass gasification technology at home and abroad, Wisebond has formed products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

By the end of June 2019, Wisebond had 173 patent applications (including 64 invention patents and 106 utility models) and 12 software copyrights.

The “Joint Laboratory for Ultra low Fuel (Gas) Emission” was jointly established with Shanghai University of Technology.

With strong technical R&D strength, Wisebond has achieved full coverage of the minimum 120kW and maximum 70MW boiler’s hydroxide emission of less than 30mg/Nm in the field of ultra-low ammonia combustion of natural gas boilers;

Furnace types include: T-type, D-type, water tube boiler, fire tube boiler, cast iron boiler, direct fired engine, module boiler, central regenerative boiler, etc;

In the field of low ammonia transformation of special gas fuel boilers, the efficiency of low ammonia emission reduction for carbon black tail gas, coke tail gas, refinery dry gas, blast furnace (coke oven, converter) gas, gas and other boilers can reach more than 70%;

In the field of biomass gasification and low ammonia efficient combustion, it has possessed the technologies of up suction fixed bed, down suction fixed bed, circulating fluidized bed gasification, and comprehensive utilization of gas and carbon cogeneration, which has made outstanding contributions to the carbon neutral technology path of replacing fossil energy with new energy, and has significant economic and environmental benefits, which are favored by customers.

While improving the company’s core technology and quality services, Wisebond’s business has also grown rapidly, and it has jointly undertaken a number of national science and technology support plans and key research and development plans with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Thermal Engineering Institute and other units.

At the same time, the company has also been approved to set up an academician expert workstation, and has won honors such as Shanghai Science and Technology Giant Cultivation Enterprise, Shanghai Hi tech Enterprise, and Shanghai Hi tech Achievement Transformation Project.

The company’s products have won the 2013 Global Entrepreneurship Week Weiying Award, and the first breakthrough financial support for silver intelligent equipment of the 16th China International Industrial Expo.

The low ammonia emission technology of gas burner has reached the international advanced level” with emission less than 30 mg.

Relying on the human and technical resources of Shanghai University of Science and Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the company has gathered a group of cross industry senior talents in energy conservation and environmental protection technology, and has established a good industry university research cooperation relationship with these colleges and universities.

In terms of after-sales service, Wisebond’s after-sales team is on call at any time to provide users with quality services. If users need, Wisebond’s engineers can rush to the site at the first time and promise to arrive at the site in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin within 2 hours;

Arrive in other regions within 24 hours;

It is with the spirit of customer first and the corporate culture of “unlimited dreams, innovation oriented” that Wisebond has accumulated a lot in the field of pollutant emission reduction and carbon neutrality, and is moving towards a further goal!

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