Top 10 Cold Milling Machine Manufacturers in 2023

1. Wirtgen

Country: Germany

Founded: 1961

About the company:

Wirtgen Group is an international operating company specializing in construction machinery.

The strong strength of Wirtgen Group comes from its five high-quality product brands: Wirtgen, VOGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN.

As a technical leader, Wirtgen Group provides users with ideal solutions for road construction and maintenance, mining and processing of target minerals, recycling of building materials and asphalt production.

From a construction material transportation company founded in 1961, WIRTGEN has become the larger brand headquarters of the Wittgen Group after years of development.

In the Wirtgen plant in Windhagen, Rhineland Pfalz, they are developing advanced technologies for the business field of “road building and maintenance and mining technology”.

The production of road milling machines, cold recycling machines, soil stabilizers, slip form pavers and surface mining machines requires that the factory scale be large enough and the internal production capacity of parts be strong enough.

Thanks to five professional factories in Germany, three local production factories in Brazil, China and India, 55 sales and service companies and a worldwide agency network, Wirtgen Group has achieved great success in the world.

Over the years, Wirtgen Group has been dedicated to providing customers with quality services, and its employees have been committed to jointly developing innovative processes and producing high-quality products.

With five strong brands, Wirtgen Group covers all construction links of road construction: processing, mixing, paving, compaction and repair.

All are completed by a strong team, all from leading and professional product brands, and provide each customer with a personalized choice of a complete set of products from a single machine to the road construction cycle.


Country: China

Founded: 1943

About the company:

XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XCMG) is an important member enterprise of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XCMG) with a long history and a core business.

It is a 100 billion level leading enterprise in China’s construction machinery industry with a large scale, complete product varieties and series, relatively competitive, influential and national strategic position, and a loud business card of China’s equipment manufacturing industry.

The company’s predecessor traces back to the Eighth Route Army South Shandong Ordnance Factory, which was founded in 1943.

It is the founder and pioneer of China’s engineering machinery industry, leading the industry to open an international precedent, and continuously contributing to the construction of major global projects.

At present, its business segments include XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as XCMG, stock code: 000425. SZ), which takes construction machinery business as the core and has been listed earlier in the industry, and mining machinery, concrete machinery, mining machinery, tower cranes, modern logistics, military civilian integration and other industrial segments that have not entered the listed companies.

It has jurisdiction over more than 60 mainframe, trade services and new business enterprises.

XCMG has actively implemented the “going global” strategy. Its product sales network covers more than 180 countries and regions.

It has established more than 300 overseas outlets around the world to provide users with all-round marketing services. Its annual export has exceeded 1.6 billion dollars.

Recently, XCMG’s market share of 9 types of main engines and 3 types of key basic parts ranked among the top in China;

The export volume and total export volume of category 5 hosts continue to rank at the forefront of the domestic industry;

The sales volume of truck cranes and large tonnage rollers is among the top in the world.

The radiant “XCMG Gold” is blooming all over the world.

3. Caterpillar

Country: USA

Founded: 1925

About the company:

Caterpillar is a global leader in the fields of construction machinery and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and electric diesel locomotives.

Since 1925, Caterpillar has been helping customers build a better world – turning sustainable development into reality on all continents and promoting positive changes.

In 2019, Caterpillar’s sales and revenue reached 53.8 billion dollars.

Caterpillar is a leading global manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel electric locomotives.

Caterpillar provides services throughout the product life cycle, and has high-quality technology and decades of product expertise.

Therefore, Caterpillar stands out and provides extraordinary value to help customers succeed.

The company mainly operates through three sectors (construction industry, resource industry and energy and transportation), and provides financing and related services through its financial product sector.

At present, Caterpillar has about 20 manufacturing plants, 3 R&D centers, 2 logistics and parts centers, and about 11000 employees in China.


Country: China

Founded: 1989

About the company:

Sany’s main business is the equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of “engineering”. Its leading products include concrete machinery, mining machinery, lifting machinery, road building machinery, piling machinery, wind and electricity equipment, port machinery, petroleum equipment, coal equipment, prefabricated construction PC machinery and other products.

In China, Sany has established three industrial clusters in Changsha, Beijing and the Yangtze River Delta, and three industrial parks in Shenyang, Xinjiang and Zhuhai.

Overseas, Sany has established four R&D and manufacturing bases in India, the United States, Germany and Brazil, and its business covers more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

Sany devotes about 5% of its sales revenue to research and development every year.

With first-class product quality, Sany Equipment has extensively participated in the construction of global projects, including the construction of Dubai Tower, Beijing Olympic venues, London Olympic venues, Brazil World Cup venues, Shanghai center, Hong Kong World Financial Center, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Daxing International Airport, Xiong’an New Area and other major projects.

Based on the main business of equipment manufacturing, Sany Group is vigorously developing new businesses such as new energy, finance and insurance, housing industrialization, industrial Internet, military industry, fire protection and environmental protection.

At present, Sany has become a domestic provider of complete wind power solutions and renewable clean energy, as well as a mature PC assembly provider in China.

In addition, the “root cloud” platform of Roots Internet has become one of the three major industrial Internet platforms in China.

5. Bomag

Country: Germany

Founded: 1957

About the company:

BOMAG is a manufacturer of road rollers, providing compaction equipment for soil, asphalt and waste sanitary landfills, as well as stabilized soil road mixers and on-site cold recycling machines for asphalt pavement.

BOMAG was founded in Germany in 1957. So far, it has 2000 employees all over the world, 19 product categories, 6 branches in Germany, 8 overseas branches, 1 sales office in Singapore and 500 sales agents all over 120 countries.

By 2007, the sales of BOMAG Group had reached 634 million euros.

The compaction machinery of BOMAG can be used for the construction of sites, traffic pavements and reservoirs, as well as special equipment for different scales of garbage filling, repairing damaged asphalt pavements and maintaining road stability.

In order to cooperate with the operation of the road roller, BOMAG Company has developed many intelligent measurement and management systems to control the compaction process and results and provide effective protection for various roads.

BOMAG has continuously met the differentiated market needs of global customers by providing diversified and high-quality product portfolio and services!

BOMAG (China)

At present, BOMAG operates in China in the form of two companies: BOMAG(Shanghai) Compaction Machinery Co., Ltd. and BOMAG (China) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

BOMAG (Shanghai) Compaction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in Fengxian Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone in Shanghai at the end of 2002.

The company mainly produces 10 ton and 13 ton double drum vibratory rollers, 18 ton to 25 ton single drum vibratory rollers and other light compaction machinery commonly used in China.

The successful operation of BOMAG (Shanghai) has enhanced the investment confidence and enthusiasm of BOMAG in China.

On February 8, 2007, BOMAG (China) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. officially opened and achieved great success.

At present, BOMAG has more than 100 employees in China, with an output of more than 400 million yuan.

However, as a major professional manufacturer of road rollers in the world, BOMAG’s positioning in China is far beyond that.

BOMAG (China) is determined to show the world the charm of BOMAG with a higher quality and new look.

6. Liugong

Country: China

Founded: 1958

About the company:

For many years since its establishment in 1958, Liugong has always been a leader in China’s construction machinery industry.

Since the first modern wheel loader was launched in 1966, Liugong has grown into an enterprise with more than ten different product lines through continuous efforts and innovation.

Over the years, they have always regarded every difficult challenge as a good opportunity for development.

Whether it is the hot Sahara Desert or the cold Antarctic, they are conquered one by one by our powerful equipment.

In addition, they also know that all superior devices exist only for the needs of customers.

Therefore, while ensuring excellent performance, their products also adhere to the design concept of humanity and ease of use, so that your project can be carried out smoothly.

The inexplicable pursuit of stable quality is the foundation of Liugong’s trust and the key to Liugong’s development.

Today, Liugong has 20 manufacturing bases, more than 9500 employees, 5 R&D bases and 13 regional parts centers around the world, which is at the forefront of technology, production and supply logistics.

To win customer satisfaction, reliable service is as indispensable as excellent products.

As one of the enterprises with a complete global distribution network in the industry, Liugong has more than 300 dealers in more than 100 countries, providing convenient and professional service support for customers around the world at any time.

In the future, Liugong will continue to strive to build partnerships with customers.

No matter where you are, no matter what kind of problems you face, their excellent engineering machinery products and services will help you easily solve the problems and create extraordinary value.

7. Shantui

Country: China

Founded: 1952

About the company:

The predecessor of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was Yantai Machinery Factory, which was founded in 1952.

In 1966, Yantai Machinery Factory moved to Jining and was renamed Jining Machinery Factory.

In 1980, Jining Machinery Factory, Jining General Machinery Factory and Jining Power Machinery Factory merged to form Shantui.

Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in January 1997 (referred to as “Shantui Shares”, code 000,680).

It is a state-owned joint-stock listed company and an owned subsidiary of Shandong Heavy Industry Group.

Excavator series and more than 10 kinds of host products, chassis parts, transmission parts, structural parts and other engineering machinery accessories.

The annual production capacity has reached 10000 bulldozers, 6000 road machinery, 500 concrete mixing plants, 150000 track assemblies, 1 million engineering machinery “four wheels”, 80000 sets of hydraulic torque converters and 20000 sets of gearboxes.

Shantui has a sound sales system, a sound marketing service network, and its products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions overseas.

There are 27 offices, 53 agents and 320 marketing outlets in China.

More than 100 agents and dealers have been developed overseas, and more than 10 overseas branches have been set up in South Africa, Allen, Russia, Brazil, the United States, etc.

In terms of service mode, Shantui Co., Ltd. aims to “build an enterprise that pays attention to customers’ personalized needs and services”, and provides customers with integrated construction solutions.

Humanized and intelligent high-quality services have won customers’ reputation and improved the enterprise’s brand value.


Country: China

Founded: 1951

About the company:

XGMA Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “XGMA”), founded in 1951, was transformed from Xiagong Construction Machinery Factory into a listed company (stock code: 600815) in December 1993.

With R&D and production bases in Xiamen and Jiaozuo, XCMG is a key large-scale first class enterprise in the national production of loaders, excavators, forklifts, small machinery and other products.

XGMA Engineering has a technology center, enterprise postdoctoral workstation and Fujian academician expert workstation, with more than 200 technicians.

XGMA Engineering has established “industry university research” cooperation relations with Jilin University, Zhejiang University, Xiamen University, China National Academy of Mechanical Science, Tianjin Institute of Engineering Machinery and other universities and research institutes.

The strength of technical talents, software and hardware conditions, R&D capabilities and R&D achievements of Xiagong Engineering rank among the top peers in the country.

It has successively obtained nearly 300 core patents in hydraulic, transmission, working devices, energy saving and complete machines, such as multifunctional hydraulic cylinders, return oil filters, differentials, connecting rod devices, dual pump combined and split flow equivalent control unloading.

XGMA has successfully developed 8-10 ton three wheel roller (1963), Z435 wheel loader (1964), CCC3A side forklift (1983), XG955 medium wheelbase loader (2004), XGRT5130 off-road forklift (2010), XG955CNG natural gas loader (2010), XG822LNG natural gas excavator (2013), XG822 intelligent excavator with independent intellectual property rights (2015), XG958i has breakthrough leading achievements such as intelligent loader (2015) with independent intellectual property rights.

XGMA has passed ISO9001 quality management standard certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety system certification.

Some products have also obtained the EU CE mark certification and the US UL safety certification.

XGMA has a variety of advanced production and manufacturing equipment such as welding robots, large multi axis CNC machining centers, 3D printing technology, and portable( Φ 4000), medium (2500 * 1500 * 1000) and large (8000 * 3000 * 2500) coordinate measuring machines and other advanced testing equipment.

Complete testing systems such as system test bench, test box and electric vibration test system have been established, which can provide sophisticated technical support for new product development and effectively ensure product quality.

XGMA has built an excellent party building brand base (also known as the Military Rank Training Center), implemented a performance manufacturing management system, and implemented strict and effective management and supervision by using a scientific review mechanism, aiming to maximize the interests of customers, employees, and shareholders.

Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, XCMG attaches importance to the development of remanufacturing technology, and has successively completed the remanufacturing of key components such as bridge boxes, engines and complete machines, forming a green circular economy model and seeking greater value enhancement for users.

Over the past 69 years, XCMG has taken root in China, looked to the world, and helped its customers take off with high-quality products and comprehensive services.

XGMA has more than 150 excellent distributors and service providers and more than 500 sales and service outlets all over the world.

By building a fast logistics supply system and technical support system, it is able to create considerable value for users.

XGMA ‘s products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and are highly praised by users at home and abroad.

XGMA Industrial products are comfortable and safe, and are widely used in metallurgical mining, warehousing and logistics, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, infrastructure, municipal environmental protection, underground space development and other comprehensive working conditions.

The intelligent products of XGMA Engineering Group can well adapt to extreme working conditions such as high and low temperature, high and high corrosion, high radiation, high dust, fire and explosion, as well as major safety accidents such as earthquake, mud rock flow, leakage or explosion of hazardous chemicals to ensure the work quality and personal safety of operators.

Technology and quality inheritance.

At present, XGMA is constantly increasing its investment in technology research and development and transformation, improving its product competitiveness, implementing an international strategy, and improving the construction machinery industry chain, aiming to establish an effective enterprise operation mechanism, management mechanism, and talent mechanism, so as to become a leading and world-class engineering machinery enterprise in China.


Country: China

Founded: 1954

About the company:

Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.”) was founded in 1954.

During the pioneering period of construction machinery in China, there were eight major manufacturers and one of the five metal structure plants in China.

In 2004, it was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600984).

The actual controller of the company was Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The company is headquartered in Xi’an, the ancient capital, with total assets exceeding 10 billion yuan.

It has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, Shanghai Pangyuan Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd., Zigong Tiancheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Construction Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Xi’an Heavy Construction Mechanization Engineering Co., Ltd., Road Machinery Alliance (Beijing) Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., one holding subsidiary, two provincial technical centers, 17 production bases and more than 40 nationwide.

It radiates branches and service outlets in countries and regions along the “the Belt and Road”.

The company is a high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Plan and a provincial high-tech enterprise.

It has the “Class A Special Equipment Installation, Reconstruction and Maintenance License”, “Class I Lifting Equipment Installation Engineering Contracting” and “Class I Steel Structure Engineering Contracting” qualifications.

It is engaged in the leasing, installation, removal and maintenance of engineering machinery and equipment, and is one of the large-scale one-stop technical comprehensive solution providers of engineering machinery and equipment in China.

The total tonnage and meters of its own tower cranes rank first in the world.

Since the “13th Five Year Plan”, the company has complied with the market situation, adjusted and optimized the product layout, and formed an industrial pattern with engineering machinery production and leasing services as the “double main business”, asphalt concrete pavers and tower cranes as the “double main line”, and steel structure products as an important supplement.

As a well-known enterprise in China’s paver manufacturing industry and the chief editor of the national standard for asphalt concrete pavers, the SUM8200, SUM7200 and other series of pavers manufactured by the company are widely used in the paving operations of expressways, airport runways and municipal roads;

The production and manufacturing of tower cranes are among the best in China.

The STC7020, STC7528 and other series of tower cranes are mainly applicable to the construction of large projects such as buildings, bridges, water conservancy and power.

It has made outstanding contributions to many national landmark buildings such as the Century Project Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, Bird’s Nest Stadium, National Museum, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shen Da Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Hefei Nanjing High speed Railway, Hangzhou Bay Sea Crossing Bridge, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Maldives Male International Airport, and China DPRK Yalu River Boundary Bridge.

Innovation drives the future. Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “perseverance and excellence”, the company adheres to the strategic thinking of “technology and finance driven, dislocation development, multi brand, international layout”, promotes the development goal of “15533” plan, and strives to become a leading domestic construction machinery manufacturer and an internationally renowned construction machinery renter.

10. XRMC

Country: China

Founded: 1959

About the company:

XRMC is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. , a Fortune Global 500 enterprise, with total assets of nearly 1.5 billion yuan.

The business involves the R&D, manufacturing and service business of road building and maintenance machinery products, specialized pavement engineering construction business, “Internet plus” post market value-added service business, green new energy investment and construction business, and shield machine production and manufacturing service business.

Founded in 1959, the company, formerly known as “XRMC”, is a backbone enterprise directly under the Ministry of Communications.

It has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of pavement machinery products, always leading the development of the industry, and making great contributions to the early construction of highways in China.

Over the past 660 years, the company has played an important market influence in the global road machinery industry with three series of more than 50 products including mixing equipment, paving equipment and maintenance equipment.

As a national “high-tech enterprise”, XRMC has a “National Engineering Laboratory” and two “Engineering Technology Research Centers of Shaanxi Province”.

It is a production university research cooperation base, graduate student and excellent engineer training base of well-known universities in China, such as Chang’an University and Chongqing Jiaotong University.

The enterprise has complete qualifications, has passed various domestic and international certifications, and its products are distributed in various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and exported to 65 countries and regions overseas.

It has set up accessory service centers in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America and other regions.

XRMC always practices the core value of “market and customer focus”, adheres to the business philosophy of “sticking to doing one thing well”, adheres to the enterprise spirit of “integrity, care, struggle and innovation”, takes promoting the progress of road construction and maintenance machinery industry as its own responsibility, and is striving to become “an excellent manufacturer and service provider of global road construction and maintenance equipment”.

In the new era, XRMC will continue to take customers as the core, products as the center, industrial chain as the abscissa, value creation as the ordinate, and high-quality services and excellent culture as the soft power to draw a concentric circle for the development of diversified businesses of XRMC and start a new journey of high-quality development!

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