Top 10 Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers in 2023

1. Wilden

Country: USA

Founded: 1955

About the company:

Jim Wilden initiated a revolution, stimulated the innovation of a generation, and laid the foundation for the development of pneumatic diaphragm pumps.

In 1955, Jim invented the Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Today, Wilden is constantly improving to meet the market demand with its high-quality products and clear development blueprint of the brand.

Wilden’s commitment to customers is undoubtedly the reason why the company becomes the industry leader.

By listening to the opinions of professional technical teams, after-sales maintenance personnel and end users, they constantly develop products that meet the market demand.

Always adhere to the belief of pursuing excellence and transcending oneself.

PSG is a world-renowned manufacturer, which can safely and efficiently transport important and high-value materials to provide pump products, systems and solutions.

Baxter’s brands include AbaqueM, All Flo, Almatec, Blackmer, Ebray, em tec, Griswold, Hydro Systems, Mouvex, Neptune M, QuattrofowM, RedScrew and Wilden.

The company is committed to providing services for many key application markets such as health, chemistry and energy.

Committed to technological innovation and promoting the positive development of the world. The company’s primary task is to provide innovative fluid and material transportation solutions for the future at present, so as to provide professional experience for customers.

2. ARO

Country: China

Founded: 1930

About the company:

As a global fluid management product manufacturing expert, the fluid products and solutions brought by ARO provide users with a smooth and white application experience.

This is the smart choice of intelligent ARO industrial fluid management products.

Based on 85 years of product history and services, ARO Fluid Management provides fluid equipment for global customers and industries, including chemical, manufacturing, energy, medicine, mining and other industries.

ARO focuses on providing professional customers with a full range of high-quality products, which makes the company enjoy a good reputation in various application fields.

ARO provides various products to meet the special needs of users.

Pneumatic diaphragm pump, plunger pump and components, filter, pressure regulating valve and lubricating products (FRL), lubricating equipment, cylinder and air valve.

Behind each ARO product, there is a trusted team of experts who focus on product design, and they make ARO products famous all over the world.

ARO is a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE: IR).

Ingersoll Rand improves the quality of life by creating comfort, sustainable development and environment.

The company’s employees and brands work together to improve the air quality and comfort of residential buildings and buildings, transport and protect the safety of food and perishables, and improve productivity and efficiency in the industrial field.

As a global company with an annual sales volume of more than 12 billion dollars, Ingersoll Rand focuses on building a world with continuous progress and an everlasting foundation.

3. Yamada

Country: Japan

About the company:

Yamada started in 1905, an advanced industrial equipment manufacturer, with more than 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and distributing fluid treatment products.

Yamada’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, and its main manufacturing plants are located in Xiangmuhara City and other facilities scattered throughout the Kanto region.

Yamada is an ISO9001 certified company, which is used in the whole design and manufacturing process with strict quality regulations.

Yamada is mainly engaged in product design, development, manufacturing and sales.

It is determined to continue to make efforts to produce and distribute innovative and high-quality products.

YAMADA has sales&service offices in large cities in Japan, and three wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries are located in the Netherlands, Chicago, Illinois and Shanghai, China.

Yamada has more than 150 dealers around the world.

Products: piston pump, ink pump, diaphragm pump, lubrication equipment, automotive equipment, grease gun, hose reel, control equipment.

Yamada (Shanghai) Pump Trade Co., Ltd. is a Japanese sole proprietorship enterprise, engaged in the import of all kinds of pump products and related parts, and the sales in China, as well as providing related supporting services.


Country: USA

Founded: 1965

About the company:

Warren Rupp was founded in 1965. The factory is located in Sifeld, Russia.

The founders are Warren E. Rupp and Chares E. Young, two professional pump product engineers.

Since then, Wallenly Pump has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, with relatively complete product models, mainly selling its own brands of SANDPIPER, Versa Matic and Blagdon pneumatic double diaphragm pumps and related products.


Country: USA

Founded: 1983

About the company:

Founded in 1983, VERSAMATIC is a manufacturer that provides various pneumatic diaphragm pump parts for the market.

Since 1984, they have developed and manufactured our own pneumatic diaphragm pump and sold it in the United States.

Its characteristics are self-priming, no seal, dry rotation variable flow and head, optional outlet, no motor, explosion-proof, and can handle abrasive objects and high viscosity substances.

Self priming, flow adjustable, dry running lossless, multiple outlet connection modes, bypass and return valve free, safe explosion-proof, explosion free, and dead point free.

6. Graco

Country: USA

Founded: 1926

About the company:

Graco manufactures and sells high-quality equipment for conveying, measuring, controlling, distributing and spraying various fluid and powder materials.

Its main products include hot-melt adhesive machine, polyurethane spraying equipment, high-pressure sand blasting machine, hot-melt scribing machine, coating equipment, plunger pump, vertical injection molding machine, electric diaphragm pump, self-priming pump, pneumatic spraying machine, screw pump, peristaltic pump hose, high-pressure airless spraying machine, Huajiang self-priming pump, etc.

Graco has about 3500 employees in the world, which has created Gurik’s brilliance for more than 100 countries in their pursuit of excellent technology, world-class manufacturing technology and A+customer service quality. In order to achieve this goal, Guruike cooperates closely with dealers. Guruike’s products set high standards of quality in various fluid treatment applications, including: painting and coating circulation, lubrication, sealants and adhesives, electrical equipment for sanitary treatment and architectural spraying.

In addition, Graco has continued to invest in the field of fluid management and control and continue to provide innovative solutions for the diversified global market.

Graco is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has about 3500 employees worldwide.

Find Graco stock (stock code: GGG) on the New York Stock Exchange.


Country: Italy

Founded: 1975

About the company:

The history of Debem Srl in Italy can be traced back to 1975, when Marco De Bernardi, its founder, decided to complete an independent project: an industrial pump company, especially a 1.5HP plastic centrifugal pump, relying on the theory and practical experience accumulated in this field.

The prototype was so successful immediately that he decided to create his own industrial pump product line.

His main areas of focus were the chemical industry and all its areas, as well as the textile industry, which was particularly successful in Italy at the time.

With the continuous growth of demand for pumps, DEBEM has expanded its product range, and has been trying to keep pace with the times and seek new solutions to overcome the difficulties in the production process.

Today, the company sells and exports its products worldwide.

DEBEM Italy uses certified Italian materials to construct and design all its products internally.

Its new generation of internal testing laboratories enables it to test its technical data and meet all the requirements and needs of its customers.

8. Blagdon



About the company:

BLAGDON PUMP in Britain was founded by George Blagdon and George Flynn in the early 1950s.

The company started as a small engineering workshop, providing goods to local coalfields.

The company is located in Durham, a historic city in northeast England.

Based on the understanding of the mining industry, BLAGDON diaphragm pump believes that a simple pump is needed to remove water from the coal seam.

In 1979, Blagdon produced a pneumatic diaphragm pump.

Early versions were used for mining aluminum and cast iron.

These pumps are quite primitive compared to today’s models.

In 1981, EBLAGDON diaphragm pump was sold to Terry Harrison Niutri, who owned the pump leasing business.

The company invested a lot of money in business.

Due to expansion, the company moved to a 30000 square meter factory in Washington, northeastern England.

In 1997, Terry Harrison retired and was acquired by IDEX.

9. Verder

Country: Britain

Founded: 1959

About the company:

Verder Group is a pump supplier established by Mr. Andre Verder in 1959.

Mr. Andr listens to customers’ needs and provides them with high-quality and innovative products and technologies to serve the production process.

Adhering to the concept of customer first, Verde Group has developed rapidly.

In the next 30 years, Mr. Andre and his son Andrees expanded the sales territory of Verder Group to the United States, Japan, China, India and South Africa.

Today, Verder provides fluid processing equipment, solid sample processing equipment and analytical instruments for global high-quality enterprises.

The Verder Group has two business divisions: the Scientific Instrument Division provides high-tech laboratories and analytical equipment; The Fluid Division provides a variety of positive displacement pumps and solutions.

Verder Group has more than 40 trading and manufacturing companies, and Verder Group covers four continents.

In addition to its own sales network, Verder products are also sold around the world through an independent dealer network.

Since its establishment in 1959, the Verder Group has continued to grow and employs 1600 employees, with an annual sales volume of 300 million euros.

10. Tapflo

Country: Sweden

Founded: 1980

About the company:

Tapflo Group, headquartered in Sweden, specializes in manufacturing pneumatic diaphragm pumps, centrifugal pumps and other industrial equipment to provide solutions for fluid transportation and other cases in the production process

Tapflo is an advanced pump manufacturer, which strives to provide high-quality products of various specifications for industrial applications.

Since 1970, Tapflo has been committed to the treatment of industrial fluids and the design and manufacture of industrial pumps. The company has a comprehensive and profound understanding of users’ needs for industrial pumps.

Since the production of the first pneumatic diaphragm pump, Tapflo has always adhered to the concept of producing products with simple structure, reliable performance, few parts and easy maintenance.

The company has always maintained its sensitivity to the needs of users and new industries.

Therefore, the company has been improving the details, materials and accessories of the products, so that the company’s products are constantly improved and improved, and more in line with the actual needs of users.

Tapflo Group has its own companies and independent distributors in more than 60 countries on 6 continents.

Tapflo (Wuxi) Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary in China.

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