Top 10 Dispensing Machine Manufacturers in 2023

1. Nordson

Country: USA

Founded: 1954 

About the company:

Nordson provides precise spraying technology and solutions.

The company designs and manufactures distinctive products for precise spraying of adhesives, coatings, sealants, biomaterials, polymers, plastics and other materials;

For fluid management;

Testing and inspection as well as UV curing and plasma surface treatment.

Through professional spraying technology and global direct sales and services, Nordson provides support for the company’s products and services for consumers in the FMCG, durable goods and technology end markets.

Founded in 1954, Nordson is headquartered in Westlake, Russia, the United States.

Recently, Nordson has set up operating agencies and support offices in more than 30 countries/regions around the world.

2. Musashi

Country: Japan

Founded: 1978

About the company:

MUSASHI Musashi Co., Ltd. was founded in September 53 in Showa by President Akima Hiroshi, focusing on the development and manufacturing of dispensing industry.

MUSASHI’s products have developed from the traditional semi-automatic dispensing machine to the current top three-axis dispensing machine, which is deeply favored by enterprises and recognized by global enterprises.

Musashi Hi Tech Company, a Japanese manufacturer specializing in dispensing equipment

Musashi Hi Tech Co., Ltd., a Japanese manufacturer specializing in dispensing equipment, is a creative product with high functionality and operation ability, relying on its excellent technical ability, development ability and commodity ability.

In this profound field of liquid precision control, it is constantly facing endless challenges.

Musashi has an overwhelming market share in the semiconductor field.

Musashi has business contacts with more than 5000 large and medium-sized enterprises around the world.

Its products have been listed as standard equipment by well-known manufacturers such as Intel and Pentium.

3. Scheugenpflug

Country: Germany

Founded: 1990

About the company:

Scheugenpflug is a leading supplier focusing on high-quality bonding, glue injection, potting and automation solutions.

Scheugenpflug’s product and technology range is very diverse, from powerful material preparation systems to advanced systems for atmospheric environment and vacuum filling, to online modules and automation solutions specially customized for customers.

Scheugenpflug glue injection system is commonly used in automotive electronics and electronic industry, as well as communication, medicine and chemical industry.

In addition to its headquarters in Neustadt/Donau, it now has four other factories in the United States, China and Mexico.

The company also provides a global sales and service network, which is distributed all over the world from Spain to South Korea.

4. Axxon

Country: China

Founded: 2008

About the company:

Axxon, founded in 2008, is a manufacturer in the field of fluid automation in China.

It focuses on providing industry-leading precision dispensing, coating and industrial dispensing equipment for global high-end manufacturing, and is suitable for professional overall solutions for dispensing detection, plasma cleaning and other related processes.

Axxon has always been based on product technology innovation and rapid response to the market, meeting customers’ changing needs and creating value for customers.

Based on the concept of product development and management of simple&smart, the application industry covers communication electronics, SMT/EMS, household appliances, solar energy, automotive electronics, military, semiconductor, medical devices, etc.

5. Second

Country: China

Founded: 2005

About the company:

Shenzhen Second Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Second Intelligent), founded in 2005, is headquartered at No. 7, Tianyang 4th Road, Dongfang Community, Songgang Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.

It has five wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Shenzhen Shiqiao Operation Control Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shibang Robot Co., Ltd., Suzhou Shibang Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou Shibang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Shibang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating fluid application R&D, production, sales and service.

Second Intelligent focuses on creating value for customers and continues to innovate.

Fluid applications have covered 3C electronics, 5G communications, smart home appliances, power supplies, new energy, hydrogen electricity, water purification biomedicine, aerospace and many other fields;

The products include fluid applications such as dispensing machine, glue filling machine, glue spraying machine, glue applicator, glue applicator, film rolling machine, non-standard solutions, industrial robot integrated applications, etc.

Second Intelligent and its subsidiaries have a strong team of technical experts, and have successively obtained more than 100 core technology patents and more than 20 software products.

The products have independent intellectual property rights and comply with EU CE standards.

Second Intelligent adheres to the business philosophy of authenticity, professionalism and innovation to create a century old service brand in the fluid application industry.

6. Andaas

Country: China

Founded: 2008

About the company:

Guangdong Andaas Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an intelligent manufacturer of equipment and systems that integrates product research and development, production, sales and service, and is committed to component research and development, fluid applications, and intelligent platforms.

The company’s main products include:

Dispensing machine, coating machine, plasma cleaning machine, curing furnace, multi-functional intelligent platform, semiconductor, medical equipment and factory intelligent manufacturing system solutions.

The products are mainly used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication electronics, instrumentation, white goods, new energy, power supply, LED, military, medical, semiconductor and other industries.

The company is headquartered in Chuanbu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with Hunan Subsidiary, Shenzhen Subsidiary and Suzhou Branch.

In 2016, Andaas Hong Kong was established, with subsidiaries in the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, etc.

At present, Andaas has a marketing and service network all over the world, with more than employees.

7. Janome

Country: Japan

Founded: 1921

About the company:

After years of development, JANOME is one of the largest sewing machine manufacturers in the world.

JANOME has more than 20 years of research, development and manufacturing experience in the field of automatic robot industry, and has advantages both in technology and market share.

JANOME has successfully launched a variety of products, such as JP series precision uniform electronic punch, JPE series universal uniform electronic punch, JR series table robot, JSG series online overhead straight intersection robot, JS series horizontal multi joint manipulator, etc.

8. Bojay

Country: China

Founded: 2005

About the company:

Zhuhai Bojay Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D, production, sales and related technical services of industrial automation equipment and accessories, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions for automated testing and automated assembly.

The company’s products are mainly used for performance testing and product assembly of electronic products in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial electronics and other industries, to help customers achieve semi-automatic and fully automated production lines, and improve production efficiency and product yield.

The company’s main customers are the world’s top 500 enterprises, including global high-tech companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Qualcomm and Google, as well as global intelligent manufacturers of electronic products such as Hon Hai Group, Quanta Group, Compal Group, Heshuo Group and BYD.

Based on the development of automatic testing equipment, with the development of automatic testing and automatic assembly equipment as the core, the company has formed a product line of industrial automation equipment and accessories with advanced technology, high reliability, stable quality, wide application fields and complete specifications.

With the continuous improvement of technical level and comprehensive strength, the company has established a mature R&D, management and sales team and accumulated rich experience in R&D, production and sales.

The automatic test equipment and automatic assembly equipment produced by the company are committed to improving the intelligent manufacturing level of electronic products, effectively improving the production efficiency, product quality and production automation of customers, and have the business ability to transform customers’ new product ideas into design schemes and products, help customers achieve large-scale and industrialized production of new processes and technologies, and achieve the goal of lean production, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

9. Tensun

Country: China

Founded: 2006

Products: Mobile phone industry chain precision dispensing project products, OLED module segment dispensing, Bonding, Bonding, laminating and other key precision equipment for OLED manufacturing process and semiconductor precision cutting series products (dicing machine)

About the company:

Founded in July 2006, Tensun has been focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of process precision equipment in the mobile phone industry chain, OLED panel display industry and semiconductor industry, and has recently become a well-known brand in the domestic dispensing equipment industry.

Since the establishment of the company, the company has continuously increased investment in core technology research and development every year, and set up a key technology engineering laboratory for high-precision electronic packaging with the support of Shenzhen Municipal Government in 2018, further improving the company’s research and development level.

Tensun has become a high-tech enterprise integrating the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of high-end advanced process precision equipment, and is determined to become a world-class leader in the high-end advanced process equipment industry!

10. Mingseal

Country: China

Founded: 2008

About the company:

Mingseal Technology is a technology driven high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise, mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of high-precision intelligent dispensing equipment and its key components.

The products are mainly used in dispensing links in the fields of precision electronic assembly, MEMS devices and IC packaging with high requirements for equipment accuracy and other technical indicators. 

Mingseal Technology has established four provincial-level research and development institutions, namely Jiangsu Enterprise Academician Workstation, Jiangsu Post doctoral Innovation Practice Base Sub station, Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation, and Jiangsu Dispensing Robot Engineering Technology Research Center.

It has been awarded the title of “Guling Enterprise” in South Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Area for its high growth and the title of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise for its high-quality intellectual property achievements.

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