The 10 Best Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers & Brands in 2023

Are you looking for the best hydraulic equipment manufacturers in the market? Look no further!

Our comprehensive list of the top hydraulic equipment manufacturers is here to provide you with the most innovative and reliable solutions for your hydraulic needs.

From China to the United States, these companies have established themselves as leaders in the industry, providing high-quality hydraulic components, precision castings, pneumatic components, and hydraulic systems.

Hengli Hydraulic, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery, and Shaoye are just a few of the companies that have made a significant impact in the hydraulic industry, with their dedication to innovation, research, and development. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, these manufacturers have successfully expanded their reach across the globe, providing services to over 2,000 customers worldwide.

Whether you’re in the engineering, energy mining, or industrial manufacturing industry, these companies have got you covered.

With cutting-edge technologies and a focus on customer satisfaction, they have revolutionized the hydraulic industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list of the top hydraulic equipment manufacturers and take your hydraulic needs to the next level!

I. Top Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers

1. Hengli

Country: China

Founded: 1990

About the company:

After 30 years of dedication and innovation, Hengli Hydraulic has expanded from manufacturing hydraulic cylinders to become a large comprehensive enterprise integrating hydraulic components, precision castings, pneumatic components, hydraulic systems, and other industries.

Hengli Hydraulic has established four hydraulic research and development centers and nine production and manufacturing bases in China, Germany, the United States, Japan, and India. The technical level and production scale have been at the forefront of the world’s hydraulic field, providing services to over 2,000 customers worldwide.

The main markets cover more than 20 countries and regions, and the products span engineering machinery, port ships, energy mining, tunnel machinery, industrial manufacturing, and many other industries.

Hengli Hydraulic is a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code 601100), headquartered in Changzhou, China. It has built four internationally advanced hydraulic product manufacturing bases: high-pressure oil cylinders, hydraulic pump valves, precision casting, and pneumatic components. Hengli Hydraulic has successfully entered the global hydraulic component field through the merger and acquisition of Shanghai Lixin Hydraulic, InLine Hydraulic in Berlin, Germany, and Seiko in Japan.

To continuously improve regional service response speed and brand image, and promote overseas business growth, Hengli Hydraulic has established branches in Japan, the United States, and India and enhanced its marketing service network in overseas regions.

Hengli will continue to enhance its core competitive advantage, deepen Made in China 2025, actively respond to the strategy of building a strong industrial base, and look back to Made in China through technological innovation. The company is committed to improving the global supply chain system and sales service system, providing customers with hydraulic technology solutions and products.

With excellent R&D capabilities, stable product quality, and perfect service, Hengli has contributed to the development of China’s hydraulic industry and has gained recognition and trust from many well-known customers.

2. Taiyuan heavy machinery

Country: China

Founded: 1964

About the company:

Taiyuan Heavy Industry Group Yuci Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co., Ltd. The company is an influential independent research, development, and manufacturing base for high-end hydraulic products. Formerly known as Yuci Hydraulic Parts Factory, the company was founded in 1964 and is considered the “cradle” of China’s hydraulic industry.

The company integrates research and development with the manufacturing of high-end hydraulic products and is recognized as a “high-tech enterprise” by the state. It has a national enterprise technology center, a postdoctoral research workstation, and excels in high-end hydraulic product design, electromechanical and hydraulic integration control, and other technical fields.

The company has contributed to the formulation of 21 national and industrial product standards, holds 24 invention and practical patents, and has won 66 national, provincial, and ministerial level, industrial technology progress awards, and outstanding new product awards.

Internationally purchased unique casting, machining, heat treatment production lines, special equipment, inspection, and test devices are reliable guarantees for high-end hydraulic product development and manufacturing.

The company’s headquarters is in Yuci Industrial Park, a transformation and comprehensive reform demonstration area in Shanxi Province. It has four branches, including casting (heat treatment), hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, and hydraulic system. The company has subsidiaries integrating R&D and manufacturing in Changzhi, Jinan, and Shanghai. Its annual production capacity has reached 3 million hydraulic components, 40,000 sets of hydraulic systems, and 35,000 tons of various castings.

The company’s products include high-pressure piston pumps, vane pumps, gear pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic motors, oil cylinders, integrated hydraulic systems, and various castings. These products are widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, transportation (locomotives, rail transit, ships), petroleum machinery, metallurgical steel, coal mines, marine engineering, aerospace, water conservancy and power, machine tool industry, chemical equipment, and other fields.

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The company has provided products for national key projects such as the Three Gorges Project, the South to North Water Diversion Project, the localization of continuous casting and rolling of plates and wide plate hot rolling production lines.

The company continues to strengthen its innovation drive, expanding its products and technologies to high-end manufacturing fields. For instance, the localization of high-end high-pressure piston pump has made a substantial breakthrough, while high-pressure valve and multi-way valve products have overcome the technical problems of action reliability and sealing under high pressure, high temperature, high frequency, and other environments, meeting the needs of high-end mobile machinery hosts.

The technology of electromechanical hydraulic integrated hydraulic system has been continuously innovated and developed. It has undertaken hydraulic system projects for all national key water conservancy and hydropower projects, including the Three Gorges Project.

The company has overcome difficulties in the main hammer cylinder, hydraulic control technology, and process, successfully matching the first full hydraulic offshore pile hammer developed by Taizhong. This achievement filled the gap in the field of hydraulic control technology for pile hammers.

The company has established a complete quality management system and is certified for information and industrialization integration management. It comprehensively implements refined management, constantly improving product quality, and economic benefits.

The company has built a nationwide marketing and service network to provide customers with perfect services. It actively promotes the internationalization strategy and has set up strategic partners and service institutions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and other regions.

Finally, the company takes it as its own responsibility to revitalize China’s hydraulic industry, vigorously promoting independent innovation, and helping the development of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

3. Shaoye

Country: China

Founded: 1968

About the company:

Shaoyang Vick Hydraulic Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Shaoyang Hydraulic Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of transmission control and key components for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

It is the pioneer in researching and developing high-pressure oil pumps in China, one of the three hydraulic product support bases in the country, and a member of the cooperative platform for industrializing high-end hydraulic parts and hydraulic systems for engineering machinery under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Its predecessor, Shaoyang Hydraulic Parts Factory, was established in 1968. In 2004, it underwent an overall restructuring and became Shaoyang Vick Hydraulic Co., Ltd., and in 2010, it became a shareholder-owned company.

It is one of the few comprehensive enterprises in the domestic hydraulic industry that produces hydraulic components, complete sets of hydraulic systems, and hydraulic cylinders.

Currently, the company has transformed from producing single hydraulic components to providing intelligent hydraulic transmission and control systems. It has replaced imported products in various fields such as industrial and factory automation, environmental sanitation, walking machinery, new energy, and others, closing the gap between imported parts in the field of hydraulic intelligent control.

The company has a registered capital of 62.92 million yuan and 576 employees.

Key projects include the hydraulic hoist negative feedback proportional control system for the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Shougang’s 5500 cubic meter blast furnace co-service control system, Baosteel Meishan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.’s plate roll load sensing automatic control oil cylinder, million-kilowatt nuclear power plant oil motor co-service control system, and the urban garbage burning dehydration treatment device extrusion and control system.

4. Huade

Country: China

Founded: 1979

About the company:

Established in 1979, Beijing Huade Hydraulic Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a domestic supplier of hydraulic components and system integration, offering a complete range of products and services. The company is a vice chairman unit of China Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seal Industry Association and a key enterprise of Beijing Jingcheng Electromechanical Holding Co., Ltd.

Huade Hydraulic is a professional enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of hydraulic components with independent intellectual property rights. The company focuses on three main industries: high-pressure hydraulic valves, high-pressure plunger hydraulic pumps/motors, and complete hydraulic equipment, and also offers reducers, oil cylinders, seals, and other related products.

Their products are widely used in various fields, including engineering, metallurgy, machine tools, military industry, environmental protection, shipping, aerospace, petroleum, and petrochemicals. Additionally, their high-end products are installed in important defense and other equipment fields.

Huade Hydraulic has an extensive marketing and service network, with products being sold nationwide and worldwide. All enterprises under Huade Hydraulic have passed the certification of three systems: national quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management.

The leading products of the enterprise have also passed various certifications such as CE certification of German Rhine, CCS certification of China Classification Society, FM certification of the United States, and energy-saving product certification.

Huade Hydraulic adheres to the corporate spirit of unity, integrity, openness, and innovation. They uphold their mission of creating customer value, seeking shareholder benefits, and promoting employee growth. They are also responsible for creating value for their customers and striving for excellence continually.

Their business philosophy is to become a leader in the same industry in China and a global partner. Guided by technological innovation, Huade Hydraulic works hard to achieve the grand goal of building a high-level hydraulic industrial base in China.

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Country: China

About the company:

Sichuan Chuanrun Co., Ltd. (CRUN, stock code: 002272) is dedicated to equipment manufacturing and industrial service businesses in the field of fluid control technology. We continuously strive to promote the company’s service-oriented, digital, agile, and high-quality development.

Our primary focus is on our customers, and we strictly adhere to the principle of creating a better industrial world with quality. We provide our customers with stable products and professional services to achieve our grand vision of earning customer trust, ensuring employee happiness, and making Chuanrun products available worldwide.

6. Kawasaki

Country: Japan

Founded: 1896

About the company:

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has advanced production equipment and scale in the hydraulic industry. They specialize in manufacturing hydraulic machines, including hydraulic pumps, motors, actuators, and hydraulic control valves. In addition, they offer a variety of applied machinery, such as hydraulic devices for machinery and complete sets of equipment, hydraulic deck machinery, electric hydraulic cabin operators, and hydraulic machinery for fishing.

Kawasaki also boasts an excellent research team and test equipment dedicated to the development of new technologies and products. They strive to enhance product quality and ensure stable supply.

Their precision mechanical hydraulic system products are distributed globally through production networks in Japan, the United Kingdom, China, and South Korea. Furthermore, they have established sales and service networks in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and South Korea.

7. iNi

Country: China

Founded: 1996

About the company:

iNi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that was founded in October 1996. The company has a provincial hydrostatic drive engineering technology center and is a leading backbone enterprise of one hundred industrial enterprises in Ningbo. It is also a patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang and Ningbo.

iNi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has twice undertaken the National Torch Plan project and has jointly undertaken the national major scientific and technological achievements industrialization project of “High-speed and high-pressure plunger pump and hydraulic motor drive device for construction machinery” with Zhejiang University. The company has the qualification of military product manufacturing and is the chief editor of the industry standard for low-speed and high-torque hydraulic motors.

The company is headquartered in Beilun, Ningbo, covering an area of more than 360 mu with a building area of 150,000 square meters. iNi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has 450 employees, 64 R&D personnel, and 98 R&D equipment. The R&D team is led by Hu Shicang, a professor-level senior engineer who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. The team is composed of talents at all levels, including doctors, masters, senior engineers, engineers, and assistant workers. With the combination of old, young, and middle-aged talents, the company has strong R&D strength. iNi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has a number of independent intellectual property rights and currently has 47 national patents, including 36 invention patents and 12 invention patents currently being accepted.

The company specializes in the production of hydraulic motors, hydraulic winches (discs), hydraulic rotary devices, hydraulic transmission devices, hydraulic systems, hydraulic pumps, planetary reducers, and other fluid transmission products, and its technical level is at the advanced position in China. The products are exported to Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, India, and other countries and regions. These products are used in marine engineering, agricultural machinery, fishing machinery, engineering machinery, petroleum, coal mine, geological exploration, shipping, metallurgy, light industry, landscape, environmental protection, and other industries.

iNi Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has passed ISO 9001 and CCS R9001, 15014001, 15045001 system certification, cleaner production certification, CCS classification society type certification, CE certification, and EU marine equipment directive EC type certification.

8. Hawe

Country: Germany

Founded: 1949

About the company:

HAWE Hydraulik is an international medium-sized family business headquartered in Munich. The company has branches in Europe, North America, and Asia, creating a global network for sales, service, and engineering.

Customers worldwide are supplied with goods from HAWE’s production plant in Germany, which focuses on deep value creation, advanced technology, and continuous quality awareness. These principles ensure the stability, durability, and long service life of their products.

HAWE Hydraulik’s ambition is to combine over 70 years of hydraulic experience with the integration of new technologies to provide innovative solutions, which they call “Solutions for a World under Pressure”!


Country: China

About the company:

AVIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd., was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1996.

Over the years, AVIC Heavy Machinery, guided by the mission of “serving the country through aviation and empowering aviation,” has actively developed a dual-use equipment manufacturing industry with systematic competitive advantages and aviation technology as its core, building on its expertise in aviation technology.

As of the end of 2018, the company’s total assets amounted to 12.1 billion yuan, and it employed over 9,000 people.

In recent years, in line with the aviation industry development strategy and the requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, AVIC Heavy Industries has divested non-core assets such as new energy and gas turbine, and focused on the aviation forging and casting, hydraulic environmental control, and other core businesses. Through professional integration and capitalization operations, the company has been striving to enhance its leading innovation and advanced cultural strength, strengthen, optimize and expand its core aviation industry, and become a diversified industrial group with rich military and civilian coordination.

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10. Baiyun hydraulic

Country: China

About the company:

Baiyun Hydraulic specializes in developing, designing, manufacturing, and providing technical services for a range of complete hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic machinery, pneumatic systems, and automatic electronic control equipment. The company was established in the early 1980s.

In 2007, Baiyun Hydraulic became a listed company on the Guangzhou Property Exchange after it was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a wholly-owned private scientific and technological enterprise.

The company is currently located in the airport sector of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, only a ten-minute drive from the airport. It has an independent garden-type production base with its property rights.

Baiyun Hydraulic has a production capacity of non-standard complete sets of hydraulic systems of up to 500 million yuan.

As a backbone enterprise of complete sets of electromechanical and hydraulic integrated equipment and system integration in China, it is known for providing top-quality services to its clients.

II. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing a hydraulic equipment manufacturer, there are several factors to consider that can make a significant difference in the quality and performance of the equipment. In this section, I will discuss some of the key factors to consider when choosing a hydraulic equipment manufacturer.

1. Quality and Reliability

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a hydraulic equipment manufacturer is the quality and reliability of their products. The equipment you choose should be durable and able to withstand the demands of your industry. Look for manufacturers who use high-quality materials and have a reputation for producing reliable equipment.

2. Cost and Value

Cost is always a consideration when choosing hydraulic equipment, but it’s important to look beyond the initial price tag. Consider the long-term value of the equipment, including its durability, reliability, and efficiency. Look for manufacturers who offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.

3. Customization and Support

Every industry has unique needs, and hydraulic equipment is no exception. Look for manufacturers who offer customization options to ensure that the equipment meets your specific requirements. Additionally, consider the level of support the manufacturer offers, including technical support and after-sales service.

4. Industry Experience and Expertise

Finally, consider the manufacturer’s industry experience and expertise. Look for manufacturers who have a deep understanding of the industry and its specific needs. Choose a manufacturer who has a proven track record of producing high-quality hydraulic equipment that meets the demands of your industry.

In conclusion, choosing the right hydraulic equipment manufacturer is crucial to the success of your business. By considering factors like quality, cost, customization, and industry experience, you can make an informed decision that will help you get the most value from your investment.

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, after conducting thorough research and analysis, I have compiled a list of the top hydraulic equipment manufacturers in the industry. These companies have proven to be reliable and efficient in providing high-quality hydraulic equipment to their customers. They have also demonstrated their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

One of the key factors that set these companies apart is their focus on research and development. They invest heavily in developing new technologies that can improve the performance and efficiency of their hydraulic equipment. This has helped them to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their position as leaders in the industry.

Another important factor is their commitment to quality. These companies have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that every product that leaves their factory meets the highest standards. This has helped them to build a reputation for reliability and durability, which is essential in the hydraulic equipment industry.

Overall, if you are in the market for hydraulic equipment, I highly recommend considering one of these top manufacturers. They have a proven track record of providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you are looking for hydraulic pumps, valves, cylinders, or any other type of hydraulic equipment, you can trust these companies to deliver the best products on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the top producers of hydraulic cylinders globally?

The top producers of hydraulic cylinders globally include Parker Hannifin, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton Corporation, and Caterpillar. These companies are known for their high-quality products, innovative designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What are some examples of commonly used hydraulic equipment?

Hydraulic equipment is used in various industries and applications. Examples include hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, and presses. They are used in heavy machinery, automotive systems, industrial production, and construction equipment.

Which companies are renowned for manufacturing hydraulic pumps?

Prominent companies known for manufacturing hydraulic pumps include Bosch Rexroth, Parker Hannifin, Eaton Corporation, and Danfoss. These companies offer a wide range of hydraulic pumps for various applications, with a focus on efficiency and reliability.

Who are the leading hydraulic press manufacturers?

Leading hydraulic press manufacturers include Schuler, Beckwood Press, Greenerd Press & Machine, and Enerpac. These companies specialize in providing hydraulic presses for metal forming, stamping, and compression molding applications, ensuring energy-efficient and high-performance solutions.

How does Bosch Rexroth rank among hydraulic equipment manufacturers?

Bosch Rexroth is a top-tier hydraulic equipment manufacturer known for its innovative products and solutions. The company ranks highly in the global market, providing hydraulic components, systems, and services for various industries, including mobile, industrial, and marine applications.

What makes Parker Hannifin stand out in the hydraulic industry?

Parker Hannifin is a leading hydraulic equipment manufacturer known for its diverse product portfolio, extensive global presence, and focus on research and development. The company excels in producing high-quality hydraulic components and systems, ensuring performance, durability, and compatibility.

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