Top 10 Logistic Equipment Manufacturers in 2023

1. Dematic

Country: Germany

Founded: 1819

About the company:

Dematic is your trusted partner to design, build and implement automation system solutions for your warehouses, distribution centers and production facilities, and provide relevant support services.

Each solution of Dematic consists of material flow automation and performance optimization software.

In order to develop the ideal system configuration, Dematic adopts an industrial engineering approach focused on operational excellence.

Dematic has developed an internal logistics system solution with the following functions:

Reduce space demand, operating costs, processing time, and potential transaction errors.

Optimize material and information flow, process and operation management activities.

Improve productivity, throughput, inventory and order accuracy, security, visibility, insight, and profitability.

Dematic strives to achieve outstanding efficiency in production and distribution, which has a positive impact on supply chain performance.

Dematic uses process improvement strategies to simplify the whole process from receipt to delivery, and software design based on effective inventory control and information flow.

Dematic omni channel fulfillment system supports the omni channel distribution strategy of retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers.

Dematic Fulfillment System processes e-commerce orders and then transports products to retail stores, residences, enterprises and customer pickup points.

Dematic is your good partner in managing and controlling the material flow throughout the project implementation.

From the definition of business objectives to the development and implementation of solutions, to the support services in the entire operating life cycle of the system, Dematic can be responsible for all aspects of the system integration process for you.

2. Inform

Country: China

Founded: 1997

About the company:

Nanjing Inform Storage Group was established in 1997.

Its headquarters is located at No. 470, Guhua Street, Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing.

It has factories in Piaoshui, Tianjin, Chongqing, Ma’anshan, and offices in Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Shanxi, Chongqing and other regions, covering all provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China.

The company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 11, 2015.

With years of experience in intelligent storage solutions, Nanjing Inform Storage Group has become an international supplier of intelligent storage equipment.

The development strategy of Nanjing Inform Storage Group: “high-precision shelf business (core business)+integration business (strategic business)+service business (emerging business)”.

As the core business of the company, the high-precision shelf business will continue to maximize the interests of customers through strict material selection, sophisticated technology and unique cost control methods.

Integration business is the company’s strategic business.

In terms of products, the company’s existing sub bus system, four-way shuttle technology, multi-layer shuttle technology, ground light AGV technology, ground heavy AGV technology, goods to people selection system, WMS (warehouse management system) software, WCS (equipment control software) system and other technologies, as well as the recently developed rotary shelf system, light four-way shuttle, heavy four-way shuttle, etc, Inform has continuously enriched the variety of automated stand-alone products, further improved the “shelf+robot=storage system solution”, and our products are also sold in Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East, providing customers with more intelligent and effective storage solutions.

As an emerging business, the service business includes operation service, e-commerce service, after-sales service, etc., with the core of efficiency, informatization, traceability and automation, it meets the future market demand of the logistics warehousing center, and provides customers with added value from the perspective of improving the performance of the equipment system and optimizing customer liquidity.

3. Ssischaefer

Country: Germany

Founded: 1937

About the company:

SSISCHAEFER, founded in 1937, is a self operated German family enterprise.

SSISCHAEFER also has more than 50 branches in the world, and is your strong and reliable partner.

SSISCHAEFER is a supplier of internal logistics products and system solutions.

From turnover boxes to shelf systems, and even fully automated equipment, the company uses excellent technology to produce various components and overall solutions in a one-stop manner in its own manufacturing plant.

SSISCHAEFER has been operating in Asia for more than 30 years and has 18 offices in 15 countries, including the Middle East, China, ASEAN and Australia.

Since the snap fastener pallet shelf business started in 1989, SSISCHAEFER has also produced a large number of Winfield products in manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China in Asia.

SSISCHAEFER Singapore has a technology center that can display the automatic storage system. The display system includes Logimat (vertical lift container), shuttle pallet shelf, mobile pallet shelf and order building selection technology, such as electronic label building selection, voice building selection and RF building selection products and services.

The R&D team of the company keeps close contact with the product manager and engineer of the Malaysian factory to conduct a detailed study of the existing system and constantly bring better products and services to the end customers.


Country: China

About the company:

Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Group Co., Ltd., subordinate to China Shipbuilding Group Co., Ltd., is a high-tech industrial group with the main responsibility of “building a strong military” and the main business of intelligent equipment R&D and manufacturing.

There are more than 4000 on-the-job employees, more than 2000 professional technicians, including nearly 1000 engineering technicians, with total assets of more than 5 billion yuan.

Kunming Shipbuilding Industrial Park covers an area of more than 1200 mu, with a building area of more than 600000 square meters;

It has nearly 2000 sets of advanced processing, measuring and testing equipment, such as machining centers, laser cutting machines, CNC machine tools, etc.

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the GJB9001 quality management system certification, the evaluation of the MIIT integration management system, and the identification of high-tech enterprises.

The company has won 1 first prize, 6 second prizes and 1 third prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 national high-tech industrialization demonstration project, more than 150 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, more than 1000 authorized patents, and presided over or participated in more than 120 national standards, industry and group standards.

Adhering to the fine tradition of military enterprises, Kunming Shipbuilding Company has cultivated a large number of intelligent technologies, intelligent equipment, and intelligent production lines.

It has accumulated rich experience in consulting planning, system integration, equipment R&D and manufacturing, and operation services in the construction of smart logistics, smart cigarette factories, and smart airports.

It has become a well-known supplier of intelligent manufacturing system solutions and a manufacturer of intelligent technology and equipment R&D.

Through continuous development, Kunlun Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has become an advantageous enterprise in the R&D and production of China’s automated logistics system and equipment, tobacco silk making complete equipment, leaf threshing and redrying complete equipment, and general equipment for civil airports, and is the backbone of China’s national defense science and technology industry and domestic major equipment manufacturing industry.

5. Logis-tech

Country: China

Founded: 2000

About the company:

Shenzhen TODAY International Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TODAY INTERNATIONAL, stock code: 300532) is a comprehensive solution provider of intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing systems.

It was founded in 2000 with a registered capital of 27317542 yuan.

Today, there are many subsidiaries in the world, including Shenzhen Today International Software Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Today International Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., Shanghai Today Huafeng Intelligent System Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Today International Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

The company has established branches and regional technical service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hefei, Kunming, Xiamen, Chongqing, Urumqi and other cities, forming a nationwide marketing network and technical service system.

Today, with the enterprise mission of making IoT technology more intelligent, the International Group focuses on the research and application of digital intelligent technology, tailors production logistics solutions, distribution center solutions, intelligent factory solutions, and supply chain information solutions for enterprise customers, and provides one-stop full process services such as scheme design, system integration, equipment selection, software development, electrical control, installation and commissioning, training, and after-sales service, To realize automated unmanned operation, flexible production, resource optimization, data interconnection, collaborative management, etc. in production and logistics for customers, so as to help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs, improve management level, and open the way to Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing.

The world has been deeply engaged in intelligent logistics and intelligent manufacturing for more than 20 years, with services covering more than 20 industries.

Its customers are all over the fields of tobacco, new energy, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile high-speed rail, electric power, biomedicine, food and beverage, fresh and fresh cold chain, large supermarket, communication electronics, household chemicals, etc.

The company’s business has spread all over the country, and has gone to overseas markets, winning the trust and recognition of customers.

In terms of patents and qualifications, the world has more than 400 product copyrights and patent rights, and has obtained ISO9001, ISO14000, and ISO/IEC27001 system certification.

In terms of software and equipment research and development, it has passed the CMMI (Software Capability Maturity Model Integration) level 5 certification, and has obtained the national cross AGV full function directive certification CE certificate.

6. Dongjie Intelligent

Country: China

Founded: 1995

About the company:

Dongjie Intelligent Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is an A-share GEM listed company with a stock code of 300486, referred to as “Dongjie Intelligent”.

The company has Taiyuan Dongjie Software Development Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Dongjie Equipment Co., Ltd., Changzhou Hayden Saisi Coating Equipment Co., Ltd., Dongshangjie Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Dongjie Intelligent (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Dongjie Intelligent Research Center Co., Ltd., Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Dongjie Intelligent (Malaysia) Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd Dongjie Intelligent (Thailand) Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. and other wholly-owned subsidiaries and wholly-owned or holding secondary subsidiaries.

Dongjie Intelligent implements the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system, China’s national mandatory products, CMMIDEVV1.3 software maturity three level five in one management system, and is recognized as a “high-tech enterprise”, “national enterprise technology center and” provincial key laboratory “, and is included in the list of enterprises in the Specification Conditions for Intelligent Manufacturing System Solution Suppliers, He has won the provincial science and technology progress award for many times.

National, provincial and municipal leaders have inspected Dongjie Intelligent for many times.

Dongjie Intelligent is positioned as a leading service provider in intelligent industry, providing intelligent manufacturing system general contracting services, personalized customization solutions and intelligent parking solutions.

The business includes intelligent manufacturing system general contracting services, intelligent production solutions, intelligent warehousing solutions, intelligent separate building solutions, intelligent distribution solutions and intelligent three-dimensional parking solutions.

Among them, the intelligent manufacturing business has covered automobile, new energy, cold chain, wine industry, medicine, container, e-commerce, FMCG, home furnishing, 3C electronics, steel, aluminum, engineering machinery, daily chemical and other industries;

Smart parking has been successfully applied to shopping centers, business centers, residential communities, large enterprises and other scenarios.

At present, Dongjie’s intelligent business basically covers the whole country, and the market has expanded to the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

Dongjie Intelligent is a high-tech enterprise and a national enterprise technology center. Guided by the national innovation driven development strategy, it has built a complete technology innovation system and scientific and technological achievements transformation system, promoted the wide application of new technologies in the industry, and won provincial science and technology progress awards and special awards issued by industry associations for many times.

At present, it has more than 180 patents and more than 60 software copyrights.

Dongjie Intelligent has R&D institutions in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiyuan, Changzhou and other places.

Among them, the company established Dongjie Intelligent Research Institute in Shenzhen around the three research directions of “intelligent hardware, AI and industrial Internet”, introduced academicians and first-class R&D talents at home and abroad, made all-round efforts in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, robots and artificial intelligence, comprehensively formed core key technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, built a highland of intelligent industrial technology, and incubated intelligent industrial clusters.

Dongjie Intelligent has three production bases. The first production base is located in Tanghuai Industrial Park, a comprehensive reform demonstration area in Shanxi Province, covering an area of 120 mu and a plant area of 40000 square meters;

The second production base is located in Taiyuan Zhongbei High tech Industrial Development Zone, which is built according to the standard of intelligent unmanned factory.

It mainly manufactures intelligent equipment and industrial robots, covering an area of 50 mu and a total building area of 145000 square meters;

The third production base is located in Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 40 mu and a plant area of 20000 square meters.

7. Daifuku

Country: Japan

Founded: 1937

About the company:

Daifuku(Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1937 and has always been committed to the development and research of material handling technology and equipment.

It integrates various technologies such as warehousing, handling, sorting and management into an ideal material handling system and provides it to users in all walks of life around the world.

Daifuku can provide customers with solutions, design, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service, equipment transformation and other services in production, logistics, automatic assembly, clean room automation and other fields.

In the field of transportation system in the automobile manufacturing industry, the products of Daifuku (Group) Company have been widely used by world famous automobile manufacturers including Japan, the United States, etc. for a long time.

Up to now, the total length of the conveyor line delivered by Daifuku (Group) has reached more than 4000 kilometers.

In China, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and other Sino foreign joint venture automobile companies as well as state-owned and private automobile manufacturers have achieved impressive sales results.

8. Siasun

Country: China

Founded: 2000

About the company:

Siasun Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Siasun”), established in 2000, is a high-tech listed company with robot technology as the core, which is subordinate to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

As the national robot industrialization base, Siasun has a complete robot product line and the overall solution of Industry 4.0.

Headquartered in Shenyang, Siasun has an international headquarters in Shanghai, industrial parks in Shenyang, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuxi and Weifang, and Shandong Siasun Industrial Software Research Institute Co., Ltd. in Jinan.

At the same time, Siasun has actively laid out the international market, established a number of holding subsidiaries and overseas regional centers in South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong and other places, and now has a research and innovation team of more than 4000 people, forming a whole industry value chain with independent core technologies, core parts, core products and industrial system solutions.

Siasun has successfully developed five series of more than 100 kinds of products with independent intellectual property rights, including industrial robots, cooperative robots, mobile robots, special robots and medical service robots.

It is committed to creating a new model of digital Internet of Things for intelligent factories, intelligent equipment, intelligent logistics, semiconductor equipment and intelligent transportation.

The products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, providing industrial upgrading services for more than 3000 international enterprises worldwide.

Siasun will seize the opportunity of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, give full play to the enabling effect of artificial intelligence technology, promote the platform development of the robot industry with new generation technologies such as industrial Internet, big data, cloud computing, 5G network, and create an ecosystem integrating innovation chain, industry chain, financial chain, and talent chain.

Siasun continues to promote the in-depth application of scientific research achievements, providing endogenous impetus for the construction of new infrastructure and national major projects, and giving a strong impetus to industrial collaborative innovation and benefiting the people’s livelihood.

Focus on core technology and share the era of intelligence.

9. Beizi

Country: China

Founded: 2018

About the company:

Beizi Institute (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beizi Technology”) is a holding subsidiary of Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Since then, Beizi Technology has successfully completed more than 800 automated logistics system projects.

Its business chain covers production logistics, warehousing logistics and large-scale distribution logistics.

It provides a series of solutions integrating automation, informatization and intelligence, covering processing, handling, packaging, warehousing, distribution and other aspects.

It has been successfully applied in manufacturing, food, medicine, fiber manufacturing, home furnishing, cold chain and other industries.

It has helped many enterprises break through the bottleneck of intelligent manufacturing, promoted enterprises to extend to the value chain, and accelerated the pace of intelligent development of the equipment manufacturing industry. “Beibai Technology” has become a well-known brand in the industry.


Country: China

Founded: 1997

About the company:

DAMON Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dema Technology Code: 688360) is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise in the whole industrial chain of intelligent logistics equipment.

It is committed to the research, development and application of intelligent logistics technology, and will benefit more enterprises with faster and more effective intelligent logistics technology.

It will solve the problems of enterprise warehousing and logistics management in a more convenient way, improve the operating efficiency of enterprises and reduce the flow cost of goods.

DAMON has a history of more than 20 years. It was founded in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province in 1997.

So far, its business has spread to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with sales offices covering the world and more than 1000 employees.

With its Shanghai headquarters and Huzhou central factory, it radiates around the world, sets up production bases and sales service centers in Australia, the United States and Romania, and has partners in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, India, Vietnam, South Korea and other countries.

Focusing on the core competitiveness of technology and innovation, DAMON strives to do better in every detail from system scheme planning and design, software planning and design, product selection and manufacturing, to project site delivery, so as to provide more enterprises with advanced, stable and reliable intelligent logistics products and systems.

As a leading enterprise of intelligent logistics equipment in China, the company will take Al+loT as the core, give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain from core software and hardware to system integration, create a faster and more effective intelligent logistics system, benefit more customers and enterprises, and strive to become an intelligent logistics technology enterprise with global influence.

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