The 10 Best Packaging Machine Manufacturers & Brands in 2023

1. TetraPak

Country: Sweden


About the company:

Tetra Pak is a leading provider of food processing and packaging solutions that work closely with customers and suppliers to deliver safe, innovative, and environmentally-friendly products to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in over 160 countries and regions globally.

With a workforce of over 25,000 employees worldwide, Tetra Pak strives for responsible industry leadership and sustainable business growth.

As a full-system solution expert in the food processing, packaging, and distribution field, Tetra Pak offers solutions designed to conserve resources as much as possible.

The company’s processing and packaging production lines can handle dairy products, beverages, ice cream, cheese, food, vegetables, pet food, and more.

Tetra Pak is dedicated to reducing the consumption of all raw materials and energy in the manufacturing and distribution processes.

To remain competitive, the company’s customers require faster, better, and more economical results from R&D efforts to lower operating costs and enhance performance.

In response to the needs of customers, consumers, and the market, Tetra Pak continues to invest in the development of new technologies and products.

With five R&D centers around the world, Tetra Pak supports numerous projects globally.

2. Krones

Country: Germany


About the company:

Every day, Krones equipment processes millions of glass bottles, aluminum cans, and PET bottles.

As a system supplier, Krones provides equipment to breweries, beverage bottlers, and food manufacturers globally, ranging from a single machine to a complete production plant.

Krones designs and implements a full production line that encompasses every production process in the food and beverage industry, from preparing products and containers to filling, packaging, material flow, and container recycling.

Around 10,000 employees work in Krones’ German factories located in Neutraubling, Neu-Isenburg, Rosenheim, Freising, and Freudenberg.

With their professional expertise and sense of responsibility, they form the foundation for Krones’ commitment to delivering high quality, which is expected by its customers.

Krones has over 100 bases worldwide and has extensively expanded its network in life cycle services.

To provide prompt services for customers in the new machine business, Krones has also expanded its production to international bases.

In addition to its group headquarters, the assembly and development center for filling, labeling, plastics, and process technology is located in Germany, but other production bases around the world are also capable of producing certain machines and equipment, such as packaging and palletizing technology.

3. KHS

Country: Germany

Founded: 1993

Products: Filtering system, beverage mixing machine, pasteurization unit, barrel beer technology and flushing, filling and capping system

About the company:

KHS is a well-known international manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment in the beverage, food, and non-food industries, established in 1993 through the merger of Holstein & Kappert Co. in Dortmund, Germany, and Seitz Werke Co. (later SEN Co.) in Bad Kreuznach.

Based in Dortmund, KHS is a subsidiary of Salzgitter Klöckner Werke GmbH, a member of the German steel group Salzgitter.

KHS has five production bases in Germany, with the capability to produce and conduct R&D for all types of filling and packaging equipment, and is continuously committed to developing compact and cost-effective systems.

The headquarters of KHS in Dortmund serves as the technical center for sterile technology, pasteurization machines, detection systems, labeling systems, and transmission systems.

KHS Cleaver is responsible for the R&D and manufacturing of packaging technology. The KHS Bad Kreuznach Factory, located an hour’s drive from Frankfurt, focuses on the research of process flow, filling technology, and sterilization technology. The KHS Worm Factory specializes in the production of efficient stacking and unloading equipment.

KHS Hamburg Company leverages its extensive experience and technical strength in the PET industry, primarily providing the Blomax bottle-blowing system, Plasmax fresh-keeping coating technology, and bottle and type design.

In addition to its production bases in Germany, KHS also has production facilities in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, India, and China.

KHS is dedicated to innovation and provides efficient products and services, making it a trusted partner for its customers. The company offers complete production lines, standalone equipment, equipment upgrades and transformations, as well as 24/7 online technical support.

Through advanced design concepts, sustainable R&D capabilities, and manufacturing, KHS provides customized products and services to meet the specific needs of its customers.

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KHS’s new technologies include the Innoket Neo modular labeling machine, full-film packaging machine, shrink film packaging unit, easy-open can line stacking center for 200,000 can hours, the Innopro ECOSTABC beer stabilization system with ultra-low energy consumption, the Innofill glass bottle filling equipment with a speed of 75,000 bottles per hour, the lnnoPETBloFil bottle-blowing and filling machine with a speed of 81,000 bottles per hour, and the lnnokeg barrel beer filling technology with a speed of 2,000 barrels per hour.

KHS is committed to sustainable R&D, efficient and environmentally-friendly production, and social responsibility. Its Innofill glass bottle filling machine and InnoPET fourth-generation bottle-blowing machine have received the technical certificate for energy-saving and efficient systems from TUV South Germany.

4. Syntegon

Country: Germany


About the company:

Syntegon (formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) is a world leading supplier of process and packaging technology.

Headquartered in Wieblingen, Germany, Startec has been committed to providing solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries for more than 50 years.

The product portfolio of intelligent and sustainable technologies includes stand-alone, whole line systems and services.

The application fields of the pharmaceutical industry include the production, process, filling, testing and packaging of liquid and solid preparations (such as syringes and capsules).

In the food industry, the product portfolio includes candy processing technologies as well as dry food (such as sugar bars, baked goods and coffee), frozen food and dairy packaging solutions.

As a subsidiary of Syntegon, Syntegon (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. has been steadily ploughing into the Chinese market since 2001.

At present, the factory covers an area of 34660 square meters.

The localized product portfolio includes oral solid preparation customer center, capsule filling machine, pelleting line, vial filling line, ampoule filling line, pre filled syringe filling line, isolator technology, testing equipment, post packaging, validation service, pharmaceutical 4.0 service and multi-faceted after-sales service.

The company has won the trust and cooperation of many domestic and foreign customers by virtue of its global professional and technical capabilities and high-quality localized products and services.

5. Sidel

Syntegon (formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) is a leading global supplier of process and packaging technology.

Based in Wieblingen, Germany, Syntegon has been dedicated to providing solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries for over 50 years.

Their product portfolio consists of intelligent and sustainable technologies, including standalone systems, complete line systems, and services.

In the pharmaceutical industry, their technology is applied in the production, processing, filling, testing, and packaging of liquid and solid preparations, such as syringes and capsules.

For the food industry, their portfolio includes candy processing technologies, as well as packaging solutions for dry foods like sugar bars, baked goods, and coffee, frozen food, and dairy products.

Syntegon (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Syntegon, has been expanding in the Chinese market since 2001.

The company’s factory currently covers an area of 34660 square meters.

Their localized product offerings include an oral solid preparation customer center, a capsule filling machine, a pelleting line, a vial filling line, an ampoule filling line, a pre-filled syringe filling line, isolator technology, testing equipment, post-packaging, validation service, pharmaceutical 4.0 service, and a comprehensive after-sales service.

Syntegon has earned the trust and cooperation of numerous domestic and foreign customers due to their global professional and technical expertise and high-quality localized products and services.

Country: France

Founded: 1965 

About the company:

People all over the world consume products packaged by solutions from Sidel Group every day.

Each packaging solution provided by Sidel is designed to meet high quality standards for consumers.

Sidel is dedicated to the packaging of liquid products, food, household and personal care items, and is a leading global supplier of packaging equipment, services, and complete line solutions for PET, pop cans, glass bottles, and other materials.

Today, Sidel Group’s machinery and equipment are distributed in more than 190 countries/regions worldwide, with nearly 40,000 units in operation.

Every piece of equipment embodies Sidel’s nearly 170 years of experience and innovative spirit.

Sidel always prioritizes providing advanced systems, production line engineering, and innovation to its partners, and keeps their business goals in mind when designing.

Sidel is one of three major industrial groups of Tetra Pak, and is committed to the packaging of beverages, food, household, and personal care items. The company is the world’s leading supplier of packaging equipment and service solutions.

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With over 70 years of rich industry experience and professional expertise in bottle-blowing, filling, labeling, material handling, production line back-end, and production line engineering solutions, Sidel is focused on building the future factory through advanced systems and innovative technical solutions.

Novembal is a subsidiary of Sidel Group.

Novembal, an expert in the field of plastic cap design and injection molding, is an independent subsidiary of Sidel and a well-known supplier of bottled liquid food caps.

6. Yongsun

Country: China

Founded: 1983 

About the company:

Hangzhou Yongsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou West Lake Science and Technology Park, Zhejiang Province.

Since its inception, the company has been focused on the R&D, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and technical services of packaging equipment and complementary packaging materials, providing customers with technology-based packaging equipment solutions.

Hangzhou Yongsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a key high-tech enterprise under the National Torch Plan. Additionally, the company is a secretariat unit of the National Packaging Machinery Standardization Technical Committee, Forming, Filling and Sealing Assembling Machinery Sub-Technical Committee.

The company is also a patent demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a standard innovation enterprise in Zhejiang Province, and a green enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

Their products have a significant market share in the domestic packaging machinery industry.

7. Tech-long

Country: China

Founded: 1999 

About the company:

Guangzhou Tech-long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone in 1999.

From becoming a publicly traded company with a national R&D center in China’s beverage packaging machinery industry, to developing and incorporating robot technology to provide automation solutions for manufacturing companies, to utilizing cutting-edge information technology to offer intelligent workshop and intelligent factory solutions, Tech-long consistently follows the principle of “turning for you” and keeps pace with the times.

Throughout the years, Tech-long has gained extensive experience in serving customers and has a deep understanding of each industrial production process.

With this technology and continued R&D investment, the company is able to provide global customers with a full range of equipment and individual machines for liquid product packaging, such as water treatment, beverage pretreatment systems, PET bottle-blowing series, filling series, barrel water series, blowing irrigation rotation series, labeling series, conveying series, secondary packaging equipment series, and more.

Tech-long also offers top-level planning and design, software and hardware equipment, and product process improvements for automated production lines, intelligent workshops, and intelligent factories, providing customers with solutions that meet their needs at every stage of the product development, procurement, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, logistics, distribution, and consumption value chain.

Tech-long North America Co., Ltd. (wholly-owned subsidiary: Tech-long Europe), Dongguan Tech-long Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan Baolong Packaging Technology Development Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Baolong Packaging Technology Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Daylon Packaging Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Baolong Bottle Embryo Co., Ltd., Tianjin Baolong Packaging Technology Development Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Tech-long Packaging Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Tech-long Industry Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Yidai Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

Tech-long’s service network spans over 80 countries and regions worldwide, and its products are used across the entire manufacturing industry.

8. Newamstar

Country: China

Founded: 1995 

About the company:

Newamstar is a leading research and development and manufacturing base for liquid (beverage) packaging machinery in China. The company specializes in providing comprehensive contracting services for the production and storage solutions of intelligent factories producing liquid products. Newamstar is listed on the stock exchange under the code 300509.

For a long time, Newamstar has been committed to the principle of “innovation driving development and quality winning the market”. The company has made significant contributions in five major industries: beverages, dairy products, alcohol, condiments, and daily chemicals.

Newamstar provides global customers with complete sets of intelligent equipment and solutions, including water treatment, pre-blending, bottle-blowing, filling, secondary packaging, handling robots, and intelligent three-dimensional warehouses, realizing the goal of “China’s equipment, equipment the world”.

From supporting the formula process and designing the product bottle shape, to the overall engineering layout of the customer’s factory, from developing core equipment to installing and commissioning engineering projects, and from operator training to after-sales service, Newamstar has served many domestic and foreign brands and has more than 2200 production lines in over 80 countries and regions around the world.

Newamstar’s aseptic cold filling technology, ozone-free mineral water production technology, 80000 bottles/hour blow, irrigation and rotation all-in-one machine, 8-20L super large bottle blow, irrigation and rotation all-in-one machine, intelligent factory management system, intelligent warehouse, and other technologies and products are well-respected in the industry.

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The company has also advanced its level of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, providing a solid and stable foundation for intelligent manufacturing. Through big data analysis, Newamstar has achieved forward dark management and full life cycle management, improving the efficiency of industrial manufacturing and aligning with Industry 4.0.

As we move towards Made in China 2025, Newamstar will continue to drive the transformation from Made in China to Created in China, from China’s speed to China’s quality, and from Chinese products to Chinese brands.

The company aims to become more refined and stronger and strive to be a respected global supplier of excellent liquid packaging solutions.

9. Zhongya

Country: China

Founded: 1992

About the company:

Hangzhou Central Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300512). The company focuses on the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of intelligent packaging equipment and unmanned retail equipment.

The company employs over 1200 people and has a modern assembly workshop, precision parts manufacturing workshop, research and development center, training center, and more, covering a total area of 200000 square meters, including a headquarters building with an area of over 80000 square meters and a new base in Hangzhou Qingshanhu with an area of over 120000 square meters.

Central Asia Machinery is one of the largest packaging equipment manufacturing bases in China. By the end of 2019, the company had drafted or participated in the formulation of six industrial standards and national standards. It has applied for 542 national patents, including 520 authorized patents (185 invention patents, 133 utility model patents) and five international invention patents.

Quality is the foundation of the company’s survival and is regarded as a core element of its long-term development. The company implements strict control over every detail of its products through comprehensive implementation of the ISO9001, ISO14000, and ISO12000 systems. The company’s advanced CNC processing and testing equipment, including unmanned flexible processing production lines, large gantry pentahedron machine tools, five-axis linkage compound machine tools, turning milling compound machine tools, high-speed laser cutting machine tools, machining centers, CNC lathes, coordinate measuring instruments, and spectral analyzers from Germany, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, and other countries, further support its quality assurance efforts.

Central Asia Machinery offers over 100 types of equipment in 11 categories, including bottle-blowing machinery, filling machinery, and rear intelligent packaging production lines, which are widely used in industries such as dairy, beverage, daily chemicals, medical health, food, condiments, and more. The company also provides customers with overall solutions for production line planning, design, engineering installation, and equipment life cycle maintenance.

The company’s products have reached 55 countries and regions, as well as 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Its customers include well-known domestic enterprises such as COFCO Group, Yili Group, Mengniu Dairy, and Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, as well as multinational companies such as Nestle, Danone, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, and New Zealand Fonterra.

10. Hualian

Country: China

Founded: 1989

About the company:

Hualian Machinery Group, established in 1989, is a global-facing packaging machinery supplier that specializes in R&D, manufacturing, and sales services of intelligent back-end packaging systems. The company is located in a provincial intelligent packaging equipment research institute and has two large-scale production bases, covering over 100,000 square meters in total.

Hualian Machinery is an active member of several important industry organizations, including the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, the China Packaging Federation, and the Zhejiang Packaging Association.

It is recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a AAA credit enterprise in the national packaging industry, and a model enterprise in the packaging industry of Zhejiang Province. The company has also contributed to the development of national and industrial standards for several types of packaging machinery.

Hualian Machinery is committed to quality management and has obtained certifications for ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Management System. Additionally, its main products have passed EU CE certification.

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