Top 10 Powder Metallurgy Products Manufacturers in 2023


Country: Britain

About the company:

GKN Powder Metallurgy Division is the world’s largest manufacturer of powder metallurgy structural parts, with more than 7000 employees in 11 countries on four continents.

GKN Group, founded in 1759, has a history of more than 200 years.

In 1859, the centenary of the company’s establishment, the company became a large steel company in the world and a joint stock company in 1890.

The production of tanks and ships began in World War I;

In World War II, the production of aircraft and automobiles began.

Its main businesses include the production and manufacturing of large civil aviation passenger aircraft and transport aircraft structural parts, automobile transmission systems, non highway working vehicles and special vehicles, agricultural machinery, powder metallurgy, new alloy powder materials, automobile parts and environmental protection automobile catalytic converters, etc.

Since GKN Group entered China in 1988, there have been nine large-scale manufacturing enterprises and one headquarters in Chinese Mainland.


Country: Japan

Founded: 1897

About the company:

Sumitomo Eectric Industries was founded in 1897. The annual output value is about 3 billion dollars.

Sumitomo Electric has more than 200 subsidiaries around the world and nearly 10 branches in China.

Sumitomo Zhengyou (1572-1636) and Suwuli Youweimen (1572-1636 killed the ancient capital of Japan – Kyoto to start Sumitomo’s business, which has a history of more than 400 years. Sumitomo Electrician has the unique copper smelting experience and technology of Sumitomo family with a long history of nearly 300 years, integrates and accumulates sharp technology, and develops diversified products in the market with high potential.

Sumitomo Electrician constantly breaks through the technical boundaries.

Especially in the fields of optoelectronics, new raw materials, electronic systems and energy. Sumitomo Electric invested all over the world.

The Asia Pacific region invested in production in 1949, and its export facilities began to be particularly active.

Sumitomo Electric Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industry Co., Ltd. in China, which mainly provides legal, financial, personnel, information system, logistics, procurement, production technology and other related services to companies in Sumitomo Electric Group.


Country: Japan

Founded: 2011

About the company:

SHOWADENKO (renamed SHOWADENKO from Hitachi Huacheng in July 2020) is a world-renowned chemical group company with advanced core technology in the field of chemical materials.

Adhering to the concept of “contributing to the society through the development of epoch-making excellent technologies and products”, the company focuses on the four fields of “information communication display”, “environment and energy”, “life science” and “automobile” that can give full play to the company’s technological advantages to provide customers with good problem solutions.

SHOWADENKO (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of high-tech products, providing various raw materials for electronic industry, such as photosensitive dry films for printed circuit boards, liquid crystal display materials, semiconductor materials, resin materials, solar cells, cathode materials, etc.

In addition, it has successively set up manufacturing plants and branches in Shanghai, Yantai, Nantong, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other places in China.

4. Porite

Country: China

Founded: 1952

About the company:

Porite has a long history of specializing in powder metallurgy for 60 years.

Porite has a high market share of bearings for small motors in Japan.

In particular, DVD, CD and other optical disc drive motors occupy an overwhelming market share.

Porite has set up production plants in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and the United States, and established sales sites in Hong Kong, France and the United States. It has a supply chain network that can supply goods worldwide.

Porite has a stable production system that can supply more than 6 billion products every year.

All of Porite’s products are 100% custom designed to meet all customers’ detailed needs.

Polite’s technical staff will provide technical support from the initial design stage of the product, and provide customers with professional solutions based on years of experience and rich information gained in cooperation with a wide range of industries, including auto parts, household appliances, multimedia, etc.

Through the independent research and development of raw powder and oil, the independent design of molds, the independent development of manufacturing equipment, and the application of professional knowledge, Porite has a manufacturing technology that other companies can not match.

In order to meet the needs of customers, Porite’s products have made continuous progress, and have been at the advanced level in the industry in terms of high performance, high precision, ultra small size, long service life, low friction, etc.

The numerous invention patents and utility models held by Porite reflect its technical strength.

5. PMG

Country: Germany

Founded: 1960

About the company:

PMG Group has 9 factories in the world, which are located in Germany (headquarters), Spain, the United States and China.

At present, PMG China has two factories, located in Fengxian, Shanghai and Jiangdu, Yangzhou, Jiangsu.

Bimeng Technology (Shanghai) Composite Materials Co., Ltd. is a German owned enterprise, located in Fengpu Industrial Comprehensive Development Zone, Fengxian District, Shanghai.

The company is specialized in producing auto parts made of metal matrix composites, and green auto parts products famous for efficient use of raw materials and low energy consumption.

PMG Leader is committed to the shock absorber OEM market in China, providing localized production solutions to meet customers’ competitive needs in the midfield market.

Through Central Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Belgium, Poland, Argentina, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and other countries.

Two product lines of Bimeng Technology:

1. Synchronizer parts:

Mainly refer to powder metallurgy synchronizer gear hub, powder metallurgy synchronizer gear ring and powder metallurgy synchronizer gear sleeve.

Synchronizer gear hub is a star product of the company. It started early, has excellent technology and has many process optimizations.

The market share of double clutch transmission has reached 43%. With the acquisition of new projects, it is expected to reach 50% of the market share.

2. Shock absorber parts:

The shock absorber parts mainly include piston, bottom valve and guide seat. In China’s shock absorber P/M parts market, Bimeng Technology has an existing share of about 10%.

However, in the high-end shock absorber parts market, Bimeng Technology has a market share of more than 50%.

6. Fine Sinter

Country: Japan

Founded: 1950

About the company:

Precision Sinter Alloy (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by FineSenter Co., Ltd. of Japan and Sumitomo Electric Sinter Alloy Co., Ltd., specializing in manufacturing and selling sintered products.

The use of powder metallurgy can not only produce products with complex shapes in large quantities, but also enable products to obtain high strength, high hardness and high wear resistance through flexible application of material design.

The good quality assurance system ensures the high precision quality of the products and enables the production of various auto parts mainly composed of auto engine parts.

Since its establishment for more than ten years, the company has been recognized by customers, and the annual sales in 2017 reached 276 million yuan.

The company hopes to contribute to the further development and prosperity of China’s economy by providing sintered parts of the same quality as those of Japan to the domestic automobile industry.


Country: China

Founded: 1958

About the company:

As a leading and local brand enterprise in China’s powder metallurgy new materials industry, NBTM New Materials Group Co., Ltd. is a large scale powder compacted forming (P&S) structural parts manufacturer in China, a leading soft magnetic composite (SMC) manufacturing enterprise in China, and one of the larger metal injection molding (MIM) structural parts manufacturers in China.

Its predecessor was the state-owned Ningbo Powder Metallurgy Factory, which was founded in 1958.

NBTM Group has enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research workstation and national CNAS accredited laboratory.

NBTM Group was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004 (securities code: 600114).

NBTM Group, based on the three new material technology platforms of P&S, SMC and MIM, is committed to providing high-quality new material solutions and value-added services for new energy and high-end manufacturing.

The products are the core parts of green, environment-friendly, energy-saving and material saving powder metallurgy new materials, covering 5G communications, new energy, consumer electronics, automobiles, home appliances and other fields.

Due to the good performance and low cost of powder metallurgy materials, powder metallurgy parts are more and more widely used in automobiles, including shock absorber parts, guide, piston and low valve seat in automobile chassis;

There are ABS sensors, brake pads, etc. in the braking system; Pump parts mainly include key parts of fuel pump, oil pump and transmission pump;

In the engine, there are guides, seat rings, connecting rods, bearing seats, key components of variable valve timing system (VVT), exhaust pipe supports, etc;

There are synchronous hub, planetary carrier and other parts in the transmission.

At the same time, the automobile manufacturing industry is a large user of MIM, and its typical use is high temperature, high wear resistance engine parts and gearbox parts.


Country: China

Founded: 2001

About the company:

After more than ten years of development, SEASHINE New Material has become an important PM parts manufacturer of electric tools in China.

It has formed its own competitive advantages in product research and development, production organization, customer resources, etc., and can produce more than 1.500 kinds of structural products required for electric tools.

After years of research and development, the company has developed a number of new products in the field of electric tools, office equipment and automobiles.

At present, in the power tool powder metallurgy parts business, the company has established long-term and stable business cooperation with many international power tools and electrical electromechanical related manufacturing enterprises;

In the automotive PM parts business, it has become the supplier of many domestic automotive industry companies.

Most of the company’s products are exported to the United States, Germany, the Czech Republic, Gouaret, Brazil, Mexico and other European and American countries, as well as India, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia and other Asian countries.

At present, SEASHINE New Materials is actively reserving excellent management and technical personnel, planning to purchase key production equipment.

The company will actively expand the market of medium and high-end automotive powder metallurgy products and other powder metallurgy products occupied by foreign enterprises, so as to realize the substitution of domestic products for imported products and foreign cushion products.

The company will steadily develop into a leading enterprise in the field of powder metallurgy at home and abroad.

The company has 34 patented technologies, has undertaken 4 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, and has successively obtained the Jiangsu high-tech product certification, high-tech enterprise certificate certification, and ISO/TS16949 professional certification.

9. Miba

Country: Austria

Founded: 1927

About the company:

Miba is a key component of application development and production functions for the entire energy value chain.

The company’s products have made important contributions to efficient and sustainable energy production, transmission, storage and use.

Miba sintered parts, sliding bearings, friction linings, power electronic parts, coatings and electric vehicle parts are distributed all over the world in vehicles, ships, aircraft construction and agricultural machinery, wind turbines and power grids.

10. SAPM

Country: China

Founded: 1965

About the company:

Shanghai Automobile Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. is a subordinate enterprise of Huayu Automobile in the spare parts sector of SAIC Group.

Its predecessor was Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Plant, which was founded in 1965.

It is one of the earliest professional powder metallurgy manufacturers in China, and also an earlier domestic automobile powder metallurgy supporting manufacturer.

It is currently one of the larger and advanced PM manufacturers in China, It is the vice president unit of Powder Metallurgy Professional Association of China General Machinery Parts Industry Association.

At present, the main business application fields are divided into powder metallurgy pressing forming process application field, powder injection molding and soft magnetic composite material application field.

Among them, the application fields of powder metallurgy pressing forming process are: automobile engine, gearbox, chassis, steering gear, automobile air conditioner, auxiliary brake and other systems, providing supporting products and high-quality services for domestic well-known car manufacturers and related component factories such as Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors, FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Automobile, Chang’an Automobile, Chang’an Ford, Chery Automobile, etc;

The application fields of powder injection molding include: automobile, consumer electronics, intelligent wear, medical treatment, communication, bathroom, etc;

The application fields of soft magnetic composite materials are: new energy vehicles, photovoltaic, power supply, filters, communications, motors, etc.

The company has more than 50 years of professional production experience in powder metallurgy, has a set of internationally advanced powder metallurgy production technology and equipment, and has the ability to develop and produce various powder metallurgy parts.

Based on the powder metallurgy new material industry, the company insists on becoming bigger and stronger by being specialized and refined, and promotes the sustainable development of the company through talents, science and technology, automation, lean and green environmental protection concepts with the spirit of lean craftsmanship.

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