Top 10 Precision Air Conditioner Manufacturers in 2023

1. Vertiv

Country: China

Founded: 1965

About the company:

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA, Vertiv Technology has 20000 employees.

Vertiv was formerly Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd.

As an industry expert, Weidi Technology cooperates with customers to jointly conceive and build infrastructure suitable for the future.

With a combination of hardware, software, analytics, and continuous services, Vertiv ensures that our customers’ core applications run continuously, perform optimally, and scale according to business requirements.

Data center: Hyperscale cloud, hosted, enterprise and edge.

Communication network: macro station, central machine room, small base station and data center.

Business and industry: healthcare, manufacturing, rail/rail transit, electricity, oil and gas.

2. Stulz

Country: China

Founded: 1974

About the company:

With more than 40 years of professional experience in the air conditioning industry, Stulz is a pioneer in this field, creating air conditioning solutions for occasions and data centers that need reliable performance.

The Stulz air conditioning equipment is developed and manufactured according to a high level of quality standards, and is tested to strict standards.

As an expert in the field, in addition to its own core technology, Stulz is more familiar with various professional knowledge and technologies required by the data center industry.

The product range of Stulz includes traditional room level refrigeration, high-density refrigeration, water chillers, container refrigeration modules and adiabatic refrigeration air conditioning equipment.

All systems can use traditional room level refrigeration, high-density refrigeration, water chillers, container refrigeration modules and adiabatic refrigeration air conditioning equipment.

All systems can use “indirect natural cooling” technology.

Stulz can also provide “direct natural cooling” technology for CRAC systems, air conditioning equipment and modular data centers.

Stulz can provide a variety of product sizes, rich additional options and modular design, so it has a rich product line tailored for customers, and can provide an optimized and efficient air conditioning solution for any data center project.

With offices all over the world, the company can provide timely professional advice to data center operators, planners and enterprises in the information technology (TC and T) industry full of dynamic development.

Since 1974, the air conditioning technology business of Stulz Group has continued to expand internationally, specializing in the air conditioning system field of data centers and telecommunications facilities.

Stulz has 2200 employees in Germany and 17 subsidiaries in the world (respectively located in France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Spain, Singapore, China, India, South Africa, Australia and the United States).

The company also cooperates with sales and service partners in more than 30 countries and regions, so it has an international professional air conditioning service network.

The production plants of the Stutts Group are located in Germany, Italy, the United States, China (2), Brazil and India.

There are about 5300 employees worldwide, and the current annual sales volume is about 950 million euros.

Stulz China

The company entered China in 1986 and established a production base in Shanghai in 2005.

In 2011, Stulz began to decide to build its own sales channel based on excellent products, take the road of independent development, and provide better services for customers.

Under the guidance of the new strategy, Stulz has made rapid development and made impressive achievements in markets including China.

In 2013, the second production base in China was established in Hangzhou.

Today, Stulz has set up 6 offices in China, with a production base area of nearly 19000m2200 employees.

At the same time of rapid development of its own scale, the Chinese production base of Stulz inherits Germany’s rigorous professional technology to ensure that high-quality and efficient precision air conditioners are provided to the Chinese market.

No matter where in the world, no matter when and where, Stulz can always provide you with excellent system solutions that are worth the money.

3. Envicool

Country: China

Founded: 2005

About the company:

Shenzhen Envicool Technology Co., Ltd. (A-share listed, stock code: 002837) is a leading provider of precision temperature control energy-saving equipment and a national high-tech enterprise.

The company focuses on providing thermal management and environmental control products and solutions for data centers, mobile communication networks, power grid energy storage industrial automation, indoor health environment, rail transit trains, electric buses, cold chain transportation and other applications, and holds leading core technologies, control technologies, and structural design technologies of refrigeration systems with multiple patents.

Envicool is headquartered in Shenzhen and has several holding subsidiaries.

Envicool’s solutions and products are widely used in China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei, ZTE, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, ICBC, CCB, ABC, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, BYD, Shanghai Metro, Suzhou Metro and other customers, as well as the communication networks of Sprint, Vodafone, SoftBank, Ooredoo, SingTel and other multinational operators.

The company is committed to becoming an international first-class enterprise with professional equipment and environmental control, actively advocating the corporate culture of professionalism, value and trust, and striving to create a win-win career development channel for individuals and the company.

4. Canatal

Country: China

Founded: 2003

About the company:

Nanjing Jialitu Computer Room Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 26, 2003.

The company’s headquarters is located in Jiangning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.

Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the research and development of precision environmental control technologies such as data room.

It is a high-tech enterprise that provides energy conservation, temperature control equipment, integrated solutions and related energy-saving technology services for precision environmental control fields such as data room.

The company’s products are used in data center machine rooms, communication base stations and other precision environments such as constant temperature and humidity.

The company’s customers cover government departments as well as communications, finance, Internet, medical, rail transit, aviation, energy and many other industries.

The company’s products serve China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Huawei and other well-known enterprises, and its rich high-quality customer resources have established a good brand image for the company in the industry.

At present, the company has two major categories of products, namely precision air conditioning equipment and water chillers, and 13 series of product lines.

The progressiveness, reliability and advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection of the products have always maintained a leading position in the industry.

At the same time, the company relies on its advantages in environmental control technology and energy conservation technology to provide energy conservation transformation services for the data center.

The company has always focused on the development of technology in the field of computer room environment. Relying on its strong R&D strength, the company has accumulated rich technologies.

With the purpose of providing an integrated solution for the computer room environment, the company launched a series of new water chillers in 2014, which can be better compatible with the company’s precision air conditioning products.

The magnetic suspension water chillers, which rely on free cooling energy-saving technology and advanced magnetic suspension compressor energy-saving technology, effectively improve the performance of products, reduce energy consumption, and gradually obtain the recognition of customers.

5. iTeaQ

Country: China

Founded: 2008

About the company:

Shenzhen iTeaQ Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aite Netpower), a state-owned enterprise credit and national brand, was established in 2008.

iTeaQ is determined to build a national brand of independent innovation in the field of data center&industrial infrastructure, and escort national information security.

In recent years, it has developed rapidly, attracting many elites of the world’s top 500 in the industry, including a large number of professionals in R&D, market, manufacturing, and service, and integrating the optimization and upgrading of product lines.

At the end of 2019, iTeaQ completed the successful merger and acquisition of the 80 year old state-owned listed enterprise Black Peony (Group) Co., Ltd. (stock code: 600510), and became the holding subsidiary of the state-owned listed enterprise.

The acquired iTeaQ will be driven by technology and market, and under the further promotion and guarantee of the capital and credit of listed companies, build a leading brand of international advanced quality data center and industrial netergy infrastructure full network solutions with independent intellectual property rights.

Independent innovation and technological entrepreneurship – iTeaQ has set up three R&D centers in Shenzhen, Xi’an and Zhongshan, and two manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Zhongshan, focusing on power supply and distribution and refrigeration solutions and products of the data center, industrial&new energy refrigeration solutions and products, with iClimate thermal energy management product line, iNew innovative energy-saving product line, Powe electric energy management product line, iBlock modular data center product line IMonitor intelligent management product line, power&industrial supporting cooling product line.

It has more than 200 independent intellectual property rights patents, ranking among the top international and domestic brands in the Chinese market.

It has an advanced national certification laboratory test platform in the industry to meet the product quality verification and guarantee.

iTeaQ is an integrated solution provider integrating product R&D and manufacturing, engineering design and construction, and pre-sale and after-sales services.

It continues to create value for customers by building a full network energy business system and providing full life cycle services and management.

All trades, all industries, and extensive practice – The core products UPS and precision air conditioners, micro module solutions of Aite Netergy are widely available in telecom operators, IDC operators, finance, power and energy, the military, transportation, government, education, medical care, radio and television, enterprises and other industries.

It has served the People’s Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, Ping An Bank, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank, Industrial Bank, CITIC Bank, Ningxia Rural Credit, Henan Rural Credit, Anhui Rural Credit, Guangdong Rural Credit, Jilin Bank, Bank of Jiangxi, Guangzhou Bank, Dongguan Bank, Agricultural Development Bank of China, Export Import Bank of China, China Life, PICC, Minsheng Securities, Western Securities and other financial industry users, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Tower and other telecom operators, as well as Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, JD, 360 and other Internet companies;

It has been shortlisted in the Central Government Procurement Directory for many consecutive years, serving the industrial users of Beijing Municipal Government, Hubei Provincial Government, Qinghai Provincial Government and Hebei Provincial Government;

At the same time, it serves users in the energy industry such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Datang Power Generation, Huaneng Group, PetroChina, Sinopec, and other well-known universities and scientific research institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Hunan University, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhongshan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It has been shortlisted in the Central Government Procurement Directory for many consecutive years, serving the industrial users of Beijing Municipal Government, Hubei Provincial Government, Qinghai Provincial Government and Hebei Provincial Government;

At the same time, it serves users in the energy industry such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Datang Power Generation, Huaneng Group, PetroChina, Sinopec, and other well-known universities and scientific research institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Hunan University, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhongshan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

6. Airsys

Country: China

Founded: 1996

About the company:

Airsys is a refrigeration and temperature control solution provider that provides full value chain services including consulting, design, product, engineering, operation and maintenance and transformation for data center, telecommunications, medical imaging diagnosis, semiconductor manufacturing and electric energy storage industries.

In the data center industry, Airsys provides efficient and energy-saving refrigeration solutions from traditional machine room air conditioners to cutting-edge indirect evaporative cooling and server liquid cooling, providing security for key data infrastructure of operators, Internet companies, finance, energy, education and government units.

In the telecommunications industry, Airsys provides integrated, split, indoor or outdoor installation solutions with a variety of energy-saving technologies, which are applicable to different environmental requirements.

It provides solutions and strategies consulting, product customization and development, engineering construction, operation and maintenance for China Mobile, China Telecom, BT, Verizon, Reliance, Vodafone and other world famous operators.

In the medical imaging industry, Airsy’s high-precision and reliable supporting refrigeration solutions are the image quality assurance of GE, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, Lianying, Canon, etc.

In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, Airsys introduced technology for transformation and broke through the technical threshold of the industry. Innovative cooling technology provides strong support for the domestic chip industry.

In the electric energy storage industry, the accumulation of years of experience in the design and development of chillers has made Airsy’s energy storage supporting refrigeration scheme stand out, providing customized solutions for leading customers in the energy storage industry at home and abroad, such as Fluence and BYD.

Airsy has a global vision, and has successively established 6 wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries in the United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Singapore and the Philippines;

It has two manufacturing centers in China and the United States; Provide localized full value chain services of consultation, design, product, engineering, operation and maintenance and transformation.

After 26 years of development, Airsy has truly become an international company, originating in China and going global.

7. Climaveneta

Country: Italy

Founded: 1971

Products: water source heat pump (heat recovery) units, air-cooled cold water (heat pump) units, air-cooled heat pump (heat recovery) units, water-cooled water chillers, and end units

About the company:

Founded in 1971, Climaveneta (Italy) Co., Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience in the production of refrigeration and air conditioning products.

It is a well-known multinational company in the air conditioning and refrigeration market in Europe and even the world.

Climaveneta (Italy) Co., Ltd. has built 9 production plants, 9 branches and more than 70 offices in Italy, Spain, China and India, covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, and its business covers the world.

Since its establishment in 1971, Climaveneta (Italy) Co., Ltd. has always put scientific research and technology updating in the first place and actively absorbed cutting-edge professional technology to meet the needs of the market and meet new challenges.

The company has an independent development and research organization with more than 120 employees, mainly engaged in the research and development of environmental protection and energy conservation of air conditioning refrigeration systems and products, and new processes and new products

Climaveneta China

After the 1980s, Climaveneta products began to enter China.

In 2004, Climaveneta Jielian Refrigeration Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Climaveneta Italy Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Jielian Co., Ltd. In 2005, Climaveneta Jielian Shanghai Factory was completed and put into operation.

The factory covers an area of 50 mu, with a building area of 20000 square meters.

Climaveneta Co., Ltd. of Italy has been producing water source heat pumps since 1976.

It has a history of more than 40 years of professional unit manufacturing and system organization of water source heat pump central air-conditioning systems, and has thousands of successful experiences in projects around the world.

In China, where the application of water source heat pump started late, Climaveneta water source heat pump unit, as a unit widely used in domestic business, has a history of successful commercial application and operation for 20 years.

Thousands of Climaveneta water source heat pumps are in operation in China, and their technology maturity and progressiveness, product stability and reliability have been recognized by the majority of users.

Climaveneta Strapdown Shanghai Factory employs the original Italian factory management and original factory technicians, and has superb technology, advanced production, processing, testing and detection equipment and mature and perfect management experience.

8. Shenling

Country: China

Founded: 2000

About the company:

Guangdong Shenling Environmental System Co., Ltd. (securities code 301018) is located in Shunde, the center of the Pearl River Delta.

Founded in 2000, it is a modern enterprise integrating R&D design, production and manufacturing, marketing services, integrated implementation, operation and maintenance.

It provides global customers with an overall vertical solution for environmental regulation, and is an expert in four fields: data service industrial environment, industrial process production and research environment, professional special application environment, and high-end public building indoor environment.

Shenling Company is one of the first batch of enterprises to obtain the National Refrigeration Equipment Product Production License, the unit undertaking the National 12th Five Year Science and Technology Support Plan, and the vice chairman unit of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association.

It has the first grade qualification for professional contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment installation projects, and has won the “Luban Award” in the construction engineering industry.

Its products are also recognized as “Guangdong Province’s Independent Innovation Products” and “Guangdong Province’s High tech Products”.

Shenling has been adhering to the concept of “innovation driven” for many years, and won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award twice, and the first prize of the Huaxia Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Construction twice.

The company has R&D platforms such as the national recognized enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research workstation, Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, and has a super low temperature laboratory.

Over the years, the company has undertaken a number of national, provincial and ministerial science and technology programs, such as the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Torch Program, and major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province. It was responsible for and participated in drafting a number of national standards, and won the title of China Standards Innovation Contribution Award.

With a high starting point, high positioning and high investment, Shenling has comprehensively laid out strategic emerging industries such as ICT industry, rail transit industry, chemical and environmental protection VOCs recycling, nuclear power industry, aerospace, etc., and developed industry segment products, with market segment performance advancing rapidly.

Through product upgrading, Shenling has also dug into traditional advantageous industries, such as chemical industry, electric power, electronics, medical and health care, pharmacy, tobacco, automobile, municipal administration, light industry, culture and education, finance and other industries in the national economy.

Its technology and products have been exported to many countries and regions, winning nearly 1000 major projects at home and abroad, and unanimously recognized by the majority of users.

9. Haiwu

Country: China

About the company:

Beijing Haiwu Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to leading new technologies of network energy and clean energy.

The products cover communication base station precision air conditioner, energy-saving equipment, switching power supply and monitoring;

Precision air conditioner, energy-saving equipment, power supply and distribution, UPS, high-voltage DC power supply, array cabinet in the data center machine room;

And air source heat pump, etc.

The solution covers communication integrated cabinet, edge DC integrated cabinet, single and double row micro module data center, etc;

The service products cover consulting design, electromechanical general contracting, testing and certification, comprehensive agency maintenance, optimization and upgrading, etc.

10. YMK

Country: China

Founded: 2002

About the company:

Founded in 2002, Yimikang is a national high-tech enterprise. It was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011 (stock code: 300249).

At present, it has two enterprise technology centers and more than ten operating enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an and other places.

Yimikang focuses on providing the whole life cycle solutions and services for cloud computing, data center and other digital physical foundations.

It has energy-saving technologies, key security products and system solutions, and a number of invention and utility model patents.

As a supplier integrating technical consultation, research and development and manufacturing of key equipment, system integration service provider, dynamic environment monitoring and Internet of Things software development, big data application and DC intelligent patrol robot, Yimikang is committed to providing customers with products and overall solutions in the fields of communication room, data center, intelligent construction and energy management.

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