Top 10 Pressure Switch Manufacturers in 2023

1. SMC

Country: Japan

Founded: 1959

Products: Cylinder, solenoid valve, pressure switch, pressure reducing valve

About the company:

SMC is a world famous manufacturer of pneumatic components. Founded in 1959, the company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

At first, SMC was a company mainly engaged in manufacturing “sintered metal industrial filter” filter element by powder metallurgy.

After decades of continuous efforts and innovation, SMC’s product categories were gradually enriched, and it was trusted by countless users relying on its excellent quality.

Today, SMC has developed into a global leader in the pneumatic industry.

The name “SMC” (SinteredMetal Company, which means “sintered metal company”), which was established in the early days of the company, has been used for many years because of its reputation in the world, and has become a global unified company name.

In 1994, SMC (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing.

After more than 20 years of continuous development, SMC has become an enterprise with a nationwide marketing network and widely recognized products and services in the industry.

In 2021, in order to comprehensively improve domestic customer service and build a new pattern of sustainable development, SMC China carried out a group reorganization, and SMC Automation Co., Ltd. was officially established.

SMC Automation Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the marketing activities in Chinese Mainland, and has set up branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to manage the marketing agencies in their respective jurisdictions, and strive to provide professional and timely services and technical support to customers across the country.

At present, SMC has more than 120 directly affiliated business outlets and more than 300 authorized agents nationwide, and has cooperated with some e-commerce platforms in recent years.

2. Norgren

Country: Switzerland

Founded: 1972

Products: Cylinder, air handling element, connector, Pressure switch, valve

About the company:

Norgren is a manufacturer in the field of motion and fluid control technology.

It provides excellent solutions for all fields pursuing speed and engineering stability to improve the productivity and efficiency of customers’ equipment.

As an enterprise, Norgren aim to understand the challenges facing our customers.

Then by combining itsr products, talents and expertise, we can provide excellent services and solutions.

Norgren helps customers improve the performance of products in this way.

Norgren realize this advantage through a series of high-quality products, close cooperation with customers and strong ability to solve problems, and guarantee local delivery through the global technical support network around the world.

Norgren’s global team consists of key account managers and more than 400 experienced engineers, many of whom are experts in key industry fields.

It recruits and cultivates talents in the industry, and provide good opportunities for training and contacting excellent products and technologies of world enterprises.

Experience has provided it with skills, confidence and expertise to better meet customer needs, help it deeply understand the challenges faced by customers, and provide perfect solutions.

Norgren has a global manufacturing capability and technology center, focusing on developing and strictly testing new high-quality products to meet the needs of precision industry and applications.

Norgren helps customers around the world to improve production linearity and reduce downtime and energy consumption.

Its product lines include IMI Norgren, IMl Buschjost, IMI FAS, IMI Herion and IMI Maxseal.

Their value has been fully proved in many years of practical application, and they have become trusted brands in the field of fluid and motion control.

Through innovation and new product development plans, we have made these product lines continue to grow.

Because of this, Norgren can help customers solve the huge engineering challenges stably, safely and efficiently.

By investing in robust project management systems and localized lean production, Norgren has provided the world’s outstanding manufacturing, sales and services to 50 countries around the world.

In addition, with the integrated supply chain and fast sales services, Norgren has the systems, processes and support needed to deliver high-quality products and after-sales services anytime, anywhere and in a timely manner.

As a member of IMIPLC International Engineering Group, Norgren has sales and service networks in 50 countries and production bases in the United States, Germany, China, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil.

Norgren also provides support for this through global technology centers and CFD design and R&D testing facilities.

In addition, Norgren also employs a professional team composed of field engineers, industry experts and key account managers – focusing on providing customers with quality services.

3. Rexroth

Country: Germany

Founded: 2001

About the company:

Rexroth is an outstanding global supplier of transmission and control technology.

It was formed by the merger of Bosch Automation Technology Department and Rexroth in 2001.

In 1978, Rexroth entered the domestic market, focusing on providing intelligent motion solutions for various machinery and system equipment.

As one of the world-renowned transmission and control technology suppliers, Bosch Rexroth is committed to providing efficient, powerful and safe intelligent motion solutions for various machinery and system equipment.

The company has rich project experience in the fields of walking machinery application, machinery application and engineering, factory automation, etc., and with its intelligent components, customized solutions and services, it creates a perfect application environment for the realization of the interconnected industry.

At the same time, Bosch Rexroth also provides customers with various interfaces of hydraulic, electronic transmission and control, gear, linear transmission and assembly technology, software and the Internet of Things.

Since entering the Chinese market in 1978, Bosch Rexroth has established production bases in Beijing, Wujin and Xi’an.

4. Sor

Country: China

Founded: 1947

About the company:

SOR Controls Group, LTD is a global leader in the design and manufacture of measurement control equipment.

Its brands include SOR, SENSOR, Smart Sensors Incorporated (SSi) and SETEX.

SOR is mainly engaged in the production of pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, thermometers, flow meters, level gauges, valves and measuring instruments in Lenexa, Kansas, USA.

Smart Sensors Incorporated (SSi), SENSOR and SETEX are located in Houston, Texas, USA.

They mainly produce closed sampling systems, thermocouples, thermal resistors, temperature bushings and temperature transmitters.

SOR has offices in Beijing and Dubai.

The company also has a product design and R&D team, which can design and customize products according to user needs.

At the same time, it supports sales personnel and service personnel to solve customer needs from markets around the world through the whole network.

Various product lines enable our products to meet the one-stop needs of customers in various fields.

American SOR Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality process control products that enjoy high reputation and wide recognition in the world.

All kinds of products are widely used in thermal power, nuclear power, petrochemical, natural gas, metallurgical steel, water treatment and other industrial fields.

SOR was founded in 1947 by Roy Dunlap and Clinton Nelson, and produced the first mechanical pressure gauge in 1956.

In 1975, he invented the static O-ring and successfully applied for this patent, which officially changed the company’s name to SOR (Statico Ring).

This patented technology has made great contributions to the sealing problem of products in the industrial field and has been used up to now.

In the same year, SOR acquired MSW, a liquid level product manufacturer in Texas, USA.

5. Barksdale

Country: USA

Founded: 1949

About the company:

Barksdale is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of industrial application control products, specializing in the field of fluid control and detection.

As a Crane Co. located in Stanford, Connecticut, the United States As a subsidiary of, Barksdale has the financial resources that large companies have, but also can maintain the flexibility of partnerships unique to companies of this size.

Barksdale was founded in Los Angeles, California, United States in 1949. It has production plants in Reichelsheim, Germany, and dealers all over the world.

In addition to being based on the standard product line, Barksdale is even more proud that we can provide customers with specially designed or adjusted products to meet their specific needs according to their special requirements.

Barksdale can provide special design and adjustment options for most Barksdale products, so that customers can meet their specific application requirements through customization while using standard parts.

If the customer’s requirements exceed the conventional options, the engineer is also ready to assist the customer in adopting new technologies to meet their specific application requirements.

In the past 60 years, many multi-user engineers have cooperated with Baldor engineers to develop control components that meet their specific requirements.

So if you are facing difficulties or a very difficult problem, you can contact the nearest Barksdale. employee or dealer at any time.

Throughout the world, Barksdale components can be found in steel mills, machine tools, automobile production lines, power generation and distribution facilities, chemical treatment plants, pulp and paper mills, textile mills, amusement parks, food processing plants, undersea drilling, oil and gas fields, life-saving equipment, various forms of road and off-road transport equipment.

Basically, all kinds of Barksdale product series are used in all walks of life.

For example, in mobile and fixed hydraulic systems: from hydraulic clamping in machine tools, hydraulic steering systems outside road loaders, or load monitoring on crane support struts to vertical cargo lifts and elevators.

Various types of Barksdale product lines are used in various industries.

Barksdale’s products are busy in almost every industry. In every corner of the world, Barksdale’s products are contributing to a better tomorrow!

6. AirTAC

Country: China

Founded: 1988

Products: Cylinder, solenoid valve, pressure switch

About the company:

Headquartered in Taipei and founded in Taiwan in 1988, AirTAC International Group is a world-renowned professional pneumatic equipment supplier/manufacturer;

It mainly produces pneumatic execution, control, processing components and various auxiliary components.

Its products are widely used in automotive, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, electronic technology, environmental treatment, light industry and textile, ceramics, medical devices, food packaging and other automation industries.

Research and development centre

The R&D center of Yadeke International Group is located in Ningbo. The building area of the R&D center is 10527 square meters

Sales Center

The domestic sales center is located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, with a floor area of 30000 square meters.

The sales headquarters for the European region, ATC (ltalia) S.R.L., is located in Milan, Italy.

The sales headquarters in Southeast Asia – AIRTAC INTERNATIONAL (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. is located in SINGAPORE.

AIRTAC INDUSTRIAL (MALAYSIA) SDN.BHD. is located in Johor City, Malaysia.

Yataka Co., Ltd. is located in East Osaka, Japan.

Airtac Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Beilan Province, Thailand.

AIRTAC USA CORPORATION is located in Houston, USA.

Production base

At present, Yadeke has three large production bases in Ningbo, Zhejiang, Foshan, Guangdong and Tainan, Taiwan.

Ningbo Yadeke (No. 1 Factory) has a building area of 240000 square meters and 23 standard workshops.

Ningbo Yadeke (No. 2 Factory) now has a building area of 180000 square meters, and 16 standard plants have been put into use.

Guangdong Yadeke has a building area of 45000 square meters and 3 standard workshops.

Taiwan Yadeke has a building area of 180000 square meters and seven standard workshops.

Logistics Centre

There are logistics centers in Kunshan, Jiangsu and Huizhou, Guangdong.

Yadeke (Jiangsu) covers an area of 20000 square meters.

Guangdong Yadeke intelligent building area is 40000 square meters.

7. Parker

Country: USA

Founded: 1918

About the company:

Founded in 1918, Parker Hannifin is a diversified manufacturer of global transmission and control technologies and systems, providing design solutions for various automotive, industrial and aviation markets.

The company focuses on customer needs.

Parker has unique engineering expertise and a wide range of core technologies, which can overcome some challenging engineering problems in the world.

By building partnerships with customers, the company helps them significantly improve productivity and profitability.

Parker Hannifin is a global motion control manufacturing company, providing products and user services.

The company has more than 1400 production lines of components and systems, which are distributed in more than 1000 industrial and aviation fields in motion control.

Parker Hannifin is a manufacturer that provides customers with hydraulic, pneumatic and electromechanical motion control solutions.

The company has a sales network, with more than 7500 distributors serving 400000 customers around the world.

Parker Hannifin has entered China for more than 20 years. In 1990, Parker Hannifin established an office in China.

There are 12 factories in China, including Shanghai Dannison Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. (Parker Hannifin), Parker Hannifin Fluid Connector (Qingdao) Co., Ltd., Parker Sperm Pressure (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gumei Sealing Products Factory, and Wuxi Lekeli Factory.

Parker has extensive engineering expertise in many areas of transmission and control technology, including aerospace, environmental control, electric machinery, filtration, fluid and gas processing, hydraulics, pneumatics, process control, and sealing and shielding.

Parker Hannifin China, founded in the 1980s, is one of the three foreign joint ventures established earlier since China’s opening up and foreign direct investment.

It has more than 2000 product lines in China, covering more than 50 markets, and provides enterprises with nine technical solutions and services, including aerospace, environmental control, electromechanical, filtering, fluid and gas treatment, hydraulic, pneumatic, process control, and sealing.

Product applications and solutions mainly involve diesel engines, wind power generation, shipbuilding, marine exploration, steel, engineering machinery, high-speed railway and factory automation. Parker Hannifin in China is headquartered in Shanghai.

8. Festo

Country: Germany

Founded: 1925

About the company:

Founded in 1925, Festo is a leading manufacturer in the field of automation technology and a global market leader in industrial technology training.

The company is headquartered in Eislingen, Germany.

Festo Group operates in 200 industries worldwide, providing leading pneumatic and electric drive technologies and comprehensive solutions for factory automation and process automation to more than 300000 customers.

Fisto’s business in China began in 1985.

In 1993, it officially entered China, established Festo (China) Co., Ltd., and settled in Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai.

After more than 30 years of deep cultivation in the Chinese market, Fisto has continuously expanded its investment in China, with comprehensive development in production, research and development, and sales.

It provides the Chinese market with pneumatic and electric drive technologies and comprehensive solutions for factory automation and process automation, mainly serving the automotive, electronic and light assembly industries, food and beverage packaging, water/sewage treatment, biotechnology/pharmacy and other industries.

At the same time, Festo Teaching and Training Department provides more than 600 enterprises and institutions, universities, vocational colleges and training bases in Greater China with an overall solution for industrial training – from laboratory construction to course system construction, and can provide qualification certification and employment guidance for students.

As the official partner of the World Skills Competition, Festo provides professional technical training and support for the competition.

At present, the company has more than 2000 employees in Greater China.

9. Emerson

Country: USA

Founded: 1890 

Products: Electrical, solenoid valve, flowmeter, industrial automation, explosion-proof electrical appliances, level gauge, power module, MES system, pressure switch, frequency converter, gas regulator, heating, switching power supply, server cabinet, industrial robot, valve, compressor, measuring instrument

About the company:

Emerson, (NYSE Code:EMR) is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in the industrial, commercial and residential markets.

Founded in 1890, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States, has about 88000 employees.

In 2020, the global sales volume will reach 18.3 billion dollars.

Emerson integrates technology with engineering technology to provide customers with solutions worldwide.

Since 2016, it has been integrated into the following two business platforms: Emerson Automation Solutions and Emerson Commercial Residential Solutions.

Automation solutions help manufacturers in the process, mixed and discrete industries – including oil and gas, refining, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, power, pulp and paper, and minerals and metallurgy – to optimize energy efficiency and operating costs, promote production, safeguard personnel safety, and protect the environment.

Commercial and residential solutions help manufacturers of commercial and household heating and cooling systems, food and retail operators, commercial and residential builders and maintenance operators, and homeowners to ensure residents’ comfort and health, ensure food quality and safety, improve energy efficiency, and establish sustainable infrastructure.

10. Burkert

Country: Germany

Founded: 1946

About the company:

Burkert is a global supplier in the field of fluid control, with more than 70 years of experience in fluid control.

It has many R&D centers and factories in Germany and France, and branches in 36 countries and regions.

Burkert’s specialized fluid control products have been widely used in all walks of life, especially in the fields of biopharmaceuticals and medical equipment, fuel cells, food and beverage, in vitro diagnostics, industrial production, experimental analysis, SIP&CIP, water treatment and other applications.

Burkert’s products have demonstrated their accuracy and reliability even in extremely strange working environments, such as satellites, space laboratories, nuclear reactors and deep-sea exploration devices.

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