The 10 Best Rotary Kiln Manufacturers & Brands in 2023

1. PF

Country: China

Founded: 2002

About the company:

Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of rotary kilns and grinding equipment in China and the global market. The company was listed on the main board of Hong Kong in 2019, with the stock name and code of China Pengfei Group HK03348.

The company’s business scope covers the design, manufacturing, and service of equipment in the fields of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, and more. As an EPC service provider, it offers customized one-stop solutions for design, procurement, construction, and trial operation.

Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of new technologies such as energy conservation, energy storage, and comprehensive utilization of resources. It has established innovative research and development platforms, including the National Enterprise Technology Center and the Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center.

The company has completed a batch of major equipment projects, such as national industrial revitalization, national torch plan, and national new products. It has participated in the drafting of more than 10 national standards and industrial standards, including Rotary Kiln for Cement Industry, Vertical Mill for Cement Industry, Roller Press for Cement Industry, Pipe Mill for Cement Industry, and Technical Requirements for Complete Equipment for New Dry Process Cement Production. The company has also led the drafting of rotary kiln systems, grinding equipment, and cement production lines.

The technology of Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd. is at the advanced level of the same industry in China.

The company has completed over 100 cement production line projects, exported to more than 70 countries worldwide, and has provided one-stop solutions to customers in over 50 countries along the Belt and Road, including Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Türkiye, Uzbekistan, and more.

Pengfei people are committed to fulfilling their social responsibilities and becoming industry leaders. They carry hope, have a vision, forge ahead in unity, develop harmoniously, and aim to build an international enterprise group.


Country: China

Founded: 2001

About the company:

Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Sinoma International” and “the Company”) is a leading global cement technical equipment engineering system integration service provider. It is one of the few enterprises with a complete industrial chain in the international cement technical equipment engineering market.

The company provides one-stop “system integration services” such as R&D design, equipment manufacturing, civil engineering installation, mining services, production, operation, and maintenance.

In 2021, the company completed asset integration in the field of cement mining engineering technical services of China Building Materials Group, and created an A-share listed company with a large business scale.

In China, Sinoma International has developed and built a series of production lines with a daily output of 1000 tons to 14000 tons. The company has undertaken the design or construction of more than 90% of the new dry process cement production lines in China. It has achieved a major breakthrough in the import of key equipment from complete sets, full localization to the export of the whole line, and made significant contributions to China’s infrastructure construction and economic development.

Overseas, Sinoma International has built 286 cement clinker production lines in 84 countries. Adhering to the orientation of globalization, localization, and diversification, the company has made a significant impact in the global cement industry.

In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the three major positions of the leader of scientific and technological innovation, the promoter of green intelligence, and the builder of global development. The company will provide good service support for national green development, industry transformation and upgrading, and contribute value to the technological progress and sustainable development of the global cement industry.

3. Jidd

Country: China

Founded: 1998

About the company:

Tangshan Jidong Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a listed company established in 2011, following the consolidation of the assets of Tangshan Dunshi Machinery Co., Ltd., Tangshan Dunshi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., Tangshan Dunshi Furnace Building Engineering Co., Ltd., and Tangshan Dunshi Electric Co., Ltd., all affiliated to Jidong Development Group, which were put into Tangshan Ceramics Co., Ltd.

The company has seven first-level subsidiaries and eight second-level subsidiaries, including Shield Machinery, Shield Electrical, Shield Construction, Shield Furnace Building, Feifanyi Donglichen, Viclair Jidong, and Jidong Electromechanical.

The company mainly produces mechanical equipment and spare parts, electrical equipment and spare parts, castings and wear-resistant parts, industrial and civil construction projects, industrial equipment installation, industrial production line maintenance, and technical transformation services.

Tangshan Jidong is renowned as “the leader of China’s cement equipment manufacturing industry” and “the cradle of China’s cement machinery.” The company has the domestic and overseas EPC engineering service capacity of a new dry process cement clinker production line with a daily output of 2000 to 12000 tons. It also provides three-dimensional nanny services from process design, equipment manufacturing, construction, installation, commissioning, guarantee, maintenance, and technical transformation.

Guided by the market, the company promotes product structure adjustment and industrial upgrading through technological innovation. To achieve this, the company implements four major projects: product innovation, equipment upgrading, management optimization, and talent development. The company also adopts a differentiated development strategy that emphasizes key areas while partially surpassing them.

With expertise in cement production line design, equipment development, construction and installation, maintenance services, spare parts supply, and contract production, the company is a first-class equipment manufacturer and engineering service provider in China, known worldwide for its exceptional quality.

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Country: China

About the company:

CITIC Heavy Industry, previously known as Luoyang Mining Machinery Factory, was established as one of the 156 key projects during the First Five Year Plan period. It is now a domestically listed A-share company under CITIC Group.

With over 60 years of growth and development, CITIC Heavy Industry has become a national innovative enterprise and high-tech enterprise, a leading backbone enterprise in heavy equipment, and a major research and development and industrialization base for special robots in China.

CITIC Heavy Industry has established a manufacturing process system that centers around a 18,500-ton free forging hydraulic press, enabling it to possess high-end heavy machinery manufacturing capabilities that are at the forefront of China and rare in the world.

The company fully implements international standards and norms, proactively responds to the Belt and Road Initiative, and has established eight overseas companies or offices and seven spare parts service bases in countries along the Belt and Road, achieving a complete international layout covering R&D, manufacturing, marketing, service, and more. Its market has extended to dozens of countries and regions along the Belt and Road.

CITIC Heavy Industry has actively seized the opportunities arising from China’s and global economic development. It has adhered to the development concept of “strategic guidance, innovation-driven, and value enhancement,” and has built a new business model of “core manufacturing + comprehensive services.”

The company has accelerated its transformation from a heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise to a modern equipment manufacturing group with diversified business sectors. It has also transitioned from relying solely on traditional kinetic energy to a two-wheel drive strategy of “traditional kinetic energy + new kinetic energy” to develop heavy equipment.

CITIC Heavy Industry aims to become an advanced equipment manufacturing enterprise with global competitiveness and a listed company with investment value. It has established four key industry sectors: key infrastructure, complete engineering, robot and intelligent equipment, and spare parts technology services.

In the heavy equipment sector, the company provides customers with high-end core host equipment and comprehensive industrial solutions, covering a wide range of fields in the basic industry.

In the key basic parts section, the company can provide 1000 tons of refined molten steel, the largest ingot weighing 600 tons, the largest casting weighing 600 tons, and the largest forging weighing 450 tons. This enables it to produce large backup rolls, stands, million-kilowatt turbine generator rotors, large pressure vessel tube plates, hydrogenation reactors, and other cylinder annular forgings with a diameter of up to 8.5 meters. Its overall strength has reached the international advanced level.

In the complete engineering sector, CITIC Heavy Industry prioritizes large projects, customers, and markets. It provides services to many customers in countries and regions along the Belt and Road, focusing on cement, mining, energy conservation, environmental protection, energy, and chemical industries.

In the robot and intelligent equipment sector, CITIC Heavy Industry relies on its market-based capital operation platform and the core platform of Kaicheng Intelligence to establish a leading domestic research and development and industrialization base for special robots.

In the spare parts technical service sector, the company is dedicated to supplying high-quality spare parts and providing exquisite technical services. It aims to be a reliable and expert partner for its online customers.

5. NHI

Country: China

Founded: 2007

About the company:

North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “North Heavy Industry”) is a large multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company that operates under Liaoning Fangda Group Industrial Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Fangda Group”).

With a long history and a wealth of talented professionals, North Heavy Industry plays a significant role in both the international and domestic heavy machinery manufacturing industry. The company is known as the birthplace of China’s heavy machinery industry and is a high-tech enterprise. Its products are distributed globally.

North Heavy Industry has achieved transnational operations through the acquisition of French NFM and the establishment of a joint venture with FLSmidth A/S in Denmark.

In April 2019, in accordance with the CPC Central Committee’s guidelines on promoting the revitalization of the Northeast and deepening state-owned enterprise reform, NHI underwent a judicial restructuring and mixed-ownership reform. Under the leadership of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government, the Shenyang Municipal Party Committee, and the municipal government, Fangda Group became the largest shareholder of NHI, marking a new historical development period for the company.

NHI is a leading manufacturer of heavy machinery, with a broad range of products that includes tunnel engineering equipment, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, bulk material transportation and handling equipment, coal machinery, electric power equipment, building materials equipment, oil fracturing equipment, environmental protection equipment, modern construction equipment, forging equipment, transmission machinery, automotive electrical appliances, and EPC project equipment.

The company has an extensive range of design, testing, detection, and measurement capabilities, as well as more than 200 patents and proprietary technologies. NHI is recognized as a national technology innovation demonstration enterprise.

NHI has several research institutions, including a national technology center, a full-face TBM national key laboratory, an academician workstation, and a postdoctoral workstation.

As the largest shareholder, Fangda Group brings with it a mature, advanced, flexible, efficient, and market-oriented system and mechanism, management and business models, and efficiency creation modes, along with significant capital resources. The enterprise culture of the company is guided by the principles of party building.

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Going forward, Northern Heavy Industry will continue to practice its enterprise values that benefit the government, the enterprise, and its employees. The company aims to work closely with partners from all sectors to accelerate high-quality development.


Country: China

Founded: 1948

About the company:

Shanghai Xinjian Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., previously known as Shanghai Xinjian Machinery Factory, is a prominent enterprise in the national building materials machinery industry. It serves as a large equipment manufacturing base of China Building Materials Group and is a high-tech enterprise located in Shanghai.

The company has obtained several certifications, including ISO9001, OHSAS18001, and CE.

Shanghai Xinjian was founded in 1948 and has over 70 years of experience in mechanical design and manufacturing. The company has accumulated vast knowledge in product design, processing technology, and equipment manufacturing.

Since the early 1980s, Shanghai Xinjian has been dedicated to the design and production of cement machinery. The company has played a vital role in the development of China’s new dry process cement production line equipment.

Shanghai Xinjian has taken up the task of prototyping kilns, mills, and other host equipment for trial production multiple times. The company’s contribution has been instrumental in the progress of equipment development in China’s cement industry.

Currently, Shanghai Xinjian has established a mechanical processing and manufacturing capacity with an annual output of nearly 30,000 tons, mainly composed of 2,500 t/d to 10,000 t/d cement equipment. Their products have won the industry quality product award and are distributed across the country.

The company has had extensive cooperation with international famous companies, including FLSmidth, Metso, Polysius, Lafarge, KHD, Loesche, Mitsubishi, UBE, Heidelberg, and more, to produce various types of cement equipment such as rotary density, tube mill, vertical mill, stacker reclaimer, crusher, powder concentrator, and mining equipment like large ore mill and winch.

Over 50% of the company’s products are exported, and they have a high-quality performance reputation at home and abroad.

7. Kisen Intematonal Engineering

Country: China

Founded: 2001

About the company:

Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as Nanjing Kisen) is a leading enterprise in the engineering sector of China Building Materials Group. It was founded in December 2001.

Nanjing Kisen is a cement technology and equipment engineering system integration service provider that integrates scientific research and development, engineering design, general contracting, complete equipment, intelligent construction, technical transformation, production, operation, and maintenance. It provides one-stop services for the new building materials industry, especially the cement industry.

Leveraging its technology, management, and service advantages, Nanjing Kisen has built numerous high-level clinker cement production lines for large building materials groups such as Lahao, Heidelberg, Pacific Cement, China Building Materials, Jindiao Jidong, Hongshi Holding, Conch, China Resources, Jiangxi Wannianqing, Guangdong Everbright, and more, both domestically and internationally.

The completed projects are distributed across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and 28 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China. Nanjing Kisen has completed over 1000 new construction and technological transformation projects to date.

Nanjing Kisen has developed a complete new dry process cement production technology with independent intellectual property rights that can produce 2,500 to 12,000 tons per day. The company has implemented energy conservation and environmental protection frontier technologies such as pure low-temperature waste heat power generation, cement kiln collaborative disposal, alternative fuel utilization, and ultra-low emissions.

In recent years, Nanjing Kisen has taken a leading role in the development of intelligent technology in the cement industry, with independent intellectual property rights. This has facilitated the transformation of the cement industry into a green, high-end, and intelligent industry. The company has constructed several green, intelligent, low-carbon, and environmentally friendly garden-style demonstration plants.

8. Sichuan Mining Machinery

Country: China

Founded: 1958

About the company:

Sichuan Mining Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Sichuan Mining Group”) is one of the large enterprises in China’s equipment manufacturing industry. It was founded in 1958 and is located in Jiangyou City, the hometown of Li Bai, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty.

Sichuan Mining Group has an old plant area and a new plant area, covering nearly 320 mu and 740 mu respectively. The company has over 2000 employees and 13 workshops with complete categories, including cast steel, cast iron, wood type, forging, blanking, willow welding, heat treatment, metal processing, assembly, and electrical system integration.

With nearly 2000 sets of various mechanical processing equipment, Sichuan Mining Group integrates marketing, research and development, design process, manufacturing, quality control, procurement, outsourcing, transportation, installation and commissioning, EP, EPC project general contracting, maintenance, spare parts, after-sales service, and other mechanical equipment manufacturing business processes.

Sichuan Mining Group takes customers as the center and regards “quality creates taste, innovation creates value” as its core value. The company also adheres to the business philosophy of “employee growth, customer profitability, enterprise development, and social satisfaction” and the management philosophy of “integrity, specification, system, and efficiency”.

With professional manufacturing technology, strict quality management system, and a service system that prioritizes problem-solving and separating responsibilities, Sichuan Mining Group provides customers with cost-effective product solutions and perfect, thoughtful service solutions.

9. Chmp

Country: China

Founded: 1959

About the company:

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Factory), also known as Chaozhong, was established in 1959. In 2005, it was restructured and merged into Liaoning Zhongze Holding Group Co., Ltd. Zhongze Group was founded in 1995.

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The management headquarters of Zhongze Group are located in Shenyang, Dingning Province. Its investment headquarters are located in Beijing, and its asset management center is located in Shanghai. The trade logistics center is located in Tianjin.

The Group has more than 40 subsidiaries in Liaoning, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other places. With total assets of more than 50 billion yuan and over 18,000 employees, the company’s main products include rotary kilns, oxidized pellet rotary kilns, heavy plate feeders, mixers, dryers, granulators, activated lime rotary compacts, metallurgical steel rotary kilns, disc feeders, and more.

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large backbone enterprise in the domestic metallurgical industry. Its business areas cover ferroalloy, carbon, equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous metal, textile and clothing, real estate development, modern services, trade logistics, finance, and other industries.

The company is located in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 279,000 square meters, and has 1,100 employees. It is a qualified unit with ISO9001 quality system certification, and has a provincial technical center with 110 engineering and technical personnel, including 25 senior professional titles and 64 national workers and technicians.

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has the general contracting capacity for equipment research and development, design and manufacturing, equipment installation, engineering commissioning, technical services, and other projects. The company is a model enterprise of the “One Way Industry” strategy.

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has many invention patents and has participated in the drafting of over ten national and industrial standards, including the Cylinder Mixer, Rotary Kiln for Cement Industry, Pipe Mill for Cement Industry, Dryer for Cement Industry, Dust Collector for Cement Industry, and Plate Chain Hoist for Cement Industry.

The company’s main products include mixers, rotary compactors, dryers, pelletizers, tube mills, vertical mills, roller presses, crushers, preheaters, coolers, sintering machines, annular coolers, and other equipment.

In addition to serving the national market, the company exports its products to more than 60 countries and regions such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Zambia, Algeria, Papua New Guinea, and Zimbabwe. It relies on its own import and export companies and supports general contractors to expand its global presence.

Core products:

1. Chaochong drum mixer.

Chaozhong is one of the earliest enterprises in China to design and produce cylinder mixers. Through years of experience accumulation, they have leveraged the advantages of major design and research institutes, implemented several key improvements, and established standardization and serialization processes. They are capable of designing and manufacturing all types of mixers with barrel diameters ranging from 2-5.5m.

2. Turn to the heavy sign.

Chaozhong is also a leading producer of rotary kilns with various types and specifications. Their rotary kilns are widely used in various industries, and they have produced rotary kilns for industries including oxidation pellet, nickel pellet, manganese pellet, cement, lime, chemical, reduction, iron, and zinc extraction. Their current maximum specification is 6.1 × 40m.

10. Huaxin equipment

Country: China

Founded: 2008

About the company:

Huaxin Cement (Huangshi) Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. It is located in Huangshi City, Hubei Province, on the south bank of Cihu Lake. The company has total assets of almost 600 million yuan, covers over 200 mu of land, employs nearly 300 professional and technical personnel, and has an annual equipment manufacturing capacity of 30,000 tons. It obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification in 2002.

In 1999, Huaxin Cement (Huangshi) Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. cooperated with Holcim, a large cement manufacturer at that time, to introduce European management concepts and technologies, and promote scientific and technological development and innovation. As a result, it became a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province and one of the advanced heavy cement machinery manufacturers in China.

The company combines international advanced technology with the strong cement process advantages of Centennial Huaxin Cement and has developed a design and manufacturing capacity for a complete range of products for a new dry process cement production line with a daily output of 2,500 to 14,000 tons. Its product range includes rotary kilns, ball mills, vertical roller mills, the fourth generation of efficient refrigerators, efficient powder concentrators, and efficient bucket elevators.

The company has obtained dozens of technical patents and has been involved in numerous technological innovation projects. Notably, their manufacturing technology for large-scale ball mills, vertical roller mills, high-efficiency separators, and fourth-generation high-efficiency refrigerators is at an advanced international level.

In recent years, the company has provided various host equipment such as rotary kilns, slipper mills, vertical radial mills, fourth-generation refrigerators, and more to several domestic cement production lines with daily outputs of 2000t/d, 3200t/d, 5000t/d, 6000t/d, and 14000t/d.

Of particular note, the company has adopted a new process of on-site processing and docking, as well as on-site overall turning for the double slipper surface of the large cement mill barrel. This has solved the problem of the mill barrel being impossible to transport to the site due to its superelevation and weight, and as a result, has obtained a national patent.

The company’s φ6x12m raw meal ball mill, φ5x15m cement ball mill, and φ5m vertical roller mill (effective working diameter of grinding disc) are respectively the largest ball mill and vertical mill in China.

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