The 10 Best Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers & Brands in 2023

1. wheelabrator

Country: Czech Republic

Founded: 1908

About the company:

Wheelabrator, founded in 1908, has over 100 years of experience in providing surface treatment solutions, including shot blasting and sand blasting technology.

Meet the needs of multiple industries around the world

Wheelabrator has more than 15,000 customers, including companies in the casting, automotive, aerospace, energy, shipbuilding, railway, construction, and other industries. Its customers are located in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

As one of the industry’s leading surface treatment equipment providers, Wheelabrator offers a wide range of equipment and services to improve its customers’ productivity and profitability.

Thanks to its extensive experience, Wheelabrator’s technical experts can design custom solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers, drawing on insights from thousands of applications across various industries. This customized approach is rare in the industry, as roughly two-thirds of surface treatment equipment is customized to meet precise customer specifications.

In addition to its custom equipment offerings, Wheelabrator also provides high-quality, stable standard shot blasting equipment, which can be delivered quickly and at a competitive price.

Expert support

Designing and installing equipment is only half of the challenge. Providing on-site support for customers’ equipment is equally important. Wheelabrator recognizes this and operates a service center with a strategic location, providing a network of technicians and service engineers in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

This approach enables Wheelabrator to support its customers’ original equipment investment and provide valuable expertise to meet changing needs over time.

Sustainable development of surface treatment

Efficient and responsible use of resources is the driving force behind Wheelabrator’s research and development, production, and support services for its customers.

Sustainability begins with equipment durability and adjustability, along with digital technology that keeps processes in good condition, while using appropriate energy, abrasives, and time to achieve the desired results.

Wheelabrator’s dust collection and abrasive recycling systems greatly reduce waste and emissions, resulting in a cleaner work environment and more efficient resource use.

Wheelabrator’s rust removal equipment replaces less environmentally friendly chemical processes.

Equipment upgrades provided by Wheelabrator have significantly improved energy efficiency, safety, and machining accuracy.

2. sinto

Country: Japan

Founded: 1934

About the company:

Since its establishment in 1934, Sinto Group has been continuously developing through the pursuit of universal technology, guided by the idea of “cherishing production and making contributions to society.”

Building on the technology and trust it has developed to align with the trend of social development, Sinto Group is committed to “manufacturing to support the manufacturing industry.”

In today’s era of digitalization, the Internet of Things, and other technologies, the surrounding environment of Sinto Group is undergoing significant changes, and the pace of change is accelerating.

While remaining true to its original mission, Sinto Group bravely faces challenges, focuses on the future, and continually develops new products and services in emerging fields.

Sinto Group is always close to its customers’ manufacturing processes and aims to provide new value to its customers.

The company strives to establish deeper connections with everyone related to Sinto Group, with the goal of becoming a company that can be continually selected by customers in any era.


Country: USA

Founded: 1873

About the company:

Pangborn is dedicated to providing excellent shot blasting equipment and surface treatment solutions to thousands of customers across various industries. The development of new products and solutions is at the core of Pangborn’s work.

The company’s main focus is to provide customers with safe, reliable, durable, and high-performance shot peening equipment and solutions that are easy to operate and maintain. By using Pangborn’s equipment and solutions, customers have achieved improved total cost of ownership, increased profitability, and operational excellence.

Pangborn is more than just a supplier; it is a trusted partner and brand. The company’s shot peening and surface treatment solutions are designed to deliver on this commitment.

Pangborn’s equipment is known for its durability and reliability, which is the result of using proprietary materials, innovative ideas, patented designs, and manufacturing processes. These factors are based on the company’s nearly 150 years of experience and expertise in various industries.

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The diversity and flexibility of Pangborn’s solutions enable the company to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions and accommodate customers with unique ordering requirements.

4. Huatong

Country: China

Founded: 2014

About the company:

Qingdao Qingzhu Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Qingzhu Equipment”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Huatong State-owned Capital Operation and Management (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Huatong Group”). It was established in 2014.

The creation of Qingzhu Equipment is in line with Huatong Group’s strategy of focusing on its main business, integrating, and developing the casting equipment sector. Huatong Science and Engineering Co., Ltd. acquired all the shares of KW Qingdao Company owned by KW Germany, which created a platform for integrating and developing the group’s casting equipment sector.

Qingzhu Equipment’s business scope includes R&D, design, production, wholesale, import and export of casting machinery and equipment, as well as foundry technology consulting services.

In recent years, the company has introduced professional talents and adjusted its organizational structure to increase the functions of technology research and development and production manufacturing. The company has transformed from a single-service provider and spare parts product trader to a comprehensive enterprise that combines technology design, research and development, manufacturing, spare parts trade, and service.

Qingdao Casting Equipment is currently the development platform for the casting equipment sector of Huatong Group. The company integrates the resources of the casting equipment sector to create a synergistic effect.

Through this integration, Qingdao Casting Equipment will have its own intellectual property rights and advanced technology in damp mold sand, self-hardening sand casting, shot blasting, cleaning, and dust removal equipment. The company can provide comprehensive solutions that cover all work departments of the casting factory, fully meeting the needs of both domestic and international markets.

The goal of Qingdao Casting Equipment is to become an international company with core competitiveness in “high-end casting equipment” and have the capacity to enter the capital market.

5. Rosler

Country: Germany

Founded: 1933

About the company:

Since 1933, Rosler Group has been committed to the field of surface treatment, with a focus on vibration finishing and shot blasting technology. The company provides a wide range of supply worldwide, including equipment systems, process methods, and services.

Rosler’s products and services are trusted by famous enterprises in various industries.

With 17 branches and over 150 dealers, Rosler Group has established a perfect service network around the world, providing continuous support to customers.

The professional team at Rosler Group is committed to designing equipment or complete assembly lines to meet your processing needs. From design to debugging, and throughout the life of the machine, you can expect a seamless experience with Rosler Group.

The technical management team at Rosler Group will collaborate with you to design the processing flow that meets your workpiece requirements.

6. Antai

Country: Germany

About the company:

Qingdao Antai Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is situated in the national economic development zone on the west coast of Qingdao, China.

The company’s primary products include surface shot blasting cleaning equipment and various types of casting machinery. It has an annual production capacity of over 1,000 sets of equipment.

With a registered capital of 18 million yuan and a factory area of 20,000 square meters, the company serves more than 50 countries and regions around the world.


Country: China

About the company:

Shandong Kaitai Shot Blasting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise that integrates scientific research, development, production, sales, installation, and commissioning of shot blasting equipment, sandblasting, and environmental protection dust removal equipment.

The company is located in Zouping Phoenix Economic Park, 52 kilometers away from the provincial capital Jinan, 500 meters from the Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, and 7 kilometers from the Zhangqiu intersection of Jinan-Qingdao Expressway.

Shandong Kaitai Shot Blasting Machinery Co., Ltd. has collaborated with more than 20 institutions of higher learning, such as the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong University, Jinan University, and Shandong Provincial Machinery Design and Research Institute, to research and develop surface shot blasting, shot blasting cleaning, and strengthening shot blasting equipment. The main products include shot blasting cleaning machinery, sand treatment equipment, environmental protection dust removal equipment, and mechanical accessories.

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Shandong Kaitai Shot Blasting Machinery Co., Ltd. uses SolidWorks and CAD/CAM computer aided design for the design and manufacturing of their products. The appearance is designed using three-dimensional entities, while key components are analyzed using finite element numerical simulation. The rotating components undergo dynamic balance testing, providing high-quality equipment for a range of industries including casting, forging, heat treatment, steel structure, container, machinery, shipbuilding, aircraft, locomotive, and more.

8. Fengte

Country: China

About the company:

Yancheng Fengte Casting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of metal surface treatment equipment that offers scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and consulting services. It is a joint-stock enterprise established through the restructuring of technical and asset personnel from the original Dafeng Special Alloy Casting Factory.

The company has more than 50 million yuan in assets, covers an area of 65,000 m2, has a building area of 40,000 m2, employs 280 people, and has 40 engineering and technical personnel.

The main products of the company include sand blasting rooms, “H” section steel through shot blasting machines, steel plate pretreatment production lines, hook and chain shot blasting rooms, turntables, trolley type shot blasting rooms, various shot blasting machines, special alloy wear-resistant parts, and related accessories. It also provides technical cooperation with China United Engineering Corporation to design and manufacture various non-standard special casting machines according to user needs.

The product structure and business scope are expanding towards diversification, serialization, and collectivization. Their products are sold to more than 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China, as well as to Japan, Myanmar, and other regions.

The company was the first to pass the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental system certification. With the quality tenet of “serving with heart to create customer satisfaction” and the quality goal of “brand in the heart of Fengte casting machine users,” they adhere to continuous improvement, standards of superior quality, and preferential prices expected by users. They strive to achieve their quality commitment of “Seiko manufacturing machine safety”.

They sincerely welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers to work together to create brilliance.

9. Ruida

Country: China

About the company:

Jiangsu Ruida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the coastal city of Dafeng in Jiangsu Province, in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle on the coast of the Yellow Sea.

The city is well-connected through transportation and communication, with Xinchang Railway, Coastal Expressway, National Highway 204 and National Highway 228 passing through it.

Dafeng Port has a 10,000-ton berth and has become a first-class port that is directly open to South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and other regions.

Jiangsu Ruida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and production of large shot blasting machines and sand blasting and coating room equipment, and offers R&D, design, manufacturing, and installation services. The company has more than 20 engineering technicians, including 8 with senior and intermediate professional titles, and a total of 176 employees, including more than 70 on-site construction personnel.

Jiangsu Ruida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the coastal city of Dafeng, Jiangsu and specializes in the design, production, and installation of large shot blasting machines and sand blasting and coating room equipment.

With a team of over 20 engineering technicians, including 8 with senior and intermediate professional titles, and more than 176 employees, the company has excellent design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service capabilities.

Equipped with over 400 sets of advanced processing equipment, including CNC machines, plate shears, bending machines, and welding machines, the company covers an area of more than 50 mu and has a workshop area of over 20000 square meters.

The company follows the production and marketing concept of “quality+reputation+innovation+service” and the enterprise concept of “specialty makes quality,” emphasizing advanced production technology, strict quality requirements, and all-round control management.

Their focus is on market reputation and sincere service.

For many years, the company has established technical partnerships with renowned domestic universities, research institutions, and industry associations. As a result, dozens of advanced technical achievements have been successfully applied to production practices.

With the technical support of the Ship Design Institute and the Yancheng Institute of Technology, the company has designed and manufactured various series of sandblasting machines with technical advantages in the same industry. The sandblasting machines feature remote control, electric control, and other advanced technologies.

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The company completes the design, manufacturing, and installation independently, without subcontracting, which effectively ensures product quality monitoring and assurance.

Upon completion of each project, the company arranges personnel to provide technical training on operation, maintenance, and other aspects for the enterprise, which provides peace of mind to their customers.

Currently, the company’s business projects include shot blasting, environmental protection and dust removal, painting, industrial automation, industrial robots, and other equipment.

Over the years, Jiangsu Ruida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has conducted technical cooperation with well-known domestic colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, and industry associations, and has developed dozens of advanced technical achievements that have been successfully applied to production practice.

The company has developed high-end models such as large drum intensifiers, gear shot blasting intensifiers, spring shot blasting intensifiers, swing bed shot blasting cleaners, vehicle shot blasting cleaners, hook interchangeable shot blasting cleaners, manipulator shot blasting cleaners, Venturi type water dust removal systems, filter cartridge dust removal, and box type pulse chamber back blowing dust removers.

The company will continue to strengthen its enterprise concept of professional achievement quality and continuously improve the quality of products and service processes to grow with its customers.

In recent years, the company’s products have been successfully introduced to the market with mature technology and strict quality management. The market share of products has been expanding and the company has become a well-known brand in the high-end machinery industry.

The products are widely used in various industries such as aviation, aerospace, military, locomotive, wind power, automobile, shipbuilding, casting, and petroleum machinery.

Some of the typical products and services provided by Jiangsu Ruida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are used by well-known companies such as Bosch Bosch, San-Sany Group, 6409 Factory, Baotou Yiji, Tangjun Automobile, Yunhai Group, Nemak, Timken, CRRC, Sinovel Wind Power, 388 Factory, Yueyuecheo Group, 403 Factory, Zibo Taiji Group, Tiandi Coal Machinery Group, Honglu Steel Structure Group, Chongqing Yingang Group, Baosteel Group, Fujian Lizhou Spring Group, Liaoning Fu’an Group, Shanxi Zhiqiang Steel Zhejiang Wotanke, Changzhou Xinrui Group, Shanxi Dongfang Henglue Precision Casting, Hantong Yingji Heavy Industry, Zhenhua Port Machinery, Haiyang Zhongji Raffles, Suzhou Tianwo Technology, Hua’an Group, Penglai Daikin, Nantong Runbang, Jianglong Boat, and Shanghai Construction Engineering.

10. Longfa

Country: China

Founded: 2003

About the company:

Jiangsu Longfa Casting and Derusting Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the shot blasting machine industry located in the Dafeng District. It is recognized as the China Xituan Shot Blasting Machine Industry Base.

The company was established in May 2003 and is dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and sales of shot blasting cleaning equipment and accessories. The company is located in Longfa Industrial Park, Xituan Town, Dafeng District and has a workforce of 180 employees, including 40 scientific and technological personnel.

The company occupies an area of approximately 120 mu, with a building area of 80,000 square meters. It is strategically situated near the Ningjing Yancheng Expressway, Xinchang Railway and Tongyu River Golden Waterway, and is close to Yancheng Airport.

The company has constructed a new factory building, complete with advanced technology and process cooperation supporting services, along with a full suite of metal processing equipment and dynamic balancers, among other detection means.

The company has implemented the ISO9001:2000 standard for international quality management in the Dalong Shot Blasting Machine Industrial Base, a crucial industrial town located in West Mission of North Jiangsu.

With a commitment to integrity, dedication, and sincerity towards its users, the company has always maintained a quality tenet. Their quality commitment is to ensure customer satisfaction through “elaborate manufacturing, and table casting machine.”

The company is dedicated to taking responsibility for quality and repaying society. By constantly implementing technical innovation, it aims to establish the good reputation of “Longfa brand” and contribute to the development of China’s casting machinery industry.

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