Top 10 Step Motor Manufacturers in 2023


Country: Japan

Founded: 1885

About the company:

ORIENTAC Motor is committed to developing a wide range of products for power, control, cooling, etc.

At the same time, it has developed the motor manufacturing industry to this day.

The company focuses on developing products that respond to the needs of the times, promoting a sales model, so that customers can choose the products they need through the catalog, so that customers can choose any product of ORIENTAC Motor no matter where they are in the world.

In the future, the company will go hand in hand with customers, adhere to the principle of customer satisfaction first, persevere in improving goods, production and services, and sincerely hope to continue to participate in all “sports” in society.

The company firmly believes that only by realizing the evolution of the movement today can we launch the challenge of the movement in the future.


Country: Japan

Founded: 1918

About the company:

Shinano Corporation was established in 1918, located in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

The head office has established overseas companies in the United States, Belgium, Thailand, China and other countries with the strategic goal of foresight, technological innovation, knowledge intensification and internationalization.

After years of development, it now has four major components: Functional Materials Business Department (one of the largest Qusi fiber companies in the world in Thailand), Electronics Business Department (the main product is DVD RecordaleDrive), Printing Business Department and Precision Motor Business Department. Dongguan Xinnong Motor Co., Ltd. is a branch of the Precision Motor Division.

Dongguan Shinano Motor Co., Ltd. was established on March 2, 1994. It is a Japanese funded enterprise invested by Shinano Chusi Co., Ltd. and Shinano Hong Kong Co., Ltd.

At present, the total investment is 603.7 million Hong Kong dollars, covering an area of about 65000 square meters, the building area of the factory building is about 55000 square meters, the building area of the dormitory is about 30000 square meters, and there are about 2300 employees.

The main business of the company is research and development, production and sales of motors, fans, pumps and related products.

The company has a professional development and design team engaged in the research and development of motion control technology, optical electromechanical integration, motors, automation devices and other related technologies.

The company’s products are widely used in office equipment, medical equipment, household appliances, residential facilities, automobiles and other fields, mainly including seven categories, more than 100 varieties and thousands of models, including stepping motor, DC motor, AC motor, multi mirror motor, automobile motor, fan and pump.

The products have passed UL and other international certification. In addition to domestic sales, most of the products are sold to Japan, the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

3. Sanyodenki

Country: Japan

Founded: 1927

About the company:

In August 1927, Higashio Yamamoto founded the Yamamoto Chamber of Commerce and began to import and sell electrical parts.

In April 1942, it was renamed as Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

In April 2003, Sanyodenki Electric (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (China) was established with the investment of Sanyodenki Electric Co., Ltd.

Sanyodenki Electric Group aims to realize people’s ideals and seek people’s happiness.

The purpose of Sanyodenki Electric Group is to realize people’s ideals and seek people’s happiness.

Whether it is used in the equipment made by customers (such as robots or computers) or in public facilities, it is Sanyodenki Electric’s mission to improve the performance of its products and enable them to play their role.

Accurately grasp the expectations of customers and society, develop products in a perfect way towards this goal, and make contributions to customers and society.

In addition, it includes various business entities of high-level business (manufacturing, technology, sales, service, etc.), which is the business of Sanyodenki Electric.

Cooling System Division

Development, manufacture and sales of cooling fan and cooling system

The development of cooling fan inside PC, server, etc.

Power System Division

(UPS) uninterruptible power supply device, engine generator and solar power generation system inverter development, manufacturing and sales of online system for financial institutions with zero power cut demands, and development of solar power generation system inverter.

Service System Business Department

Development, manufacturing, sales of medical equipment, industrial multi joint robots, etc. of servo motors, stepper motors, encoders and drivers, control systems, and the development of high-speed and accurate positioning servo systems.

4. Nidec

Country: Japan

Founded: 1973

About the company:

The industrial core of Nidec Electric Corporation is not only to provide the market with all kinds of motor and motor products, including precision small motors and super large motors, but also to engage in the research and development of motor products used by “rotating bodies and moving bodies” for various professional purposes.

Today, Nidec Electric Power Company (NIDECO) has nearly 300 group enterprises in the world.

It is a global comprehensive motor motor manufacturer with strength that produces various small and large motor motor products and provides professional services for all rotating bodies and mobile bodies. “.

In order to enable the enterprise to achieve greater growth, while continuously improving the technical strength and market competitiveness of the Group’s enterprises, the Company actively carried out enterprise mergers and acquisitions targeting those enterprises with advanced technology in the motor motor industry.

In just 40 years, the company has achieved its status today by adhering to the spirit of “keeping improving” since its founding.

“Enthusiastic, anxious, persistent”, “smart struggle”, “do it right away!

Do it! Success! The three spirits of the company help us to become a leader in the industry, which is the company’s personality and the company’s advantage.


Country: China

Founded: 1994

About the company:

MOONS is a comprehensive manufacturer in the field of motion control.

The company was founded in 1994. Over the years, MOONS has always adhered to the pursuit of professional application technology and international scientific management means.

From professional parts of factory automation to intelligent LED lighting drivers, from intelligent management systems of large-scale factory equipment to control actuators of automobile communication equipment, the company focuses on providing customers with various solutions and constantly pursues innovation and high quality.

MOONS is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and has offices in ten cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The branch companies cover North America, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia, and have formed a global sales network.

MOONS has owned many R&D centers and manufacturing bases overseas through cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and the total number of employees in the world has reached more than 3000.

MOONS is a global integrated supplier and major manufacturer of control motor systems.

On May 9, 2017, MOONS was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the stock code of 603728.

6. Leadshine

Country: China

Founded: 1997

About the company:

Shenzhen Leadshine Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is a well-known brand and industry leader in the field of intelligent equipment motion control.

Since its establishment in 1997, Leadshine has been focusing on the challenges and pressures that customers pay attention to, providing competitive motion control products and solutions, and continuously creating great value for customers!

For the mission of the enterprise, with the business philosophy of “achieving customers and creating a win-win situation”, the company focuses on the R&D, production, sales and service of a series of high-quality products such as Tongfu motor drive system, stepping motor drive system, motion control card and motion controller, and achieves customers’ dreams and common growth through constant efforts.

After 22 years of product innovation, market development and application services, Rexay has become a motion control product and solution provider with advanced production and marketing scale.

Due to the dual advantages of stability, reliability and excellent performance, Leadshine products have been used by thousands of excellent equipment manufacturers in electronics, robots, machine tools, lasers, medical treatment, textiles and other industries for a long time, and are exported to more than 60 countries such as the United States, Germany, India and so on.

7. Schneider

Country: France

Founded: 1936

About the company:

Schneider Electric SA, a global electrical enterprise headquartered in France, is an expert in global energy efficiency management and automation.

The Group’s sales volume in fiscal 2016 was 25 billion euros, and it has more than 160000 employees in more than 100 countries around the world.

It was founded by the Schneider brothers in 1836.

Its headquarters are located in Rue, France.

Schneider Electric is committed to promoting digital transformation and serving the home, building, data center, infrastructure and industrial markets.

Through the integration of the world’s advanced process and energy management technology, the interconnected products, controls, software and services from the terminal to the cloud run through the entire business life cycle to achieve integrated enterprise level management.

Schneider Electric is a global enterprise with localization advantages, committed to promoting an open technology and partner ecosystem, and actively practicing the common values of meaning, inclusiveness and empowerment.

In the 19th century, Schneider Electric was engaged in steel industry, heavy machinery industry and ship building industry;

In the 20th century, he was engaged in electric power and automation management.

In the 170 years since its establishment, Schneider Electric has faced numerous challenges and made several major strategic choices.

The Group has grown into an industry leader.

With the successful development of its business in China, Schneider Electric pays more attention to its development in China and is willing to make contributions to China’s opening up and modernization with further business cooperation.

Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. provides overall solutions for the energy and infrastructure, industry, data center and network, buildings and residential markets in more than 100 countries.

Among them, it is at the advanced level in the industry in the energy and infrastructure, industrial process control, building automation, data center and network markets, and has strong market capacity in residential applications.

In FY2012, Schneider’s total revenue in the world reached 24 billion euros, with more than 140000 employees in more than 100 countries.


Country: China

Founded: 1959

About the company:

JOHNSON Motor is an international leading manufacturer of drive subsystems, including motors, solenoids, switches and flexible connectors.

It provides services for many industries, including automotive products, building automation and security, business equipment, national defense and aviation equipment, personal care, electric equipment and electric tools.

Founded in 1959, the products of JOHNSON Motor are sold all over the world and applied to more than 100 different products.

JOHNSON Electric has its product R&D and design centers in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, France, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

At present, the total number of employees worldwide, including contract employees, is about 35000, distributed in 23 countries.

The Group’s business strategy is “leading technology and becoming a” safe choice “for customers.

Provide long-term customers with full product cycle support from new product introduction to mass production.

By providing new products with unique technology, they can meet customers’ future product and new growth needs.

The company’s unique “productization process” and “JOHNSON Motor Production System” jointly provide customers with product differentiation advantages and excellent supply chain.

JOHNSON Motor is a safe choice for global brand customers who require products with high performance, high reliability and guaranteed supply.

In 1984, JOHNSON Motor Group was listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.


Country: China

Founded: 1995

About the company:

Beijing SYNTRON Motor Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the research and development of motors, drives and control systems for many years.

With excellent product quality and high-quality service and technical support for users, it has won the reputation of users and trusted the stepping motors and drives, AC servo motors and drives independently developed by the company Three series of core products (more than 100 kinds of drives and nearly 500 kinds of motors) of brushless DC motors and drives have occupied a considerable share of the domestic market, with the average annual growth rate of sales revenue reaching 20%.

After years of dedicated research and development, the digital winding and laying textile machine control system;

Multi degree of freedom networked control system and MDBOX multi degree of freedom dynamic platform integrated controller products have created a precedent for Tongfu Motor to enter the cultural industry in China;

After five years of development, the logistics separate building robot, AGV special motor drive system, and low-voltage electric wheel technology are at the advanced level in China.

As a major supplier, they have been used in a variety of logistics automation projects of JD Group and other customers, including AGV warehousing, separate building robots, shuttle cars, outdoor distribution robots, etc.

The goal of Beijing SYNTRON Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is to give full play to its technical advantages, guide the market to complete equipment innovation, provide customers with advanced professional services through sustainable and stable development, and strive to be a professional company in the field of motion control.

10. Xinjie

Country: China

Founded: 2008

About the company:

Wuxi Xinjie Electric Co., Ltd. (XINJE) is a domestic enterprise focusing on the R&D and application of industrial automation products.

Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to “independent innovation, fast and pragmatic”, and strive to improve the enterprise’s research and development capabilities, product quality, and use new scientific and technological achievements to improve the enterprise’s strength.

Through continuous active innovation and pioneering, the company has always been at the forefront of the industry.

The company has core products such as programmable logic controller (PLC), human-machine interface (HMI), co server control system, variable frequency drive, etc;

The intelligent machine vision system, teaching based mechanical arm, robot and other cutting-edge products, and a more complete set of automation equipment, including information network, closely serve the end customers, customize more competitive industry segmentation solutions for the majority of equipment manufacturing enterprises, provide high-quality automation product solutions for high-quality equipment manufacturers, constantly help enterprises improve productivity, reduce costs, and achieve greater corporate benefits, Promote the common growth of enterprise value and customer value.

So far, Xinjie Electric has set up 40 offices and 170 dealers in China, covering all parts of the country;

Overseas, it has 1 subsidiary and 20 agents covering Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

With a wider sales network, it has promoted many users around the world to provide various services such as multi-directional demand for automation products, technical support and personnel training.

At present, Xinjie Electric has more than 500 employees, an office building covering an area of 4000 square meters, an independent factory building covering an area of 20000 square meters, a research and development center, two laboratories, a training base, etc.

The company also cooperates with many universities to cultivate young and excellent technical talents.

Xinjie is exquisite and sincere, and has made remarkable achievements with a positive team spirit. In December 2016, Xinjie was successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, with the stock code of 603416.

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