Triowin 1Shanghai Triowin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 with nearly 400 employees. Jinshan factory covers an area of 80.5 mu.

Taking “scientific and technological innovation” as the core competitiveness, based on independent innovation, Triowin intelligent equipment integrates and absorbs advanced mechanical design and automation control concepts from Europe and the United States, grasps cutting-edge technologies in production, packaging, handling and storage intelligent systems, and builds a modern new enterprise through the construction of intelligent chemical plant. The service field covers food, beverage, beer, feed, chemical industry, building materials, grain and oil, medicine, household appliances and other industries.
Wadi intelligent equipment has a research and development team with master’s degree, doctor’s degree and senior engineer as the core. While setting up the Research Institute, it actively cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of technology, Shanghai Ocean University, Jiangnan University, Huazhong Agricultural University and other domestic well-known universities to build master’s and doctoral training points and post doctoral work stations.

After years of accumulation, wadi has owned 217 patents, and has undertaken a number of national key equipment research projects of the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of industry and information technology, as well as a number of major projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and the 12th Five Year Plan Outline of Shanghai robot industry. Strong technical strength and rich on-site experience, with the ability to provide individual accurate solutions according to the different needs of customers.

The company has seven business divisions, including food equipment, robot application, intelligent packaging, solid-state packaging, auto parts application, intelligent biological equipment and international business. The market covers the European Union, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom and other developed countries and regions, striving to create and enhance a new image of China’s intelligent equipment on the world stage.

Food intelligent equipment business covers fruits and vegetables, experimental equipment and dairy products. With the overall project development and design, production, installation and debugging, technical training, after-sales service and many other aspects of comprehensive ability.

Food intelligent equipment in the field of fruits and vegetables, specializing in concentrated and non concentrated juice / pulp of fruits and vegetables, hot filling tea beverage, juice beverage equipment production and whole plant installation engineering turnkey series services, has a rich understanding and deep understanding of the processing of tomato, mango, pineapple, orange, grape, blueberry, strawberry, peach, apricot, jujube, carrot and other fruits and vegetables.

In the field of food intelligent equipment and experimental equipment, it is committed to the production lines of laboratory small and medium-sized tests and advanced instruments and equipment. It builds a bridge from the laboratory to industrial production and accelerates the transformation of scientific research achievements into productivity. In cooperation with Japanese PowerPoint company, we have established a micro mobile production line for UHT, on-line homogenization and filling system laboratory with a production capacity of 20-40 L / h. At the same time, it also provides a variety of research institutes and enterprise R & D centers with complete sets of pilot production line equipment (50 L / H ~ 500 L / h) and advanced laboratory equipment, which are widely used in new product R & D and sample production of milk, fruit juice, tea drinks, milk drinks, plant protein drinks, tomato sauce, condiments, beer, cream, ice cream, egg products, solid powder and other products.

The field of food intelligent equipment and dairy equipment is committed to the manufacturing of dairy production equipment and the implementation of the turnkey project of dairy production. The production line items provided include sterilized milk (insurance milk), ESL milk (extended shelf life milk), UHT (normal temperature milk), yogurt and fermented milk, milk beverage, processed milk, soybean milk, plant protein milk, condensed milk, cream, plant cream, cream, anhydrous cream, milk powder, baby milk powder, cheese, ice cream, etc.

Intelligent biological equipment is specialized in plant extraction and biological fermentation / pharmacy. The division focuses on: biological fermentation system, plant (traditional Chinese Medicine) extraction, pharmaceutical engineering, natural food, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. Undertake EPC / EPCM service projects such as process design, equipment manufacturing, supporting procurement, construction and installation, automatic control system, equipment system integration, factory commissioning, etc. Mature products: fermentation system equipment, evaporation and concentration equipment, extraction equipment, sharing extraction equipment, crystallization equipment, filtration equipment, container equipment and other products. Now we focus on the research and development of high-tech products in the fields of formula granule basket extraction system, biological fermentation system, MVR concentration equipment, tubular sterilization, etc.

Robot intelligent equipment is driven by the development trend of food intelligent equipment, focusing on the R & D and industrialization of domestic industrial robots. At present, it is a large-scale domestic robot industrial production enterprise with independent intellectual property rights. Its main competitors are international industry giants such as Japan, Germany and Sweden.

The robot intelligent equipment has a special research institute of robot and engineering technology application, and is division of auto parts under its jurisdiction, including robot technology Engineering Center (with professional research rooms of “mechanical system and simulation”, “motion control and software”, “electronic and electrical design”, etc.), experimental analysis and detection center, and is division of auto parts Engineering trial production department and so on, undertake a number of national and municipal key robot technology, system integration application technology and industrialization technology research and other key tasks.

The auto parts application division is committed to the design, manufacturing, installation, training and after-sales turnkey projects of non-standard products or production lines that meet the production automation needs of different auto parts manufacturers.

In April 2014, wadi equipment introduced Shanghai Electric Group, a Chinese equipment manufacturing giant, as a strategic investor. In July 2014, wadi equipment was listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system. Stock Code: 830843.

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