Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting

Ultra high pressure water cutting is also called water jet.

Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting

It is a high-energy water stream produced by multi-stage supercharging of ordinary water, reaching a pressure of 380MPa.

The water is then jet-cut at a speed of nearly kilometers per second through a very fine ruby nozzle with a diameter of 0.1-0.35mm.

This type of cutting is known as ultra high pressure water cutting.

Basic Information

The CNC water jet cutting machine is composed of five key components: an ultra high voltage generator, a CNC machine tool, an automatic abrasive conveying system, a CNC system, and an integral cutting head. This cutting device is versatile and highly effective, with its main feature being the high-energy jet beam processing that is performed without the use of heat.

The water jet cutting machine can cut through a wide range of metal and non-metal materials, particularly those that are difficult or impossible to process using other thermal cutting methods. It is characterized by fast incisions, flat incisions, no dust or thermal deformation, and no pollution, which helps to minimize material waste.

The water jet cutting machine is capable of cutting through a variety of materials, including titanium alloy, copper plates, steel plates, aluminum plates, cast iron, granite, marble, ceramic tiles, chemical fibers, wood, cloth, paper, leather, and plastic.

This versatility has made it a popular choice for a wide range of industries, including aviation, military, stone, construction, decoration, and various finishing enterprises.

Ultra high voltage generator

The ultra-high voltage generator is the power core of the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine and is considered the heart of the entire machine.

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It increases the pressure of finely filtered water to a range of 300Mpa to 400Mpa (45000psi to 60000psi), and then directs it through a gem nozzle to form a jet that travels at about three times the speed of sound.

This transformation of pressure into concentrated kinetic energy allows the machine to cut through any material.

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