Universal Lifting Platform Milling Machine

Universal lifting table milling machine is a general metal cutting machine.

Universal Lifting Platform Milling Machine

The spindle taper hole of the machine tool can be used to install various cylindrical milling cutters, forming milling cutters, end milling cutters, angle milling cutters and other tools directly or through accessories. It is suitable for processing planes, bevels, grooves and holes of various components.

It is an ideal processing equipment for machinery manufacturing, molds, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles.


  1. The spindle sleeve can be manually fed in micro direction and has a limit device. The milling head can be adjusted by 45° in a counterclockwise rotation.
  2. The worktable can be manually fed vertically and horizontally and vertically lifting, while maneuvering can be realized in vertical and horizontal directions;
  3. It adopts 1200mm extended slider and 1500mm extended table. The longitudinal stroke of the table can reach 1000mm, the stroke is long and the stability is stronger.
  4. The main drive and feed adopt gear shifting mechanism, 12 different speeds and wide speed range;
  5. The main shaft bearing adopts tapered roller bearing, which has strong bearing capacity and energy consumption braking. It has large braking torque, quick stop and reliable braking.
  6. The rectangular guide rail has good stability;
  7. The table and the guide rail are quenched by super audio and the strength is stronger.

The horizontal lifting table milling machine has good steel shaft and strong bearing capacity.

  • Worktable X, Y, Z three-way motorized feed
  • X, Y, Z three-way guide rail sub-audio quenching, precision grinding
  • Manual lubrication device can force lubrication of lead screw and guide rail.
  • Configurable special accessories: vertical milling head for vertical milling.
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Vertical horizontal universal lifting table milling machine features:

  • It can realize the processing functions of vertical and horizontal milling.
  • Two-section rotary milling head and spindle can be rotated and adjusted at any angle.
  • Can be used to machine shells and molds.
  • Worktable X, Y to maneuver feed.


  1. Bed

The bed is used to secure and support the various components of the milling machine.

There are horizontal rails for the beam to move on the top surface.

The front wall has a dovetail-shaped vertical rail for the lifting platform to move up and down.

The main motor, spindle shifting mechanism, spindle, electrical equipment and lubricating oil pump are installed inside.

  1. Beam

One end of the beam is provided with a hanger for supporting the cutter bar to reduce the bending and vibration of the cutter bar.

The beam can be moved along the horizontal rail of the bed and its extension length is adjusted by the length of the knife bar.

  1. Spindle

The spindle is used to mount the tool holder and drive the milling cutter to rotate.

The main shaft is a hollow shaft with a 7:24 precision taper at the front end, which is used to mount the cutter shank taper shank.

  1. Vertical workbench

The longitudinal table is longitudinally moved by the longitudinal screw on the guide rail of the turntable to drive the workpiece on the table for longitudinal feeding.

The T-slot on the table is used to mount fixtures or workpieces.

  1. Lateral workbench

The horizontal table is located on the horizontal rail above the lifting platform, which can drive the longitudinal table together for lateral feeding.

  1. Turntable
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The turntable can rotate the longitudinal table at a certain angle in the horizontal plane (both positive and negative 0 to 45o) for milling spiral grooves and the like.

A horizontal milling machine with a turntable is called a horizontal universal milling machine.

  1. Lifts

The lifting platform can move the entire table up and down along the vertical rail of the bed to adjust the distance between the workpiece and the milling cutter and the vertical feed.

  1. Base

The base is used to support the bed and the lifting platform, and the cutting fluid is contained therein.

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