Universal Milling Machine

The universal milling machine is suitable for various milling operations, such as machining planes, bevels, and grooves, by using different types of milling cutters, including bar milling cutters, circular milling cutters, and angle milling cutters.

Universal Milling Machine

By using the universal milling head, round table, indexing head, and other milling machine accessories, the processing range of the machine can be expanded.

The machine boasts a high level of rigidity and power, making it suitable for demanding cutting operations and gear machining at high speeds.

It is well-suited for heavy-duty, large-scale machining tasks such as the processing of special steels, mining equipment, and industrial machinery.

The table of the universal milling machine can be rotated 45° to the left or right.

By rotating the table at a specific angle, the indexing head attachment can be utilized to machine various spiral surfaces.

The universal milling machine is equipped with either a trapezoidal screw or a ball screw for its three-way feed mechanism.

Universal milling machine operation

Before using the machine tool, it is important to thoroughly read the instruction manual to gain a full understanding of the technology and functions of the machine. The machine should be operated in accordance with the specified methods.

It is necessary to wear closed overalls while operating the machine.

It is important to regularly check the interior and surrounding area of the machine for any obstacles.

It is dangerous to operate the electrical equipment of the machine with wet hands.

Regular inspection, adjustment, and maintenance should be performed according to the specified areas in the manual.

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It is strictly prohibited to disassemble or modify the safety devices, signs, or guards without proper authorization.

Operating part

Mechanical accessories for universal milling operations are:

  • milling machine hand wheel (heavy weight)
  • single handle counterweight handle (three ball handle)
  • round rim hand wheel
  • indexing plate
  • large handle
  • back corrugated hand wheel
  • inner corrugated hand wheel
  • double-handle wheel with foldable handle
  • cone column handle
  • ball head handle
  • handle bar
  • handle ball

Technical Parameters

Model: 63K

63K universal milling machine spindle hole taper 7:24 ISO50

Distance from the spindle centerline to the vertical rail of the bed (mm) 30-350

Distance from the spindle centerline to the suspension beam (mm) 155

Spindle aperture (mm) 29

Worktable maximum turning angle ±45°

Spindle speed range (rpm) 30 to 1500 (18 steps)

Work surface size (mm) 1325×320

Table travel longitudinal / horizontal / vertical (mm) 700 (680) 255 (240) 320 (300)

Worktable feed range Vertical/horizontal/vertical (mm/min) 18 grades 23.5-1180, 23.5-1180, 8-394

Worktable rapid moving speed Vertical/horizontal/vertical (mm/min) 2300/2300/770

Workbench “T” groove Number of slots / width / spacing (mm) 3/18/70

Main motor power (kw) 7.5

Feed motor power (kw) 1.5

Machine tool dimensions (length x width x height) (mm) 2294 × 1770 × 1665

Machine tool net weight (Kg) 3200/3300

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