Universal Radial Milling Machine


Milling machine: Universal radial milling machine is compact, small in size and flexible.

Universal Radial Milling Machine

The milling head can be rotated 90 degrees left and right, and rotated 45 degrees back and forth.

The rocker arm can not only be stretched back and forth, but also can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal plane, which greatly improves the effective working range of the machine tool.

The universal radial milling machine adopts high-grade cast iron, which has high precision and long service life after artificial aging treatment.

The lifting platform adopts rectangular guide rails with many contact faces and rigid feet.

After high-frequency processing and fine grinding, the slides are plasticized and the motion accuracy and life are excellent.

The main shaft is made of chrome-molybdenum alloy with precision grade angular contact bearings. After quenching and tempering and fine grinding, the cutting force is strong and the precision is high.

Structural features

  1. Milling machine vertical milling head is equipped with Taiwan turret milling head, high-speed milling, and the spindle is equipped with manual and micro-feeding modes.

The milling head can be adjusted to ±45° in the vertical plane and 180° in the horizontal plane.

The rocker arm can not only be stretched back and forth, but also can be rotated 360 degrees in the horizontal plane. The processing is more convenient and accurate, and the processing range of the machine tool is expanded.

The horizontal spindle adopts energy consumption braking, and the braking torque is large, stopping quickly and more reliably.

  1. There are three types of manual feed, motorized feed and maneuver fast forward in the vertical and horizontal directions of the workbench.
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Milling machines for motorized feeds are available in 8 different feed rates to meet different processing requirements.

Rapid feed allows the workpiece to reach the machining position quickly, which is convenient and fast, and reduces non-machining time.

  1. The Z-direction lifting of the lifting platform can be realized by manual and maneuvering, and the manual and maneuver are interlocked, eliminating the unsafe factors.

Technical Parameters

Workbench area 300×1270 (250×1270) mm

Longitudinal stroke 760 mm

Lateral stroke 350 mm

Vertical stroke 400 mm

Spindle hole taper ISO30 or R8

Spindle speed range 70-4500(16)

Main motor power 2.2(3HP) kw

Ram stroke 500 mm

Spindle sleeve stroke 127 mm

Milling head rotation angle X: ±90°Y: ±45°

Machine Dimensions 2000x1660x2190 mm

Machine weight 1400 kg

Maintenance knowledge

  1. Clean

Disassemble and clean all scraping oil.

Wipe each sliding surface and rail surface.

Wipe the table and the horizontal, the lifting screw, the wiper and the tool holder.

  1. Lubrication

Keep each oil hole clean and fill with 32# lubricant.

Lubricate the rail surface and the sliding surface and each screw.

Check the oil can, oil level, and refuel to the elevation position.

  1. Tighten

Check and tighten the platen and the set screws.

Check and tighten the table limit screw, the knife drive mechanism, the three ball handle, and the table bracket screw.

  1. Adjust

Check and adjust the milling head belt, pressure plate and inserts to fit tightly.

Check and adjust the limit stop and screw clearance.

  1. Anti-corrosion

Remove all parts of the rust, protect the painted surface, do not collide.

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Deactivated, the rail surface of the spare equipment, the sliding screw handwheel and other exposed parts that are easily rusted

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