Vertical Circular Surface Grinding Machine

Vertical shaft round table vertical grinding machine, circular electromagnetic suction cup workbench, a high efficiency, precise and stable processing machine tool for grinding with sand tile end face – vertical circular surface grinding machine.

Vertical Circular Surface Grinding Machine

This series of machine tools has greatly improved the rigidity of the bed and the grinding head.

The column is adjusted in three points and is compact.

The worktable is a circular powerful electromagnetic chuck with smooth magnetic adjustment.

The precision is stable, the power is large, the thyristor is demagnetized, and it is equipped with a cooling liquid purification device.

Main feature

  1. The bed and the grinding head are rigid.
  2. The column adopts three-point adjustment and has a compact structure.
  3. The workbench is a circular powerful electromagnetic chuck.
  4. High power, can be empty silicon charge demagnetization.
  5. Equipped with a coolant purification device.

It has the characteristics of large machine power, high grinding efficiency, simple and convenient operation.

The main application

Mainly used for roughing, fine grinding, roughing and general precision large parts. The surface is 0.8 or more, and the parallelism is 0.2/1000 mm or less.

It is especially suitable for the grinding of large parts in metallurgy, saw blades, automobiles, tractors, tools, bearings.

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