Vertical Milling Machine


When the vertical milling machine is compared with the horizontal milling machine, the main difference is the vertical arrangement of the spindle.

Vertical Milling Machine

In addition to the different spindle arrangements, the table can be raised and lowered.

The milling cutters used in vertical milling machines are relatively flexible and have a wide range of applications.

An end mill, a machine clamp, a drill bit, etc. can be used.

It’s able to be used for milling keyways, milling planes, boring, etc.

Horizontal milling machines can also use the above various tools, but it is not as convenient as vertical milling.

It is mainly used to enhance the strength of the tools (mainly three-sided milling cutters, sheet milling cutters, etc.).

Can mill groove, plane and cut, etc.

Horizontal milling machines generally have vertical milling head.

Although this vertical milling head is not as powerful and rigid as a vertical milling machine, it is sufficient for vertical milling.

This makes the horizontal milling machine more powerful than a vertical milling machine.

Vertical milling machines do not have this feature and cannot machine workpieces suitable for horizontal milling.

Productivity is higher than in horizontal milling machines.

Product application

Suitable for processing planes, bevels, grooves, holes, etc. of various components.

It is a piece of ideal processing equipment for machinery manufacturing, molds, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles, saving equipment investment.

However, due to the zero activity of the vertical milling, the horizontal milling machine + the vertical milling head is actually a vertical milling head hanging every day and used as vertical milling.

It is not as suitable as a vertical milling machine.

Horizontal milling is mostly used for gears, splines, slots, cutting, etc.

In addition to plane machining, vertical milling machines have high-low curved geometric shapes, such as molds, and vertical milling can make a difference.

Structural features

Vertical milling heads can be adjusted ±45° in a vertical plane, counterclockwise.

Vertical milling machine X, Y, Z three-way motorized feed.

The vertical milling machine spindle adopts energy consumption braking, and the braking torque is large, stopping quickly and reliably.

The main components such as base, fuselage, workbench, middle slide, lifting slide and headstock are all cast from high-strength materials and treated by artificial aging to ensure the stability of long-term use of the machine.

The vertical milling head can be adjusted by ±45° in the vertical plane for smooth and reverse rotation, which expands the machining range of the machine.

The main shaft bearing is a tapered roller bearing with strong bearing capacity, and the main shaft adopts energy consumption braking, and the braking torque is large, stopping quickly and reliably.

Table X/Y/Z has three kinds of manual feed, motor feed and maneuver fast forward, and the feed speed can meet different processing requirements.

Rapid feed allows the workpiece to reach the machining position quickly, which is convenient and fast, and reduces non-machining time.

The X, Y and Z three-way guide rails are super-audio quenched, precision ground and scraped, combined with forced lubrication to improve accuracy and extend the service life of the machine.

The lubrication device can force the vertical, horizontal and vertical lead screws and guide rails to reduce the wear of the machine and ensure its efficient operation of the machine.

At the same time, the cooling system changes the flow rate of the coolant by adjusting the nozzle to meet different processing needs.

The machine design is ergonomic and easy to operate.

The operator panels are designed with visual symbols that are simple and intuitive.

Technical Parameters

X5032 vertical milling machine spindle end to table distance (mm) 45 ~ 415

Distance between the center line of the X5032 vertical milling machine spindle and the vertical rail of the bed (mm) 350

X5032 vertical milling machine spindle hole taper 7:24 ISO50

X5032 Vertical Milling Machine Spindle Aperture (mm) 29

X5032 vertical milling machine spindle speed (r.p.m) 18 grade 30~1500/18

X5032 vertical milling machine vertical milling head maximum rotation angle ±45°

X5032 vertical milling machine spindle axial movement distance (mm) 85

X5032 vertical milling machine table working surface (width × length) (mm) 320 × 1325

X5032 vertical milling machine table stroke longitudinal / horizontal / vertical (manual / mobile) (mm)

X5032 vertical milling machine 720/700, 255/240, 370/350

X5032 vertical milling machine table feed range longitudinal/lateral / vertical (mm / min)

X5032 vertical milling machine 23.5~1180/23.5~1180/8~394

X5032 vertical milling machine table fast moving speed longitudinal/lateral / vertical (mm / min) 2300/2300/770

X5032 vertical milling machine T-slot number / slot width / slot distance (mm /) 3/18/70

X5032 vertical milling machine main motor power (mm) 7.5

X5032 vertical milling machine feed motor power (kw) 1.5

X5032 Vertical Milling Machine Dimensions (mm) 2530×1890×2380

X5032 vertical milling machine net weight (kg) 3200

Structural classification

(1) Bench milling machine

A small milling machine for milling small parts such as instruments and meters.

(2) Cantilever milling machine

The milling head is mounted on a milling machine on a cantilever, and the bed is horizontally arranged.

The cantilever is normally moved vertically along the column rails on one side of the bed.

The milling head moves along the cantilever rail.

(3) Ram-type milling machine

The milling machine is mounted on the ram and the bed is horizontally arranged.

The ram can be moved laterally along the sliding saddle rail, and the saddle can be moved vertically along the pillar rail.

(4) Gantry milling machine

The bed is horizontally arranged, and the columns and connecting beams on both sides constitute the gantry.

The milling head is mounted on beams and columns and can be moved along its guide rails.

Usually, the beam can move vertically along the column rail and the table can be moved longitudinally along the bed rail.

For large parts processing.

(5) Plane milling machine

Milling machine for milling planes and forming surfaces, horizontally arranged.

Usually, the table moves longitudinally along the bed rail and the spindle can move axially.

It has a simple structure and high production efficiency.

(6) Copy milling machine

A milling machine that performs contouring on a workpiece.

Generally used to machine complex-shaped workpieces.

(7) Lifting table milling machine

A milling machine has a lifting platform that can be moved vertically along the bed rail, the table and the sliding saddle usually mounted on the lifting platform can be moved longitudinally and laterally, respectively.

(8) Rocker milling machine

The rocker arm is mounted on the top of the bed, the milling head is mounted on one end of the rocker arm, the rocker arm can be rotated and moved in the horizontal plane, and the milling head can rotate the milling machine at a certain angle on the end face of the rocker arm.

(9) Bed type milling machine

The worktable cannot be lifted and lowered, and can be moved longitudinally along the guide rail of the bed.

The milling head or the column can be used as a vertically moving milling machine.

(10) Special milling machine

For example, tool milling machines: milling machines for milling tooling with high machining accuracy and complex machining shapes.

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