Vertical Turret Milling Machine

The vertical turret milling machine is also known as a rocker milling machine or a universal milling machine.

Vertical Turret Milling Machine

This machine is a type of turret milling machine that falls under the milling machine category.

The vertical turret milling machine differs from the turret milling machine in that its main shaft can only move vertically, and its direction of travel forms a 90° angle with the table plane. Therefore, it is referred to as a vertical turret milling machine.


Vertical turret milling machines are widely used for machining planes, bevels at any angle, milling keyways and grooves, as well as turning, hinging, and boring.

The milling head can be rotated 90 degrees to the left and right and 45 degrees before and after. The ram can be turned 360 degrees, while the spindle has a large shift range and high speed. Additionally, the spindle sleeve can be maneuvered within a fixed range and equipped with an overload protection device.

The spindle sleeve, machine guide rail, and worktable are all processed with high frequency and hardness, resulting in a beautiful and practical finish.

Optional motorized feed and digital display systems are available for vertical turret milling machines.

Main feature

  • Front and rear slides and high-frequency hardening treatment, precision grinding.
  • The surface of the spindle tube is hardened with high frequency hardening and precision grinding.
  • The lifting seat slide hardening treatment, precision grinding.
  • Y and Z axes are square slides.
  • The X axis is a dovetail slide.
  • The whole body of the bed is cast, with strong steel and long service life.

Technical Parameters

Workbench size: 1370 x 360mm

Left and right stroke: 900mm

Front and rear stroke: 300mm

Up and down stroke: 380mm

Spindle motor: 4HP

Spindle taper: NST40

Spindle diameter: 105mm

Spindle speed: (vertical) 80-5440rpm (16 speed)

Vertical milling head tilt angle: 90° left -90° right

T-slot: 16mm x 3 x 65mm

Extend the arm stroke: 600mm

Machine weight: 1700kg

Milling machine maintenance

1. Clean

Disassemble and clean all the scraping oil.

Wipe each sliding surface and guide surface. Also, wipe the table and horizontal direction, lift the screw, and wipe the knife and tool holder.

2. Lubrication

Ensure that each oil hole is clean and fill it with 32# lubricant.

Apply lubricant to the rail surface, sliding surface, and each screw.

Inspect the oil can and oil level, and refill to the correct elevation position.

3. Tighten

Please check and tighten the platen and set screws.

Also, ensure that the table limit screw, knife drive mechanism, three ball handle, and table bracket screw are checked and tightened.

4. Adjustment

Please check and adjust the milling head belt, pressure plate, and inserts to ensure a snug fit.

Also, please examine and adjust the limit stop and screw clearance.

5. Anti-corrosion

Remove any rust and protect the painted surface to prevent damage from collisions.

To prevent rusting, oil and preserve the deactivated rail surface of spare equipment, sliding screw handwheel, and any other exposed parts that are prone to rusting.

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