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Common Welding Defects in Laser Welding Machines


Compared with other welding technologies, laser welding has a wider range of applications and more industries in use.

It also has advantages in welding that other technologies do not have, such as fast welding speed and more aesthetically pleasing welds. With so many advantages, does laser welding have any defects?

Welding defects of laser welding machines:

1. Welding defect – crack

During the laser welding process, due to the small heat input from the laser and the small welding deformation and stress, high-temperature cracks generally do not occur.

However, due to differences in materials and improper selection of process parameters, high-temperature cracks can sometimes occur.

2. Welding defect – removal and change in welding quality

When performing high-energy laser beam welding, a plasma controller must be used to remove ionized gas around the melt pool to ensure the reappearance of the weld line.

Moreover, when welding high-reflectivity and high-thermal conductivity materials such as aluminum, copper, and alloys, the welding quality will be changed by the laser.

3. Welding defect – welding spatter

After laser welding, some workpieces or materials may have many metal particles on the surface, which not only affect the appearance but also the use.

The reason for this phenomenon is that there are stains or galvanized layers on the surface of the workpiece or material.

4. Welding defect – welding bead

When the weld line changes significantly, it is easy to have a welding bead or unevenness at the turning point. This is because the weld line changes significantly and the teaching is uneven.

At this time, it is necessary to adjust the welding parameters and use a method to smooth the transition at the turning point.

These are the most common welding defects in laser welding.

In addition, the energy conversion efficiency of laser welding is too low, usually less than 10%, and its welding equipment is relatively expensive.

These are its defects, but like people are not perfect, the equipment technology is not perfect either. It can only be improved through research and innovation.

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