What Are the Components of the Drive System?

What Are the Components of the Drive System

The transmission system is generally composed of clutch, transmission, universal transmission, final drive, differential, and half shaft.

Its basic function is to transmit the power from the engine to the driving wheels of the car, generating driving force, so that the car can drive at a certain speed.

Mainly can be divided into two categories:

① Friction transmission of power and motion by friction between the parts, including belt drive, rope drive and friction wheel drive.

② Engagement transmission by the active member and the driven member or by the middle member to transmit power or movement, including gear transmission, chain transmission, screw transmission and harmonic transmission.

Transmission mode classification

Mechanical transmission is divided according to the force transmission method and can be divided into:

  • friction drive
  • chain drive
  • gear transmission
  • belt drive
  • turbo vortex drive
  • ratchet drive
  • crankshaft connecting rod drive
  • pneumatic drive
  • hydraulic transmission (hydraulic planing)
  • universal joint drive
  • wire rope drive (the most widely used elevator)
  • coupling drive
  • spline drive

Basic classification: reducer, brake, clutch, coupling, stepless speed changer, lead screw, slide rail, etc.

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