Why Does the Power of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Decrease?

As long as it is a machine, there will be losses, as will metal laser cutting machines.

In the process of long-term use, there are problems such as slow cutting speed and poor cutting accuracy.

Many people think that the laser power of laser cutting equipment must have decreased, which is actually incorrect

There are many reasons that will affect the power decline of laser cutting machine, not necessarily the problem of laser.

The reasons for the power decline of fiber laser cutting machine are analyzed below.

Focus position

The focus position will affect the precision of laser cutting, especially in the focus spot diameter.

The focal spot diameter should be as small as possible to create a narrow slit;

The focal spot diameter is directly proportional to the focal depth of the focal point lens. The smaller the focal depth of the focal point lens, the smaller the focal spot diameter.

Distance between nozzle and workpiece

The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece also affects the power reduction of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Too far will cause unnecessary waste of kinetic energy, and too close will affect the dispersion ability of spatter cutting products.

The appropriate distance is 0.8mm.

In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine mainly cuts the workpiece with uneven surface through subsequent adjustment.

During operation, the height of the nozzle and workpiece shall always be consistent.

Cut off speed

The cutting speed has a great influence on the power of fiber laser cutting equipment.

The cutting speed is directly proportional to the power of the fiber laser cutting machine.

At the same time, the cutting quality is related to the quality of the laser beam and the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, the size of the laser beam after focusing has a great impact on the laser cutting quality.

Auxiliary gas

The size and pressure of auxiliary gas also affect the power of the fiber laser cutting machine.

The auxiliary gas is preferably compressed air or inert gas.

If the thickness of the processed material increases or the cutting speed is slow, the air pressure shall be reduced appropriately.

Cutting with lower air pressure can prevent frosting on the cutting edge.

Laser power

If the previous items are excluded, the reduction of laser power is considered.

Some parts of any equipment will age after long-term use.

Laser is the core and most important component of metal laser cutting machine. The power will decrease after long-term use.

In addition to the above points, the performance, size and thickness of processing materials will also affect the power reduction of fiber laser cutting machine.

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