Why Is It Called the Worm Gear?

Why Is the Worm Gear Called the Worm Gear

The reason why the worm gear is called a worm gear is derived from bionics.

The appearance of worm gears is the result of bionics: a mechanism like a volute.

In the absence of a spiral mechanism, the “spiral” that gives a perceptual cognition has only a volute.

The spiral shape of the volute is reminiscent of a lot: it has a strong “drilling” strength and is a symbol of “force”.

The use of such a structure in engineering did not have an exact name when inventing the worm gear device because subsequent research found that such a mechanism can transmit a large force.

However, compared with the gear mechanism, the worm gear is very slow, but it is very useful, so the worm gear is named.

It can also be seen from the worm that it is a bionic name: like a bug (snail or other bug) (gear).

Mechanisms such as worm gears are also used in centrifugal fans and centrifugal pumps, and their pump casings are all volute-like structures.

Worm gear mechanisms are commonly used to transmit motion and power between two staggered shafts.

The worm gear and the worm are equivalent to the gear and the rack in the middle plane, and the worm is similar in shape to the screw.

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