The Fascinating Story Behind Worm Gears

Why Is the Worm Gear Called the Worm Gear

The reason for the name “worm gear” comes from bionics. The design of worm gears was inspired by a bionic mechanism, specifically the shape of a volute. The volute’s spiral shape resembles a drill bit and symbolizes force. When the worm gear was invented, there was no specific name for this type of mechanism in engineering, but subsequent research showed that it could transmit a large force. Although the worm gear is slower than other gears, it is still very useful. Thus, it was named after the worm, a bionic creature similar to a snail or bug.

Worm gear mechanisms are widely used in centrifugal fans and pumps, where their casing is designed in a volute shape. These mechanisms are primarily used for transmitting motion and power between two offset shafts. The worm gear and worm function similarly to a gear and rack in the middle plane, with the worm having a shape comparable to a screw.

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