Entrepreneurs Association has been committed to the development of precision machining technology.

From 1964 to the formal development of horizontal precision boring and milling machine “jig master” as the starting point, among the machine tool industry, in 1966, China’s first horizontal machining center paid attention to the development.

Since then, the association will be high-precision machining, high-precision machine tools and durable composite performance of the unremitting pursuit of the target area.

Yasda today coordinates boring machine machining center, precision machining center and world-famous products have been standing on a par, many well-known manufacturers have a high degree of trust.

Yasda is an outstanding representative of the high precision machining center brand in Japan, pursuing ultra-high precision of submicron precision.

Yasda’s basic idea is “not for the biggest, but for the best”.

Instead of blindly expanding the scale of the enterprise, yasda’s vision is to challenge the development of the ultimate products required by the times at any time, so as to organize the development of ultra-high precision machine tools.

Its products are suitable for optical mold, semiconductor processing, high hardness quenching processing (HRC65), high precision multi cavity mold, high finish processing mold.

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