Routine Maintenance of Turret Punch: Everything You Need to Know

In order to extend the service life and accuracy of the turret punch, routine maintenance and care should be done well.

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How to achieve the best maintenance effect?

Routine Maintenance of Turret Punch: Everything You Need to Know 1

1. Daily maintenance:

1. The turret punch equipment shall not be exposed to rain, collision or severe vibration during handling, installation and use.

2. Pay attention to timely remove the blanking and rust dust from the turret punch:

2.1 The waste materials in the waste trolley located at the middle bottom of the host shall be removed in time, and the waste materials shall be strictly prevented from piling up above the ground, so as not to affect the movement of relevant parts.

2.2 Regularly clean the rust dust on the guide rail surface of the moving part and on the transmission parts (such as the lead screw) to avoid damaging the workpiece surface of the parts.

3. Maintenance of turret punch

3.1 After the equipment runs for 500 hours, all connecting fasteners (screws, bolts, nuts, etc.) shall be retightened and inspected regularly in the future.

3.2 Before each shift of equipment operation, check the hydraulic station and check whether each electrical limit switch is sensitive; Check whether there are sundries on the moving parts and the material path.

4. Rust prevention of turret punch

4.1 Exposed smooth surfaces (such as guide rail surface and lead screw surface) shall be frequently coated with a layer of oil film, which can not only lubricate but also prevent rust.

4.2 When the equipment is out of service for a long time, the metal surface shall be coated with anti rust grease.

5. Strictly and carefully lubricate the turret punch machine tool

6. Lubrication instructions for turret punch:

6.1 The nut flange cover of each ball screw and the linear guide slider are equipped with an oil cup, which is injected once a month.

6.2 The bearings of each transmission shaft and each lead screw shall be greased when the machine tool is assembled.

After use, lithium based grease shall be added during overhaul or intermediate maintenance (the service interval shall not exceed three years).

6.3 Before each startup, check whether the oil position is normal, whether the filter indication is in the green area, and whether the connecting solid components are loose and other abnormalities.

6.4 During machine operation, pay attention to system pressure, temperature, noise, hydraulic oil quality and leakage at any time.

The oil temperature should be within the range of 35-55 ℃.

It shall not exceed 60 ℃.

6.5 Check regularly and replace components if necessary;

6.5.1 Check whether the oil filter, air filter and connecting fasteners are normal every month.

6.5.2 The new oil shall be sampled and tested after being used for 400-500 hours.

After the qualified oil is used, the new oil shall be replaced every 3000-4000 hours.

The new oil shall be tested once every 1000 hours.

6.5.3 In addition to observing the pressure change of the accumulator at any time (refer to the sudden change of the pressure gauge when the pump is stopped), check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator once a month.

6.5.4 Carefully check the oil pump, valve and other components every six months to see if their performance is normal.

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