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Sheet Metal Bending Calculator (Free to Use)

Sheet Metal Bending Calculator (Free to Use)

Sheet Metal Bending Calculator Our free online sheet metal bending calculator enables you to rapidly determine the crucial parameters in sheet metal bending calculations, such as the K-factor, Y-factor, bend [...]
Press Brake Tonnage Calculator

Press Brake Tonnage Calculator (Online & Free)

1. Press Brake Tonnage Calculator You can use the following press brake tonnage calculator to determine the necessary bending force for your sheet metal bending. The calculator provides both metric [...]

V & U-shaped Bend Force Calculator

The V & U-shaped Bend Force Calculator is an essential tool in the realm of sheet metal fabrication, specifically tailored for calculating the force required to perform V-bending and U-bending [...]
Bend Deduction Calculator

Bend Deduction Calculator, Formulas & Charts

1. What Is Bend Deduction? Bend deduction is commonly referred to as the “back-off amount”. It is a straightforward algorithm used to explain the process of sheet metal bending. The [...]

Deformation Process in Sheet Metal Bending Explained

The process of transforming sheet metal blanks or other profile blanks into sheet metal parts with specific angles, curvatures, and shapes through bending is known as sheet metal bending (such [...]

Essential Structural Designs for Common Bending Dies

The structure of a bending die varies depending on the characteristics of the bent part (shape, size, precision level, etc.) and production volume. The complexity varies, and there are numerous [...]
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