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The Four Pillars of Laser Power A Closer Look

Laser Basics: Understanding Key Characteristics

A typical light source emits light that radiates in all directions and diminishes with increasing distance. This attenuation is mainly because the light from such sources is the result of…

Laser Tech 101: Structures & Working Principles

The basic structure of the laser is illustrated in Figure 1 and consists of the following components: 1) Laser Active Medium The production of laser light requires a suitable active…
Guide to Laser Engraving Machine Operation

A Complete Guide to Laser Engraving Machine Operation

Safety Precautions ★ Prior to operating the equipment, users must diligently read this operation manual and strictly adhere to the operating procedures. ★ Laser processing may pose risks. Users should…

Laser Cleaning Technology: Principles and Applications

1. Introduction: With the advancement and development of technology, laser processing technology has been widely used in production practice. Laser processing (Laser Beam Machining, LBM) can be used for drilling,…
Understanding CO2 Lasers & Their Applications

Understanding CO2 Lasers & Their Applications

I. Introduction In 1964, Patel obtained continuous laser output at wavelengths near 10.4 microns and 9.4 microns in CO2 gas discharge, giving birth to the world’s first CO2 molecular laser.…

Laser Engraving Speed Chart: 12 Types of Materials

Aspiring engravers often struggle with determining the optimal settings for their laser engraving machines. Fortunately, a comprehensive laser engraving speed chart has been compiled to assist in this process. This…
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