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Connecting Global Machine Buyers & Manufacturers

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Machinery Trade, Seamlessly Connected

MachineMFG focuses on connecting buyers and sellers in the machinery industry. We make the connection between the two parties seamless and efficient through a simple yet powerful platform.

Buyer’s submission of requirements

The buyer submits their purchasing details through our user-friendly requirement submission form, including product specifications, quantity, and delivery time.

Requirement review and matching

Our team reviews each submitted requirement to ensure completeness and accuracy of the information, and then matches these requirements with suitable sellers in our database.

Sellers provide quotations

The matched sellers will receive notification of the requirements and provide quotations and solutions based on the requirements.

Communication and confirmation between buyers and sellers

The buyer can review the received quotations and communicate directly with the seller to ensure the satisfaction of the requirements and confirm the details.

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User Guide

User Guide

Please refer to our user guide to learn how to use our platform efficiently.

About MachineMFG

MachineMFG is committed to being a leading platform that connects buyers and sellers of machinery worldwide. Our vision is to simplify the machinery procurement process through technological innovation and professional services.

About MachineMFG

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Extensive Global Connections

Successfully connected buyers and sellers in over 100 countries, creating a global network for machinery trade.

Innovative Solutions

Offered unique customized services to address complex machinery procurement challenges.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

Achieved 98% customer satisfaction rate, earning trust through excellent service.

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