The Machines You Need

The following machines are mainly used for metal working industry, like sheet metal cutting, bending, rolling, punching, etc. Probaby you just need one of them.


Press Brake

For sheet metal bending, hydraulic press brake machine is always the best choice. We have both NC and CNC type for your selection.

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Hydraulic Shear

Hydraulic shear including hydraulic swing beam shear and hydraulic guillotine shear. They’re in complete different working principle.

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Plate Rolling Machine

We have 3-roller and 4-roller plate rolls and the profile bending machine for the roll bending of tube, cone and section steels.

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Power Press

Our mechanical power press including tilting type, fixed bed type and deep throat type with simple operation and fast speed.

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Laser Cutting

Fiber Laser Cutter

If you need good cutting finishing, especially for thin sheet metal cutting, the fiber laser cutter will always be the best choice.

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Hydraulic Press Machine

If the stamping of your workpiece need large pressing force, like steel door embossing, the hydraulic press machine will be your best choice.

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Tubing Machine

For tube bending, cutting, shrinking, chamfering, aluminum cutting etc, we have a list of equipment to meet your requirements.

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Air Duct Machine

We have both automatic duct product line and single machine to make rectangular duct and round duct used in HVAC industry.

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Sheet Metalworking Machines

For sheet metal cutting, bending, rolling, pressing, notching, grooving etc are available for you.
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