Category: Roll Forming

Basic Guide to Roll Bending And Plate Roll Capacity Conversion

Plate Roll Bending Calculations: Conversion Formula

1. Introduction In the production of boilers and pressure vessels, the use of roll bending technology is widespread. It includes cylindrical, conical roll bending, as well as a variety of [...]

How to Roll a Cone Out of Sheet Metal?

1. Principle of the cone rolling Cylindrical and conical workpieces can be created by rotating their generatrix, the line that forms the shape, 360 degrees around the centerline of rotation [...]

What Is Plate Roll Bending Machine?

What is plate roll bending machine? The plate roll bending machine is a tool for continuously bending plates into various shapes, such as O-type, U-shape, and multi-segment R. It comes [...]

Plate Rolling Machine: Your Ultimate Guide

Overview The plate rolling machine is a type of equipment that uses work rolls to bend and shape sheet metal into various forms, including cylindrical and conical shapes. It is [...]
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