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Laser Welding in Cars Driving the Future of Assembly

Laser Welding in Cars: Driving the Future of Assembly

Laser welding technology is characterized by its high process efficiency and flexibility. In the automotive manufacturing process, it can be used for welding car bodies and various automotive components, reducing…

Laser Welding Sheet Metal: A Beginner’s Guide

Introduction Welding is a primary process in sheet metal fabrication, characterized by high labor intensity and harsh working conditions. As such, high proficiency is essential. Automation in welding and the…

Exploring Handheld Welding Head Optical Principles

Handheld laser welding equipment has become a game-changing product in the laser application market in recent years, rapidly emerging as a growth point of the green laser industry. Since 2018,…
What Industries Can Use Laser Welding Machines

Laser Welding Machines: Industries That Benefit

The advent of laser welding machines has provided another option for those in the market for welding equipment, but it has also introduced new challenges. Many individuals may be hesitant…

Laser Welding Materials Explained

Laser welding is the process of using high-energy laser pulses to locally heat a small area of a material. The energy of the laser radiation is transferred to the material’s…
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