Laser Cutting in Shipbuilding
Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting in Shipbuilding: Application Status and Development

The shipbuilding industry is a major player in metal welding and cutting. The main processes involved in manufacturing are cutting and welding. In recent years, the …

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Metal Hardness

Metal Hardness: The Definite Guide (with Hardness Chart)

Hardness refers to the ability of a material to resist local deformation, especially plastic deformation, indentations or scratches. It is an indicator of the hardness …

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Automatic Stamping Production Line

Automatic Stamping Production Line: The Basic Guide

Metal Working Machine for Sale! Learn More About OurMechanical & Hydraulic Press Machine. (Factory Directly Supply) Strong After-sale Services and 3 years warranty! Check It …

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Types of Plastic Forming Process

5 Different Types of Plastic Forming Process

What is plastic forming Plastic forming is the use of the plasticity of the material, under the external force of the tool and mold to process …

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Different Types of Casting Process

10 Different Types of Casting Process

What is casting Liquid metal is poured into a mold cavity that matches the shape and size of the part. The production method that waits for …

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Bearing Lubrication Methods

11 Bearing Lubrication Methods, How Many Do You Know?

Bearing lubrication is to enable the bearing to run normally, avoid direct contact between the raceway and the surface of the rolling body, reduce friction …

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