Sheet Metal Bending Calculator (Free to Use)

What Is Sheet Metal Bending?

Sheet metal bending is the process of transforming flat sheet metal into a three-dimensional shape using pressure equipment and specialized molds.

The specific type of bending machine, upper and lower molds, and special molds used will vary depending on the material, thickness, length, and width of the plate, as well as the desired shape and angle.

Sheet Metal Bending

To achieve the desired results, different bending machines with varying tonnage and pressure, molds with different heights, shapes, and v-openings, as well as molds with unique shapes, are necessary.

Sheet Metal Bending Calculator

Our free online sheet metal bending calculator enables you to rapidly determine the crucial parameters in sheet metal bending calculations, such as the K-factor, Y-factor, bend allowance, bend deduction, arc length, and unfolding flat size.

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  • Input material thickness and inner radius to get the data of K factor, Y factor, neutral layer.
  • Then input the bend angle to get the arc length, bend allowance and bend deduction.
  • And then input leg length A and B to get the flat size of the sheet.

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  1. W. Peter schubert

    this calculator is great! I am not that versed in Sheet Metal and i can not find any consistent reference for how to calculate the Neutral Axis. Your calculator obviously gets it correct. would you share your method?

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