Top 10 Machine Tool Enterprises in Japan

Machine Tool Enterprises

Japan, after the United States and Germany, is the third country in the world to establish a strong machine tool industry, manufacturing and industrialization.

In 1889, the Ikebukuro Iron Works was established and the first machine was produced.

Based on the machine tool industry, the steel, automobile, shipbuilding, electronics and nuclear power industries were developed.

Due to the large number of talents, correct management, excellent quality, innovation, breakthroughs in a variety of key technology bases and components of the supporting, Japan’s machine tool technology leaps to the top of the world, the following is to introduce you to the top-ranked Japanese machine tool enterprises.

01 Okuma

The world’s leading company, the largest machine tool manufacturer in Japan, the world’s largest gantry machining center manufacturer, 100 years of machine tool manufacturing experience, Okuma Corporation, Japan, is one of the largest CNC machine tool manufacturers in Japan and the world, with a history of over 100 years, which produces a variety of CNC lathes, turning centers, vertical, horizontal, gantry type (pentagonal) machining centers, CNC grinding machines, etc., with an annual output of more than 7,000 units (sales in FY2006 were 170 billion yen, about $1.5 billion).

About 50% of them are for export, and its products are famous for good rigidity, high cutting efficiency, high precision, long life and easy operation, and are well received by users around the world.

Okuma Japan is not only a world-renowned CNC machine tool manufacturer, but has been developing Okuma’s own CNC OSP controls since the 1960s.

At present, the company’s annual production of more than 7,000 CNC devices, spindles and servo motors of about 30,000 units, ranking around the fifth in the world. The

OSP system is not only advanced, stable and reliable, practical and easy to operate, but also fully integrated with the machine tool, truly achieving mechatronics.

Several Okuma machines already support this new invention, such as the 5-axis vertical machining centers MU-6300V, MU-500V and MU-400V, the 5-axis composite machining centers MU-6300V-L and MU-500V-L, and the 5-axis horizontal machining center MU-10000H.

Okuma machines are well known to Chinese manufacturers.

Its annual sales of CNC machines, grinding machines and various precision machining systems in China are close to 400 million RMB, making it one of the most influential foreign machine tool suppliers to China.

02 MitsubishiH.I.

Founded in 1884, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is Japan’s largest heavy industry manufacturer with the ability to manufacture more than 700 types of products, with a long history and excellent product quality.

As a group company ranked among the top 500 companies in the world, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has 11 business headquarters, divisions, and six research institutes throughout Japan, as well as a technology development system centered on its technology headquarters, which focuses on cutting-edge technology research with a view to the future and technology development closely related to each production site.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been engaged in the development and production of various machine tools since the development of the MIB Machine No. 1 in 1960.

In 1986, the world’s largest super milling machine with a width of 13 meters was introduced. Recent years have seen rapid development, with a focus on large special-purpose machines.

In addition, this company has been recognized as a “leading manufacturer of large machines” by it’s customers by proposing various solutions to meet their needs and producing high quality, high level machining machines.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a comprehensive machinery manufacturer with a unique advantage that distinguishes it from other machine tool manufacturers — the Mitsubishi Machine Tool Division’s strength lies in its unique status as a manufacturer and customer, working together with research institutes to develop first-class machine tools that can be used in a wide range of industries, based on the information requested from Mitsubishi Group products.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries also produces state-of-the-art gear grinding machines, including the high-efficiency generative gear grinding machine ZE15B/ZE24B, the generative internal gear grinding machine ZI20, and the ZE40A for both generative and profile grinding.

They provide a series of gear processing machines such as ZG400, ZG1000, ZGA1600, and other gear grinding machines for high-precision gear manufacturers.

With the automatic programming system developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the NC program required for dressing and grinding can be programmed simply by inputting various parameters to achieve high-precision machining for power generation applications.

03 MoriSeiki

MoriSeiki Corporation, founded in 1948, is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in Japan.

The company mainly produces CNC lathes, machining centers, and CNC grinding machines, with the market share of CNC lathes and machining centers in Japan being the largest.

The company specializes in MC machine tools and CNC turntable machine tools, and is listed on the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges.

In 2011, MoriSeiki consolidated operating income was approximately US $ 2 billion.

The vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, and gantry high-speed machining centers developed and manufactured by Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. enjoy high reputation in Japan and overseas, and have won the Japanese Machine Tool New Product Award and Manufacturing Award.

Currently, it has sales companies in Shanghai and technology centers in Beijing, Tianjin and other cities.

Since Mori Seiki’s machine tools were first used by Chinese users in 1980, more than 2,000 Mori Seiki lathes and machining centers have been located in Chinese users’ factories.

At present, Mori Seiki has 9 technical centers in China (responsible for marketing and after-sales service), namely Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan and Taipei, this year it is planned to establish the 10th technology center in Xi’an. Mori Seiki’s sales of machine tools in China (excluding Taiwan) in 2004 were RMB 130 million, and more than 300 devices were installed.

The company currently has more than 50 employees in China. In order to provide customers with the best after-sales service, the company plans to reach 100 employees by 2008.

It is reported that Mori Seiki (Tianjin) Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established by the Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. in May 2012 in Tianjin Development Zone, with a total investment of 75 million US dollars, mainly produces high-end CNC machine tools.

It is expected that the first phase of the plant will reach full capacity in 2017, with an annual turnover of US $ 157 million.

In addition to complete machine production, the base will supply Mori Seiki’s factories in Japan and the United States with important parts and components in the future.

Its development will drive Mori Seiki to double its domestic market share.

The company also holds approximately 20% of Germany ’s largest machine tool maker Demag.

04 Jtekt

JTEKT owns JTEKT, KOYO, TOYODA and other brands.

It is a company that provides technical support for “movable things” such as cars, Shinkansen, aircraft, and robots, and is closely related to everyone’s life.

Through the merger of Koyo Seiko and Toyota Kogyo, the new company JTEKT has the world’s largest market share in the steering system industry.

Through the merger of Koyo Seiko and Toyota Kogyo, the new company JTEKT has the world’s largest market share in the steering system industry.

Combined with the bearing industry, machine tool industry, and transmission industry, they have become the four major industries.

They have fully and freely combined various industries and become a manufacturer that can comprehensively provide the world’s top-level systems.

Active range involves all “active” items.

In addition, JTEKT challenges the cutting-edge technology of safety, security, speed and comfort, resource saving and environmental benefits by deepening the technology of the base plate, systematic steering system and transmission industry cultivated by the bearing industry and the machine tool industry.

JTEKT has developed the exclusive technology necessary to replace the existing machining method with the turning method, and adds the turning process to the standard configuration of the Universal Wedge Plus to form a saleable product.

As a result, the processing steps of gears (inner teeth, outer teeth, straight teeth, helical teeth, splines, etc.) can be well integrated without the need for multiple special machines and a large installation site.

It not only realizes the general mechanization of the gear manufacturing process, but also helps customers reduce the unit price of products.

Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. is based on the production of bearings and is called “Industry Rice”. After decades of development, it has become the top bearing manufacturer in Japan and the world.

In addition to bearings, Koyo Seiko also successfully developed the world’s first electric power steering system (EPS) in 1988 and achieved mass production.

TOYODA Co., Ltd. is the world’s leading machine tool manufacturer with customers all over the world.

In addition to industrial machine tools, Toyota Kogyo is also engaged in the production and sales of automotive steering systems, drive systems, and other components, the industrial field is broad and deep.

At present, in China, JTEKT has established 6 Koyo bearing production plants, 8 JTEKT auto parts production plants, 1 TOYODA machine tool plant, 2 R&D centers and many related companies in Wuxi, Jiangsu, Dalian, Liaoning, Xiamen, Fujian, Foshan, Guangdong, Changchun, Tianjin, Xinxiang, Henan, etc. JTEKT (China) Investment Co., Ltd., which is responsible for JTEKT related product sales and business integration functions in China, is located in Changning District, Shanghai.

05 Sodick

Sodick Corporation of Japan, centering on the mold industry, integrates manufacturing companies, sales companies, and research and development companies.

In the past 30 years, Sodick Group has continuously expanded its production capacity and has formed four main factories, which are distributed in Fukui, Kaga, Japan, Bangkok, Thailand, and Suzhou, China.

In early 2006, Sodick Group proposed a new global development strategy with the goal of continuously expanding its business scale.

Due to the convenience of its geographical environment, Xiamen, China has become the preferred city for Sodick Group to implement this global development strategy.

Sodick Group supports various manufacturing projects based on its manufacturing philosophy.

Including: CAD / CAM product design for mold processing, electrical discharge machining of mold parts, high-speed milling center, electron beam finishing of the finished surface (especially EBM PIKA surface processing device EBM), injection molding processing as well as linear processing technology.

With the world’s leading technology, Sodick can provide customers with the best production solutions.

Sodick Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Shanghai Mould Technology Research Institute) established a joint venture in 1991 to develop software for industrial control systems and enterprise information management systems, receive development, and sell products.

Established in 1994, it mainly manufactures EDM machines and wire-cut EDM machines in China. The factory in Suzhou New District has an environment suitable for precision machinery production.

The production line is equipped with heating, cooling and air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature.

The new plant completed in August 2004 has a monthly output of 150 units.

Sodick Corporation of Japan announced on July 16, 2014 that it has developed a 3D printer “OPM250L” that uses metal materials, and will start selling it in October 2014.

Sodick has signed a licensing agreement with Panasonic on this processing technology, and is still developing related technologies independently, and has applied for 5 patents.

06 Makino

Mr. TsunezoMakino established the company in 1937, specializing in the production of Type 1 vertical milling machines.

Makino developed Japan ’s first CNC milling machine in 1958, and successfully developed Japan ’s first machining center in 1966.

The Makino International R & D Center invests SGD$ 75 million to develop and improve the human resources and intellectual capital of not only Makino but also Singapore as a whole.

It recruits talents from various industries around the world, is a hotbed of new ideas, new technologies and new products, and can create more valuable intellectual property.

Makino mainly designs and produces the research and development of three-axis and above three-axis CNC machine tools, numerical control systems, servo devices and parts and related products, as well as the development and production of related application software, sells self-produced products and provide related product technology and maintenance services.

In order to meet the rapidly growing processing requirements in the Asian market, Makino Milling Company, the global headquarters, established Makino Asia to better and more effectively manage the business and services of customers in the Asian region.

Based on Singapore’s geographic location, strategic position and economic situation in Asia, Makino Tokyo chose Singapore as its Asian headquarters and established Makino Asia Pte Ltd to cover China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore markets.

Makino Asia has grown into a manufacturing company that integrates manufacturing, R&D, product design and business management.

Advanced processing, manufacturing and assembly are important functions of Makino.

Makino Asia produces F and E series machining centers, EDAF and EDGE series EDMs, DUO series and the latest U3 wire cutting machines.

07 Amada

In 1946, Isamu Amada (founder) established Amada Manufacturing Co., Ltd., initially mainly engaged in sheet metal machinery and cutting products.

In 1955, a band saw disk named contour was developed and manufactured, and sales began in 1956.

In 1965, Amada bought out the Torc-Pac brand in the United States and the Promecam brand in France, and sold it under the name of Amada.

As a result, “Amada” entered a period of rapid development and became a world-class brand in the sheet metal business.

Whether in developed countries such as Japan, the United States or Europe, it enjoys a high reputation.

According to incomplete statistics, in recent years, it has ranked first in the international market for similar products, close to 70%.

In 2001, Amada’s sales reached 190 billion yen, and the number of employees reached 4,400.

The company has 83 branches on all continents, and its products are marketed in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

It has many varieties of sheet metal processing machinery (up to nearly 1,000 varieties) with excellent performance and advanced technology, and it is the first in the world of sheet metal processing machinery.

The 21st century intelligent automatic sheet metal processing center developed and manufactured by the company in the 1990s has set a precedent for the intelligent processing of the world sheet metal industry and received the highest technological invention award in Japan.

AMADA’s products are popular with customers all over the world because of their comprehensive and rational mechanical structure, which can provide the best quality assurance to customers.

Efficient and harmless operation features create benefits for users and provide peace of mind.

The advanced technology of simulation automation provides users with the most perfect and simplified processing guarantee, which has enabled AMADA’s products to reach 200 billion yen in annual sales worldwide.

The main products are: CNC punching machine, bending machine, plate shearing machine, laser cutting machine and other sheet metal processing machinery, as well as the corresponding molds, spare parts, cutting products.

08 KomatsuNTC

Komatsu NTC Co., Ltd. was founded in July 1945 and is a subsidiary of Komatsu Corporation, Japan.

It is a comprehensive machine tool manufacturer that provides a large number of high-quality precision metal processing equipment to automobile manufacturers worldwide.

In 1983 NTC and Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan worked together to develop the world’s first three-dimensional five-axis CNC laser cutting machine.

After more than 20 years of continuous technical improvement and perfection, on the basis of extensive user experience and requirements, fully consider the uniqueness of 3D five-axis CNC laser cutting machine application, formed its own unique technology and characteristics.

The heart of the car, which is made up of many parts, refers to the power unit and drive unit such as engine and transmission.

NTC’s machine group is centered on a combination of machine tools (automatic transfer compound machining machines) and various grinding machines that are the backbone of the mass production system for these products, and is widely used in both domestic and overseas markets under the name “World Class”.

NTC contributes to the development of the automotive industry not only by providing machining machines, but also by providing “new hardware” that incorporates software such as production systems, as well as the ability to propose total solutions based on a deep understanding of the business foundation that meets all customer needs, have received deep trust and high evaluation from customers both at home and abroad.

Since 1997, NTC has received the “Supplier of the Year” award from General Motors Corporation (GM) for three consecutive years.

This is a first for a Japanese industrial machinery manufacturer, as the productivity and reliability of the combined machine tools for machining automotive parts supplied to factories in North America and Central and South America have been highly evaluated.

09 Aida

Aida is a high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of high-speed presses, precision presses, servo presses and stamping automation.

With a history of 93 years, Aida is a well known Japanese listed company that manufactures and sells punching machines, industrial robots, and various automatic transmission devices.

Aida’s state-of-the-art punching machines, peripheral automation and plastic forming technology are at the forefront of the world.

The high-precision one-piece gantry structure of the Aida machine tool solves the problem of the opening of the machine body at the time of loading, and realizes the processing of high-precision products.

The slider’s left and right dimensions have been expanded to achieve full-length guidance and center guidance.

The use of forced circulation oiling method makes the thermal deformation of the machine body less, and enables the processing of high-precision products.

The compact design reduces the deformation of the fuselage and saves space in the equipment.

The safe and easy operation of the touch screen further improves production efficiency.

Aida’s forging machinery products include open and closed presses, cold forging presses, high-speed presses, servo presses, large multi-station presses and peripheral equipment.

And is ranked 23rd in the Gardner World Machine Tool Companies (value) and 5th in the metal forming machine tool category.

10 YamazakiMazak

Japan’s MAZAK Yamazaki Corporation is a world-renowned manufacturer of machine tools. Founded in 1919, the company mainly produces CNC lathes, composite turning and milling centers, vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, CNC laser systems, FMS flexible production systems, CAD/CAM systems, CNC devices and production support software, etc.

It’s products are known in the industry for their high speed and high precision, and are used in various industries in the machinery industry.

At present, there are nine Yamazaki Mazak manufacturing companies worldwide, located in Japan (five in Japan: Yamazaki Mazak Ouchi Plant, Yamazaki Mazak Minokamo Plant, Yamazaki Mazak Minokamo Second Plant, Yamazaki Mazak Seiko Plant and Yamazaki Mazak OPTONICS Plant), the United States (Mazak Corporation), the United Kingdom (Yamazaki Masiya), Singapore (Yamazaki Mazak Singapore) and China (Ningxia Little Giant Machine Tool Co.).

In addition, Yamazaki Mazak has established 30 technical centers in more than 60 locations around the world.

Together with Mazak Technical Service Centers around the world, Mazak Yamazaki has established over 80 customer support bases around the world.

Established in 1998, Yamasaki Mazak Technology Co., Ltd.(Shanghai) will specialize in the sales and service of laser cutting machine products in China.

The sales and service of all metal cutting machine products except laser cutting machines will be handled by the new company, Yamazaki Mazak Machine Tools (Shanghai) Co.

The above is for products manufactured in Japan, but the sales of products manufactured in China by Mazak Yamazaki are still under the sole control of Little Giant Machine Tools Co.

There are many Japanese machine tool companies, such as StarMicronics, KomatsuPress, Citizen, Fanuc, Fujikoshi-Fujikoshi, Toshiba, OKK, Brother, Tsugami, Takisawa, Enshu, Okamoto, Miyano, and they are some of the more famous companies.

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