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Laser Engraving Speed Chart: 12 Types of Materials


Aspiring engravers often struggle with determining the optimal settings for their laser engraving machines. Fortunately, a comprehensive laser engraving speed chart has been compiled to assist in this process.

This chart provides detailed information on the recommended power, speed, and engraving depth for various materials based on the wattage of the engraving machine.

By utilizing this chart, engravers can achieve precise and efficient results when working with materials such as acrylic, leather, glass, marble, and more.

1. Engraving Machine Power 25W

MaterialEngraving Step Distance25W
SpeedPowerEngraving Depth
Marble0.15-0.2mm400mm/s50-60%Surface Finishing
Lacquer Carvings0.1mm600mm/s35-45%0.1mm
Two-tone Panels0.06mm500mm/s30-40%0.2mm
Wooden Boards0.05mm500mm/s25-35%0.1mm
Density Boards0.04mm500mm/s25-35%0.1mm
Crystal0.06mm500mm/s30-40%Surface Finishing
Rubber Sheets0.05mm200mm/s80-90%0.5mm
Ceramic0.1mm300mm/s70-80%Surface Finishing

2. Engraving Machine Power 40W

MaterialEngraving Step Distance40W
SpeedPowerEngraving Depth
Marble0.15-0.2mm400mm/s40-50%Surface Finishing
Lacquer Carvings0.1mm500mm/s20-30%0.1mm
Two-tone Panels0.06mm450mm/s20-30%0.2mm
Wooden Boards0.05mm450mm/s15-25%0.1mm
Density Boards0.04mm450mm/s15-25%0.1mm
Crystal0.06mm450mm/s20-30%Surface Finishing
Rubber Sheets0.05mm300mm/s70-80%0.5mm
Ceramic0.1mm350mm/s60-70%Surface Finishing

3. Engraving Machine Power 60W

MaterialEngraving Step Distance60W
SpeedPowerEngraving Depth
Marble0.15-0.2mm400mm/s30-40%Surface Finishing
Lacquer Carvings0.1mm450mm/s10-20%0.1mm
Two-tone Panels0.06mm400mm/s15-25%0.2mm
Wooden Boards0.05mm400mm/s10-20%0.1mm
Density Boards0.04mm400mm/s10-20%0.1mm
Crystal0.06mm400mm/s10-20%Surface Finishing
Rubber Sheets0.05mm400mm/s60-70%0.5mm
Ceramic0.1mm400mm/s50-60%Surface Finishing

4. Engraving Machine Power 80-200W

MaterialEngraving Step Distance80-200W(Engraving is not recommended.)
SpeedPowerEngraving Depth
Acrylic0.06mm350mm/sApproximately 30%> 1mm
Leather0.1mm350mm/sApproximately 25%> 0.5mm
Glass0.1mm350mm/sApproximately 30%> 0.3mm
Marble0.15-0.2mm350mm/sApproximately 35%> 0.1mm
Lacquer Carvings0.1mm300mm/sApproximately 25%0.1mm – 0.2mm
Two-tone Panels0.06mm300mm/sApproximately 20%> 0.3mm
Wooden Boards0.05mm300mm/sApproximately 20%> 0.3mm
Density Boards0.04mm300mm/sApproximately 20%> 0.3
Crystal0.06mm300mm/sApproximately 20%> 0.1
Rubber Sheets0.05mm400mm/sApproximately 50%> 0.5mm
Ceramic0.1mm400mm/sApproximately 40%> 0.1mm
Bamboo0.05mm400mm/sApproximately 20%> 0.1mm

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