Category: Bending/Folding

Essential Structural Designs for Common Bending Dies

The structure of a bending die varies depending on the characteristics of the bent part (shape, size, precision level, etc.) and production volume. The complexity varies, and there are numerous…

The Art of Sheet Metal Bending: Molds and Techniques

1. Bending Deformation Methods The deformation methods for sheet bending can be classified into: free bending, contact bending, and corrective bending, as illustrated in Figure 1. Free bending (Figure 1a)…
Hydraulic Press Brake Equipment Management The Ultimate Guide

Hydraulic Press Brake Maintenance Checklist

Hydraulic press brakes are widely used in the hardware industry, involving complex hydraulic technology that necessitates the integration of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and PLC technologies. When a malfunction occurs, ordinary…

Bend Allowance Formula: Calculator & Charts

Have you ever wondered how to precisely calculate the bending allowance for your metal fabrication projects? In this blog post, we'll explore the fascinating world of bend allowance formulas and…

How to Calculate Sheet Metal Bending Radius?

Attention all sheet metal fabricators and designers! Are you struggling to determine the optimal bending radius for your projects? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll dive into the…

How to Calculate Bending Springback?

When designing a bending die with an internal arc, many people either choose to use the same R value as the original product and do not consider the springback, or…
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