Z Purlin Weight Chart: Find the Right Dimensions

What Is Z-section Steel?

Z-section steel is a widely used type of cold-formed, thin-walled section steel, with a thickness ranging from 1.6 to 3.0 mm and a section height of 120 to 350 mm.

It is manufactured from hot-rolled (painted) and galvanized materials and is frequently employed in large steel structure plants.

Z-section Steel

The processing length and holes can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Main uses of Z-section steel:

The Z-shaped steel that is cold-formed is popularly used for a wide range of applications due to its high compressive strength and adjustable specifications and sizes.

It is a preferred choice in various areas, including automobiles, railway vehicles, building doors and windows, transportation, shelves, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, building steel structures, containers, steel templates and scaffolds, solar energy supports, shipbuilding, bridges, power transmission towers, steel sheet piles, cable trays, agriculture, furniture, storage, guide rails, keel steel, pipeline support for vegetable greenhouses, and in various municipal construction projects.

Z Purlin Weight Calculator

Z Purlin Weight Chart

1Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ80×40×2.5kg/m2.947
2Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ80×40×3.0kg/m3.491
3Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ100×50×2.5kg/m3.732
4Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ100×50×3.0kg/m4.432
5Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ100×40×20×2.0kg/m3.208
6Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ100×40×20×2.5kg/m3.932
7Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ120×50×20×2.0kg/m3.835
8Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ120×50×20×2.5kg/m4.718
9Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ120×50×20×3.0kg/m5.569
10Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ140×50×20×2.5kg/m5.11
11Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ140×50×20×3.0kg/m6.04
12Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×60×20×2.5kg/m5.895
13Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×60×20×3.0kg/m6.982
14Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×70×20×2.5kg/m6.288
15Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×70×20×3.0kg/m7.453
16Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ180×70×20×2.5kg/m6.679
17Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ180×70×20×3.0kg/m7.924
18Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ200×70×20×2.5kg/m7.073
19Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ200×70×20×3.0kg/m8.394
20Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ230×75×25×3.0kg/m9.573
21Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ230×75×25×4.0kg/m12.51
22Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ250×75×25×3.0kg/m10.04
23Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ250×75×25×4.0kg/m13.14

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  1. Can you give me the 1m weight of the following z sections (these are reffered as M light Gauge Zeds)?
    250 Z 40
    302 Z 40
    350 Z 40

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