Z Purlin Weight Chart

1Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ80×40×2.5kg/m2.947
2Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ80×40×3.0kg/m3.491
3Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ100×50×2.5kg/m3.732
4Cold Bend Z Section SteelZ100×50×3.0kg/m4.432
5Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ100×40×20×2.0kg/m3.208
6Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ100×40×20×2.5kg/m3.932
7Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ120×50×20×2.0kg/m3.835
8Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ120×50×20×2.5kg/m4.718
9Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ120×50×20×3.0kg/m5.569
10Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ140×50×20×2.5kg/m5.11
11Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ140×50×20×3.0kg/m6.04
12Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×60×20×2.5kg/m5.895
13Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×60×20×3.0kg/m6.982
14Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×70×20×2.5kg/m6.288
15Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ160×70×20×3.0kg/m7.453
16Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ180×70×20×2.5kg/m6.679
17Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ180×70×20×3.0kg/m7.924
18Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ200×70×20×2.5kg/m7.073
19Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ200×70×20×3.0kg/m8.394
20Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ230×75×25×3.0kg/m9.573
21Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ230×75×25×4.0kg/m12.51
22Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ250×75×25×3.0kg/m10.04
23Cold Bend Z Purlin SteelZ250×75×25×4.0kg/m13.14

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