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New Materials with Potential in the Future

50 New Materials That Will Shape the Future of Industry!

What Are New Materials? New materials, also known as advanced materials, refer to those recently developed or under development that exhibit superior performance compared to traditional materials. They encompass materials [...]
Sheet Metal Density

Sheet Metal Density Chart (kg/m³ & g/mm³)

If you aim to accurately calculate the weight of various steel materials, you need to be aware of their respective densities such as steel, iron, aluminum, brass, etc. This information [...]

Wire Mesh Weight Calculator (Online & Free)

The weight calculation method for wire mesh can be determined in various ways, depending on the material, structure of the wire mesh, and specific parameters needed for calculation. We can [...]

H & I Beam Weight Calculator (Online & Free)

H Beam Weight Calculator Note: To convert h-beam sizes from millimeters to inches, use our millimeters to inches calculator. I Beam Weight Calculator Note: If you need to find I-beam [...]

304 & 316 Stainless Steel Plate Weight Chart

1. Theoretical weight of steel plate The weight calculation for both 304 and 316 stainless steel can be performed through various formulas, primarily based on the material’s thickness, width, length, [...]

H Beam Sizes and Weight Chart

The dimensions and weight of H-beam steel can be calculated in various ways. Firstly, the cross-sectional area of the H-beam steel can be calculated using the formula A = t1(H-2t2)+2Bt2+0.858r2, [...]

Galvanized Sheet Weight Calculator (Online & Free)

The weight of a galvanized sheet can be calculated by its density and dimensions. The density of galvanized sheets is generally considered to be 7.85 tons/cubic meter (or 7.85g/cm³). This [...]

Chequered Plate Weight Calculator (Online & Free)

The method for calculating the weight of a checkered plate varies depending on factors like material and pattern shape. Generally, the formula for calculating the weight of a steel plate [...]

I Beam Weight Chart, Sizes & Online Calculator

What is I beam Steel? Hot-rolled common I-beams, also known as steel beams, are long steel bars with an I-shaped cross-section. The specifications of I-beams include sizes like 8#, 10#, [...]
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