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The stamping punch press can be used to produce a high volume of identical metal components at a low cost, including blanking, punching, bending, piercing, coining, embossing, and flanging techniques. Metal stamping dies are relatively less expensive to maintain and produce than those used in other processes. The secondary costs, including plating and cleaning, are also cheaper than similar treatments for other metal fabrication processes.

Mechanical Punch Press

Flywheel Punch Press

The biggest advantage of the flywheel press is that it is cheap and can meet different processing needs at the same time.

Pneumatic Punch Press

Compared with flywheel press, the pneumatic punch press has better safety, high precision and low noise.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

In addition to forging, hydraulic press can also be used for correction, press fitting, packaging, pressing block and pressing plate.

12 Safety Warnings for Punch Press Machine

12 punch press safety warnings

Every punch press operator should pay high attention to below safety warnings, it is about your life safety.

#1: Read the instruction book carefully before starting the punch press machine

#2: Preferential using bimanualness function instead of pedal function

#3: Keep 680mm long from the operation button to the danger area (the vertical projection of the stamping die)

#4: Do not out hands in the sliding block working area when the punch press machine is working

#5: The workers should follow the safety rules when using the punch press machine

#6: The factory should train the new worker at least 3-6 months

#7: Check the press machine carefully before starting the machine

#8: The press machine should dry run 1-3 minutes to check if there are malfunctions

#9: The working time for one worker should not work over 8 hours to prevent accidents caused by exhausting

#10: Hanging a warning board when adjusting and repairing the machine

#11: The routine examination should be done by the specified person

#12: Stop the press when abnormal noise or vibration happen

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