12 Punch Press Safety Warnings

12 punch press safety warnings

Every punch press operator should pay highly attention to below safety warnings, it is about your life safety.

#1: Read the instruction book carefully before start the punch press machine

#2: Preferential using bimanualness function instead of pedal function

#3: Keep 680mm long from operation button to the danger area (the vertical projection of the stamping die)

#4: Do not out hands in the sliding block working area when the punch press machine is working

#5: The workers should follow the safety rules when using the punch press machine

#6: The factory should train the new worker at least 3-6 months

#7: Check the press machine carefully before start the machine

#8: The press machine should dry run 1-3 minutes to check if there are malfunctions

#9: The working time for one worker should not work over 8 hours to prevent accidents caused by exhausting

#10: Hanging a warning board when adjusting and repairing the machine

#11: The routine examination should be done by specified person

#12: Stop the press when abnormal noise or vibration happen

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