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The stamping punch press can be used to produce a high volume of identical metal components at a low cost, including blanking, punching, bending, piercing, coining, embossing, and flanging techniques. Metal stamping dies are relatively less expensive to maintain and produce than those used in other processes. The secondary costs, including plating and cleaning, are also cheaper than similar treatments for other metal fabrication processes.

Mechanical Punch Press

Flywheel Punch Press

The biggest advantage of the flywheel press is that it is cheap and can meet different processing needs at the same time.

Pneumatic Punch Press

Compared with flywheel press, the pneumatic punch press has better safety, high precision and low noise.

Hydraulic Press Machine

Hydraulic Press Machine

In addition to forging, hydraulic press can also be used for correction, press fitting, packaging, pressing block and pressing plate.

Mechanical Punch Press Maintenance & How-To ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly)

For mechanical punch press maintenance, you should not only pay attention to daily maintenance, but also weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance.

Maintenance of mechanical punch press

Daily maintenance:

  • Check the main motor’s lubricating situation.
  • Check the air pressure.
  • Check the power light and emergency button.
  • Check the clutch magnetic valve
  • Check the inching stroke.
  • Check if the emergency cut-off function is ok
  • Check if the bent axle stops at the top dead center.
  • Check the instruments is under a specialized range

Weekly maintenance:

  • Check the oil level.
  • Check if the cam controller becomes looseness or dislocation.
  • Check if the contacts become looseness.
  • Check the cable
  • Check the sliding block and adjusting mechanism

Two monthly maintenance

  • Clean air filter. Adjust the triangle belt.
  • Check cam controller box.
  • Check the control relay and operation button and switches
  • Check the magnetic valve winding

Half yearly maintenance

  • Change the transmission gear lubrication oil
  • Change connecting rod crew thread lubrication oil
  • Change sliding block oil sump lubrication oil
  • Check if indicating instruments working right
  • Make sure the insulation resistance over 2MΩ

Safety regulations:

  • Connect the clutch only after the motor full-speed operating
  • Do not use the machine when the protection device removed
  • Do not put feet on the foot switch or accidents may be caused
  • Do not press two sheets at one time
  • This press cannot be used in coining work
  • Cut off the power when the operator leaving the machine

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