Decoding Stainless Steel Grade 022Cr19Ni10

Abstract: What is the meaning of 022Cr19Ni10 and 022? What is the corresponding brand of 022Cr19Ni10 and what is the material of 022Cr19Ni10? Is 022Cr19Ni10 304L? Is 022Cr19Ni10 the same as 304L?

1.022Cr19Ni10 Digital Meaning

The stainless steel grade 022Cr19Ni10 represents the following:

1. The number 022 in 022Cr19Ni10 indicates that the carbon element content is less than or equal to 0.03%.

2. The Cr19 in 022Cr19Ni10 represents a chromium element content of approximately 19% (the standard specifies an intermediate value between 18% and 20% of Cr content).

3. The Ni10 in 022Cr19Ni10 represents a nickel element content of approximately 10% (the standard specifies an intermediate value between 8% and 10.5% of Ni content).

2. Meaning of 022 in 2.022Cr19Ni10

The steel grade is designated with “022” when its carbon content is 0.03% or less, as per the latest national standard. The carbon content should not exceed 0.3%.

3.022Cr19Ni10 is 304L?

Is 022Cr19Ni10 equivalent to 304L?

Yes, the numbers representing 022Cr19Ni10 and 304L are both S30403, and there is only a minimal difference in their elemental composition.

It should be noted that the “0.03%, 19%, 10%” figures listed are not the exact required elemental percentages for 022Cr19Ni10 stainless steel. The proportion of each element only needs to fall within a specified range.

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