What Does Stainless Steel Grade 022Cr19Ni10 Mean?

Abstract: What is the meaning of 022Cr19Ni10 and 022? What is the corresponding brand of 022Cr19Ni10 and what is the material of 022Cr19Ni10? Is 022Cr19Ni10 304L? Is 022Cr19Ni10 the same as 304L?

1.022Cr19Ni10 Digital Meaning

The stainless steel grade 022Cr19Ni10 represents the following:

1. 022 in 022Cr19Ni10 indicates the proportion of carbon element content ≤ 0.03%;

2. Cr19 in 022Cr19Ni10 represents the percentage of chromium element content ≈ 19% (i.e. the intermediate value of 18-20% of Cr content specified in the standard);

3. Ni10 in 022Cr19Ni10 represents the proportion of nickel element content ≈ 10% (i.e. the intermediate value of 8-10.5% of Ni content specified in the standard).

What Does Stainless Steel Grade 022Cr19Ni10 Mean? 1

2. Meaning of 022 in 2.022Cr19Ni10

022 represents the requirement for the carbon content of this kind of steel, which shall not be higher than 0.3%.

According to the new national standard, when the carbon content of steel is ≤ 0.03% (that is, 0.3%), the steel grade is preceded by “022”.

3.022Cr19Ni10 is 304L?

Is 022Cr19Ni10 the same as 304L?

In fact, the numbers corresponding to 022Cr19Ni10 and 304L are S30403, and there is little difference in element composition between them.

The above “0.03%, 19%, 10%” is not the exact value that the element content of 022Cr19Ni10 stainless steel must reach, and the proportion of each element content in the material only needs to be within the specified range.

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