Thermal Conductivity Chart of Aluminum Profiles

Regarding the thermal conductivity coefficients of various aluminum profiles, the thermal conductivity coefficient of extruded aluminum is as follows:

Name         Model                       Thermal Conductivity 
Pure Aluminum/  237 
Aluminum Alloy1050209
Aluminum Alloy 1070 226 
Aluminum Alloy 6061155 
Aluminum Alloy6063201 
Aluminum AlloyADC1296.2 
Die-Cast Aluminum A360113 
Die-Cast Aluminum A380 96.2 


1. ADC12, compared to ADC10, contains more silicon, has greater strength, superior pressure resistance, and excellent thermal brittleness. Hence, it’s well-suited for casting complex components.

2. The thermal conductivity of plastic is quite low, roughly 1/500-1/600 that of metals.

3. The thermal conductivity of foam plastic is only 0.02-0.046 W/m·k, approximately 1/1500 of that of metals, 1/40 of that of cement concrete, and 1/20 of that of ordinary clay bricks, making it an ideal insulating material.

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