Sheet Metal Density Table (Common Materials)

Sheet Metal Density Table

If you want to calculate various steel weight correctly, you must know the steel density first, such as steel density, iron density, aluminum density, brass density, etc, then to calculate the weight of ms plate, gi sheet, mild steel, stainless steel, ms angle, ms pipe etc in kg/m3 according to the weight calculation formula.

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Below is the density table of various sheet metal materials.

Aluminum PlateA11000.00272
Aluminum Foil 0.00272
Aluminium AlloyA5052-H320.00272
Brass Sheet (Hard)C2680R0.0085
Brass Sheet (Soft)C2680R0.0085
Pure CopperC11000.009
Beryllium CopperC1720-1/2H0.0083
Stainless Steel (Hard)SUS 3040.0078
Stainless SteelAISI 4300.0078
Stainless SteelSUS 3010.0078
Stainless Steel (Soft)SUS 3040.0078
Secc/Electro-Galvanized SteelT1/T2/EW/EL0.0078
PVC Laminated Steel Sheet990330.00645
99033-3(Black) Anti-Finger Coating99033-3(Korea)0.00645
C010R : B200 0.00645
ZINC PLATE/Galvanized SteelJIS G3303 SGCC0.00803
CR-Steel 0.00785
Black Steel 0.0077
SPCC/Cold Rolled SteelJIS G3141 SPCC-SD0.0078
Cold Rolled Steel-1/4HardJIS G3141 SPCC-4B0.0078
Cold Rolled Steel-HardJIS G3141 SPCC-1B0.0078
Cold Rolled Steel Net 0.0078
Tin PlateJIS G33030.0079
Tin Plate Coating 2.8/2.8JIS G33030.0079
Silicon Steel(with no direction)0.00738
Silicon Steel – Zll(with direction)0.00738

FAQ about metal density

What is the density of mild steel (ms)?

The density of ms is 7.85g/cm3, or 7850kg/m3

What is the density of galvanized steel (gi)?

The density of galvanized steel is 7.8g/cm3 for Secc/Electro-Galvanized Steel and 8.03g/cm3 for ZINC PLATE/Galvanized Steel

What is the density of aluminium sheet?

The density of aluminium sheet is 2.72g/cm3, or 2720kg/m3

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