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The water-cutting cost mentioned in this article is calculated in China’s yuan (currency unit). You can replace the currency according to the actual situation, but the method of calculating the water-cutting cost is the same.

1. Depreciation of water cutting equipment

The average purchase price of a waterjet cutting machine is calculated as 2.75 million yuan.

The normal service life is 10 years.

The actual number of working days per year is 300, the average use time per day is 10 hours, and the accumulated working time in 10 years is 30,000 hours.

The average replacement cycle of important parts is 3,000 hours, and the cost is about 36,500 yuan.

The equipment purchase cost and replacement cost are (2.75 + 3.65 x 30,000 / 3,000 =) 31.15 million yuan.

Therefore, the equipment depreciation is about 103.8 yuan per hour.

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2. Cost of consumables

A: Vulnerable partsService life
Unit price
Cost per hour
Valve components2000hr287.50.14
Cushion and head2000hr394.60.19
End part2000hr607.70.3
Check spring2000hr230.01
Drain valve assembly3000hr1939.10 /set0.64
Hydraulic filter3000hr1093.60.36
Piston guide ring3000hr284.50.09
Sand knife tube>150hr300020
Sapphire nozzle>100hr193.5 /piece1.94
Diamond nozzle>700hr6254.4 /piece8.93
Nozzle tube70 hr524.77.49
High-pressure sealing assembly>700hr1166.8 /set1.66
Needle valve>70hr469.6 /set6.71
Needle valve seat45 hr241.95.37
Back pressure ring200hr133.30.66
Piston seal assembly>3000hr359.6 / set0.11
Hydraulic seal assembly>2000hr1927.9 /set0.96
Hydraulic oil3000hr14500 / time4.83
B: Materials, water and electricityService life
Unit price
Cost per hour
Abrasive materials<24kg/hr0.714.4

Total: 104.07 yuan/hour

3. Direct expenses

There are 6 operators of the waterjet cutting machine, with a total monthly salary of 1800 yuan per person. In 10 years, it amounts to 1.296 million yuan.

Therefore, the labor cost per machine hour is 43.2 yuan.

4. Total cost

The sum of all the above costs is the waterjet cutting cost, which is:

103.8 + 104.07 + 43.2 = 251.07 yuan per hour.

In other words, the actual waterjet cutting cost per hour is 251.07 yuan or around 35 US dollars.

Due to different material costs around the world, the final price may vary.

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However, you can use the online water cutting cost calculator mentioned below for calculation.

Waterjet cost calculator

To help you calculate water cutting cost more comprehensively, we have developed the following water cutting cost calculator. There are several points that require special attention:

The currency unit of the calculator is yuan. You can enter the amount in other currencies in the calculator without affecting the final result. However, you must keep all monetary units consistent.

The cost per hour of different consumables varies with the service life. You can refer to the table data in this article for calculation.

Cost calculation example of abrasive waterjet cutting

The following cost calculation example of abrasive waterjet cutting can also serve as a reference for calculating the cutting cost of a waterjet machine. It is based on cutting mild steel with a thickness of 10mm.

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