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Gas Cylinder Color Code Chart: A Comprehensive Guide


Table 1. Gas Cylinder Color Code Chart

No.Gas NameChemical FormulaCylinder ColorLetteringLetter ColorRing Color
1AcetyleneC2H2WhiteAcetylene – Keep away from open flameBright red
2HydrogenH2Light greenHydrogenBright redP = 20, light yellow single ring
P = 30, light yellow double ring
3OxygenO2Light (thioindigo) blueOxygenBlackP = 20, white single ring
4NitrogenN2BlackNitrogenLight yellowP = 30, white double ring
6Carbon DioxideCO2Aluminum whiteLiquid Carbon DioxideBlackP = 20, black single ring
7AmmoniaNH3Light yellowLiquid AmmoniaBlack
8ChlorineCl2Dark greenLiquid ChlorineWhite
10TetrafluoromethaneCF4Aluminum whiteFreon-14Black
11MethaneCH4BrownMethaneWhiteP = 20, light yellow single ring
P = 30, light yellow double ring
12Natural GasBrownNatural GasWhite
13EthaneC2H6BrownLiquefied EthaneWhiteP = 15, light yellow single ring
P = 20, light yellow double ring
14PropaneC3H8BrownLiquefied PropaneWhite
15ButaneC4H10BrownLiquefied ButaneWhite
16Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)Industrial useBrownLiquefied Petroleum GasWhite
Residential useSilver grayLiquefied Petroleum GasBright red
17EthyleneC2H4BrownLiquefied EthyleneLight yellowP = 15, white single ring
P = 20, white double ring
18ArgonArSilver grayArgonDark greenP = 20, white single ring
P = 30, white double ring
19HeliumHeSilver grayHeliumDark green
20NeonNeSilver grayNeonDark green
21KryptonKrSilver grayKryptonDark green
22Carbon MonoxideCOSilver grayCarbon MonoxideBright red

Gas Cylinder Conditions:

(1) Used within the inspection period:

a. Seamless steel gas cylinders:

Cylinders for corrosive gases, diving cylinders, and cylinders in contact with seawater shall be inspected every 2 years. General purpose cylinders shall be inspected every 3 years. Inert gas cylinders shall be inspected every 5 years. Cylinders that have exceeded 30 years of service life shall be registered and scrapped without inspection.

b. Welded steel gas cylinders:

Cylinders for corrosive gases shall be inspected every 2 years. General purpose cylinders shall be inspected every 3 years. Corrosive gas cylinders shall be scrapped after 12 years.

c. Liquefied gas cylinders:

From the date of manufacture, the inspection period for the first three inspections is 4 years each, and the inspection period for the fourth inspection is 3 years. They shall be scrapped after 15 years.

d. Acetylene gas cylinders: Inspected every 3 years.

(2) The gas cylinder shall have no defects, mechanical damage, or severe corrosion. Corrosion spots should be less than 2mm × 200mm.

(3) The paint color, lettering, and ring markings on the gas cylinder surface shall comply with the regulations and shall have a gas cylinder warning label. (See Table 2-1-1 in the attached document)

(4) All safety accessories shall be complete and intact – Gas cylinder accessories include burst disks, safety valves, fusible alloy plugs, cylinder valves, cylinder caps, and shock-absorbing rings.

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